Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 463 – Cangyue Xiongtian

Chapter 462 – Suppressing Cangyue Xuanyi

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Cangyue Xuanyi smiled coldly and said: “Scoundrel, you dare to oppose me in the Wei Sea City?! Do you know who I am? I am the Young Master of one of the ten top sea merchant groups the Cangyue Sea Pavilion. In the Cangyue Sea Pavilion, experts are as common as clouds, and there are even two Moonlight Warlocks. My father Cangyue Xiongtian is more so a peerless intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank expert! You killed my guards and ruined my plans, youre dead! I will wipe you and your entire line out, I will enslave and torment your friends and family!!”

Yang Feng glanced coldly at the Third Elder and ordered frigidly: “Im curious, what makes you so confident in front of me? Catch him!”

“Yes! Master!” The Third Elder suddenly extended his hand towards Cangyue Xuanyi. Effusing the aura of a flood dragon from all over, a tremendous devouring force broke out from his right hand and swept towards Cangyue Xuan alike a flood dragon swallowing the sea.

A red bead on Cangyue Xuanyis waist crumbled and turned into specks of light that enveloped him and turned into a red streak of light shooting into the sky.

The devouring force released by the Third Elders right hand could not stop the red streak of light that was Cangyue Xuanyi.

Yang Feng smiled coldly and pointed with his finger, and a spatial mirror suddenly appeared before the red streak of light.

The red streak of light that was Cangyue Xuanyi entered the spatial mirror. After crossing layers upon layers of space, the streak crumbled little by little, and finally twisted and strangely appeared in front of Yang Feng.

When Cangyue Xuanyi landed on the floor, an expression of fear welled up on his handsome face, and he cried out: “What have you done to me?”

The red bead was called Red Light Escape Bead, and it had the level-6 spell Red Light Escape sealed inside. When the Red Light Escape was unleashed, the caster will be teleported to a designated location, and even Moonlight Warlocks will be unable to stop it if caught off guard. Cangyue Xiongtian has spent 10 million magic crystals to purchase this treasure. This trump card was the source of Cangyue Xuanyis arrogant and unscrupulous behavior.

“You seem to have a lot of treasures on you, you good for nothing. Unfortunately, youre too weak! Let me take them off your hands!” Yang Feng smiled coldly and pointed with his a finger, and the level-4 spell Legend Dominate Person hit Cangyue Xuanyi.

The jade pendant hanging from Cangyue Xuanyis neck suddenly flew out, radiated a faint blue light, and easily offset Legend Dominate Person.

Cangyue Xuanyi only possessed a level-1 Warlock cultivation base. Within the Great Cloud Dynasty, he was very weak, and could only bully some ordinary people who couldnt step on the Warlock path. In order to protect his only child, Cangyue Xiongtian didnt spare any cost to collect numerous precious defensive secret treasures.

The Third Elders face turned fierce, and scales covered his body. His figure blurred. Ina a flash, he reached Cangyue Xuanyi and grabbed at him.

Cangyue Xuanyi clenched his teeth, and was just about to unleash some secret treasure, but then he saw the Fourth Elders pupils suddenly change and turn into triangles that locked on the formers eyes.

When Cangyue Xuanyi saw the Fourth Elders triangular pupils, his consciousness suddenly became a blur, and he sank into a strange state, unable to budge.

When the Third Elder was about to grab Cangyue Xuanyi, magic shields suddenly burst out and covered the latter. The Third Elder broke the shields one after another.

After eight shields were broken, a powerful spatial force enveloped Cangyue Xuanyi who was in a strange state.

Yang Feng pointed with his finger, then the law of space surged, and spatial ripples reverberated in the area.

The spatial fluctuation that enveloped Cangyue Xuanyi crumbled.

The Third Elder slapped at Cangyue Xuanyi head, and the other party passed out.

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and the various treasures on Cangyue Xuanyi flew out and fell into his hand.

He swept the various treasures with his gaze and revealed a look of delight: “How rich! Sea trade is indeed the best way to make money. The amount of magic crystals that Cangyue Xiongtian has spent on this waste should exceed 100 million.

Cangyue Xuanyi had 13 level-5 and one level-6 secret treasures on him. The secret treasure that has resisted Yang Fengs Legend Dominate Person was the level-6 secret treasure Focus Sea Moon Pendant. This level-6 secret treasure could withstand illusion and control spells. At the same time it possessed the effect to calm the mind and resist the invasion of external evil forces.

Inside Cangyue Xuanyis storage ring, there was a large pile of more that 30 million low grade magic crystals.

The Wei Sea City was a sea trade city, and magic crystals were the hard currency in this city. As long as you had enough magic crystals, you could even hire Moonlight Warlocks.

