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Chapter 464 – Xiling Sea Wolf King

Chapter 463 – Cangyue Xiongtian

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Cangyue Xuanyis countenance changed several times, and he finally responded loudly: “Ill do the wager!”

Compared to the five gale-class merchant ships, Cangyue Xuanyi cared more about his life.

“Big or small!” Yang Feng grabbed a dice, threw it into a dice cup, shook the cup, and placed it on the table, and then said indifferently.

Looking at the dice cup with rapt attention, Cangyue Xuanyis brows relaxed slightly: “Small!!”

Lila stepped forward, lifted the dice cup, and revealed the dice inside with the result two.

Shi Yuebings pretty eyes shimmered with a bleak gleam. The First Elder shook his head and sighed.

Cangyue Xuanyi showed a pleased smile, and some color returned to his pale face.

Yang Feng glanced at the dice and said indifferently: “You lost!”

Cangyue Xuanyis smile stiffened and his eyes nearly spat out fire, and he uttered: “The result is two. Its obviously small, so why did I lose?”

Reclining on the sofa, enjoying the fragrance wafting from Eunice, Yang Feng showed a smile of ridicule and responded indifferently: “Its simple. I make the rules for this bet. And according to my rules, one, two, and three are big, while four, five, and six are small. Understood, you good for nothing?”

Lila stepped forward and handed a certificate of indebtedness to Cangyue Xuanyi.

Enraged and furious, Cangyue Xuanyis eyes flickered with resentment, but he still gritted his teeth and signed his name of the certificate of indebtedness.

Yang Feng said lightly: “Pray that your old man values you enough to ransom you for five gale-class merchant ships! Otherwise, youll die three days later.”

Cangyue Xuanyi shivered at once. He looked at Yang Feng as if the other was a demon lord, then grabbed the certificate of indebtedness and quickly wrote a lot more words on it. At the same time, he bit his finger and let his blood drop on the certificate, and the handed the certificate to Yang Feng.


Within the Cangyue Sea Pavilion, a tall middle-aged in a white robe with his hair combed into a bun exuding a rugged temperament was sitting in a white jade chair and holding the certificate of indebtedness in his hand. His eyes were almost spurting fire.

This middle-aged man was the Cangyue Sea Pavilions current Palace Master Cangyue Xiongtian. It was under his lead that the Cangyue Sea Pavilion gradually developed into one of the top 10 sea merchant groups with three Moonlight Warlocks from a first-rate sea merchant group with one Moonlight Warlock.

Cangyue Xiongtians eyes shimmered with a frosty light, and he disintegrated the certificate of indebtedness in his hand: “A bunch of wretches, they dare to capture my son?! The Sky Blue Sea Pavilion doesnt want to live anymore!”

Cangyue Xiongtian was a fierce and ambitious character who has experienced countless storms. Feeling that something smelt fishy, he sank into his thoughts: “No, theres something odd about this incident. The Sky Blue Sea Pavilions Shi Yuebing doesnt have the courage to attack my son. Besides, the Sky Blue Sea Pavilions four Elders are a bunch of rubbish. They dont have the guts to provoke me. There must be someone behind them! And their strength isnt weak. Could those guys have united to deal with me? Dammit, that little bastard will anger me to death one day!”

Cangyue Xiongtian spoke frigidly, a gloomy expression on his face: “Five gale-class merchant ships? What a great appetite! They want to break the Cangyue Sea Pavilions foundation!”

The gale-class merchant ships were the best ships of the Cangyue Sea Pavilion. With enough magic crystals to power it, a gale-class merchant ship with five Starry Sky Warlocks and 100 Great Warlocks could contend against a Moonlight Warlock in the sea.

The reason why the top 10 merchant forces could surpass other merchant forces by a large margin, was because they possessed gale-class merchant ships. In the Wei Sea, the many pirate groups didnt dare to provoke them.

Although the five gale-class merchant ships were worth around 5 billion magic crystals, but they were treasures with demand but no market. There were people wiling to buy them for 10 billion magic crystals. After all, the best ships of the Fuso Subcontinent, the Krog Subcontinent, the Indov Subcontinent, and the Fewter Subcontinent were slightly inferior to taishan-class merchant ships.

However, gale-class merchant ships were subject to strict restrictions. They were one of the top secrets of the Great Cloud Dynastys shipbuilding industry. Once someone was found selling a gale-class merchant ship to people from the subcontinents, the sellers family would get implicated, and everyone would meet tragic ends.

After Cangyue Xiongtians fury passed, he recovered his calm, his eyes flickered with a dreadful light, and, after muttering under his breath for a long time, he finally got up and walked outside.

The Sky Blue Sea Pavilion, in a manors rear garden.

Holding an invitation from the Wei Sea Citys city masters mansion, Yang Feng frowned and mused: “This Cangyue Xiongtian doesnt seem to be a simple character! Able to take setbacks, hes a tricky character.”

Yang Feng has treated Cangyue Xuanyi this badly because he wanted to rile Cangyue Xiongtian up.