Not long after, Cangyue Xuanyi who has been stripped bare like a pig was doused in a basin of cold water, and woke up.

Sitting on a sofa, embracing Eunice and Shayenna, Yang Fen looked at Cangyue Xuanyi from above and said coldly: “Cangyue Xuanyi, do you want to live or die?”

Cangyue Xuanyi looked up and smiled haughtily, saying: “You dont dare to kill me! My father is Cangyue Xiongtian, an intermediate Moonlight Warlock. He can squash you like a bug. Release me and give me the women around you to play with, and maybe Ill spare you if Im in a good mood. Otherwise, when my father comes, itll be it for you.”

Yang Feng frowned and waved his hand.

Smiling malevolently, the Third Elder stepped forward, grabbed Cangyue Xuanyis pinkie, pulled hard, and tore the pinkie off, and blood splattered.

Cangyue Xuanyis face distorted, and he issued heart-wrenching screams: “It hurts! It hurts! How dare you harm me, my father will never let you off! Hell never let you off!”

Yang Feng looked at Cangyue Xuanyi with frigid killing intent in his eyes and smiled icily, saying: “You just said that you wanted to castrate me! I have always been a fair person, and I live by the motto an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Go ahead, give the Young Master Cangyue the taste of being an eunuch.”

The Third Elder trembled slightly, then grinned malevolently, and strode towards Cangyue Xuanyi.

Cangyue Xuanyis face turned pale-white, all his haughtiness disappeared, and he screamed miserably: “No! No! Stop! Stop! No! I was in the wrong! Please, please spare me! It was all my fault! I know I was in the wrong! Spare me! Im sorry! I was in the wrong! I dont want to become an eunuch!”

Shi Yuebing came to Yang Fengs side and uttered in a low voice: “Sir, Cangyue Sea Pavilion is one of the top 10 sea merchant groups in the Wei Sea City! With three Moonlight Warlocks standing guard, the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion is powerless to fight against it!”

In the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion, there wad a total of only 10 Starry Sky Warlocks. Apart from the four elders, the other six Starry Sky Warlocks were at the junior Starry Sky Warlock rank.

Compared to the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion, where the First Elder was the strongest expert, the Cangyue Sea Pavilion had more than 20 people stronger than him. The strength of the two sides was as different as night and day. This was the source of Cangyue Xuanyis unrestrained behavior.

Shayenna interjected with a smile: “Miss Shi, my Master has his reasons for what he does. Although Cangyue Sea Pavilion is strong, but it is nothing in front of my Master.”

Shi Yuebing took a deep look at Shayenna, her beautiful eyes shimmered with fear, and she went silent. She saw with her own eyes Shayenna kill the two advanced Starry Sky Warlock rank experts Liu San and Li Si as if they were chickens. Such a terrifying expert was only a female slave of Yang Fengs, making her feel that Yang Feng was unfathomable.

There was a heart-wrenching scream, and then Cangyue Xuanyi was dragged over like a dead dog, his ashen face contorted into an expression of despair.

Shi Yuebing looked at Cangyue Xuanyi who looked like a dead dog, and conflicting emotions welled up in her heart.

As if a god in control of an ordinary persons life and death, Yang Feng looked at Cangyue Xuanyi from above with derision in his eyes and said indifferently: “Cangyue Xuanyi, do you want to live or to die!”

Resentment flickered in Cangyue Xuanyis, and he implored in a crumbled voice: “I want to live! Please let me go! Ill promise you anything you want!”

After some torture, Cangyue Xuanyi already understood that Yang Feng was different from anyone he has ever met. He was a lawless and merciless fellow. After being tortured, Cangyue Xuanyis arrogance was no more.

Yang Feng continued with a light smile: “Alright, then lets play a game and have a wager. If you win, Ill let you leave her, but if you lose, the Cangyue Sea Pavilion has to give me five gale-class merchant ships.”

As if he has fallen into an ice cave, Cangyue Xuanyi shivered and uttered loudly: “Impossible! The Cangyue Sea Pavilion only has 20 gale-class merchant ships. The cost of each ship is at 1 billion magic crystals. Even me, Im not qualified to bet five gale-class merchant ships!”

Compared to the Sky Blue Sea Pavilions taishan-class merchant ships, gale-class merchant ships were a class above. A taishan-class merchant ship only cost about 50 million magic crystals, while a gale-class merchant ship cost more than 1 billion magic crystals. Only sea merchant groups at the level of the Wei Sea Citys top 10 sea merchant groups could obtain approval from the Great Cloud Dynasty to buy gale-class merchant ships.

Looking at Cangyue Xuanyi with a smile on his face, Yang Feng spoke flatly: “Do you want to die here?”

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