If Cangyue Xiongtian sent Moonlight Warlocks to suppress the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion, then Yang Feng could dispose of the dispatched Moonlight Warlocks one by one.

In the Wei Sea City where experts were as common as clouds, the Wei Sea Citys City Master Mo Lanshan representing the power of the Great Cloud Dynasty held the greatest power. In times of emergency, he could mobilize the power of the Wei Sea Citys Warlock towers, plus a Glorious Dawn Warlock, 10 Moonlight Warlocks, and hundreds of Starry Sky Warlocks. Even if a Bright World Warlock came to make trouble, they would be directly suppressed. With the support of the Warlock Towers, he could even contend against an infinity Warlock for a period of time.

Of course, the Glorious Dawn Warlock and Moonlight Warlocks in the Wei Sea City wouldnt act easily. The Glorious Dawn Warlock, in particular, possessed a status higher than that of the Wei Sea Citys City Master Mo Lanshan. If the Wei Sea City wasnt thriving, then it wouldnt have been able to invite a Glorious Dawn Warlock to keep watch.

Cangyue Xiongtian didnt dare to act recklessly in the Wei Sea City. Due to this, Yang Feng had the opportunity to nibble away at his power step by step.

However, Cangyue Xiongtian went directly to the official channels and invited Yang Feng through the Wei Sea Citys City Master Mo Lanshan instead, ruining Yang Fengs plans.

Using his privilege as the personal disciple of a Great Elder, Yang Feng collected information about the various sea merchant groups in the Wei Sea City. He picked the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion because he could deal with the Cangyue Sea Pavilion through it. The Cangyue Sea Pavilion committed all sorts of wicked deeds, and it was one of the top 10 sea merchant groups. As such, it was extremely wealthy. If he swallows it, hell not only enforce justice on behalf of the heavens, but will also obtain tremendous wealth, killing two birds with one stone.

Yang Fengs thoughts revolved, and he decided to accept the invitation. If he wants to lay a foundation in the Wei Sea City, then he cannot do without the support of the Wei Sea Citys City Master.

The city masters mansion was located in the center of the Wei Sea City. With its area of hundreds of hectares, the six nine-story-tall Warlock towers, and imposing style, it didnt lose out to mansions left behind by the ancient Warlocks in the Turandot Subcontinent.

In a room of the city masters mansion, there were two people seated, one of which was Cangyue Xiongtian, and the other was the City Master Mo Lanshan.

As soon as Yang Feng entered the room, the gazes of the two ambitious and ruthless characters focused on him.

When the somewhat plump City Master Mo Lanshan in an embroidered robe saw Yang Feng, his eyes brightened, and he stood up and greeted him with enthusiasm: “I am the Wei Sea Citys City Master Mo Lanshan. Brother, you should be the number one genius of the Battle Demon Sect Yang Feng who defeated of Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang, right? Sure enough, youre a dragon among men.”

When Cangyue Xiongtian heard this, his eyes narrowed and shimmered with alarm: “He defeated the Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang!”

Yi Yuanyang was a world-renowned genius. In the younger generation, less than 10 people could compete with him. Yang Feng was able to defeat such a peerless genius, which was simply heaven-defying. Cangyue Xiongtian couldnt help but develop a bit of fear towards the other party.

Yang Feng smiled lightly and greeted back: “I am indeed Yang Feng! Well met, Sir City Master!”

Mo Lanshan was a Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse. As the Wei Sea Citys City Master, god knows how much wealth he has accumulated over the years. No one dared to look down on him, because those who did, were already dead.

Mo Lanshan gave a beaming smile, saying: “Come, let me introduce you. This is the Cangyue Sea Pavilions Pavilion Master Cangyue Xiongtian. There seems to be some misunderstanding between you, lets talk about it!”

With that, Mo Lanshan sat back in his seat. Narrowing his eyes, he quietly savored the tea in his hand as if it was the best-tasting tea in the world.

Cangyue Xiongtian spoke in a deep voice: “Yang Feng, if my son has offended you, then please let me apologize to you on his behalf. Please return him to me. In exchange, youll get the Cangyue Sea Pavilions friendship.

Smiling coldly, Yang Feng leaned against a sofa, threw Cangyue Xiongtian a scornful glance, and uttered coldly: “Your son not only wanted to make a move on my woman, but also wanted to ruin her and throw her into a brothel. With just some words, you want me to return him to you. Is there some problem with your head?”

Mo Lanshans plump hands trembled minutely. He threw Cangyue Xiongtian a startled glance, shook his head, and quietly tasted his tea.

Cangyue Xiongtian was in the wrong here. As such, Mo Lanshan had even less desire get involved.

The Battle Demon Sect was one of the Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects. The sect was not only filled with experts, but also had ties to the Great Cloud Dynastys court. Suffice to say, it was very powerful.

Although Mo Lanshan had a strong backing, but he wasnt unwilling to offend a true disciple of the Battle Demon Sect like Yang Feng.

Well acquainted with the nature of his good-for-nothing son, Cangyue Xiongtians heart sank and his eyes flashed with a downcast glint.

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