Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 465 – Ghost Mirage Demon Pupils

Chapter 464 – Xiling Sea Wolf King

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Cangyue Xiongtian asked with a gloomy expression on his face: “What do you want in exchange for my sons release?”

Yang Feng responded flatly: “Your son lost five gale-class merchant ships in a bet with me. Give me five gale-class merchant ships, and Ill return you your son!”

Cangyue Xiongtian shook his head: “Impossible! The gale-class merchant ships are the Cangyue Sea Pavilions foundation. Not even one ship can be given to others. How about this, Ill offer you one billion magic crystals on behalf of my stupid son.”

Yang Feng gave Cangyue Xiongtian a meaningful look and said dully: “Pavilion Master Cangyue, you only have one child. In your younger days, you were afflicted with a curse of a powerful evil god, and can no longer have children. The only male of the Cangyue Familys lineage is your son Cangyue Xuanyi. If he died, wont the Cangyue Family have its roots severed hundreds of years from now? By then, no matter how many magic crystal you have amassed, youll have prepared a hope chest for others.

When Cangyue Xiongtian heard this, his face suddenly fell, and his eyes flickered with dignity as he stared at Yang Feng, aware that his lifeline has been seized by Yang Feng.

Cangyue Xiongtians complexion changed several times before he clenched his teeth and said: “One ship, I can give you one gale-class merchant ship. This is my bottom line!”

“Youll soon see Cangyue Xuanyis dead body!”

“One ship, plus 1 billion magic crystals! Im already being very sincere!”

“Youll soon see Cangyue Xuanyis dead body!”


No matter how Cangyue Xiongtian increased the price, Yang Feng only looked coldly and responded with one sentence, forcing Cangyue Xiongtian to increase the price again.

As if a puppet, Mo Lanshan just drank his tea with a smile on his face, looking like the tea was delectable.

“Okay, five gale-class merchant ships!” In the end, unwilling to let the Cangyue Familys bloodline be severed, Cangyue Xiongtian gritted his teeth and agreed to Yang Fengs condition.

With Mo Lanshan as the witness, Yang Feng and Cangyue Xiongtian signed an agreement, and then left.

When Cangyue Xiongtian returned to the Cangyue Sea Pavilion, he went directly into a secret room, then silently recited an incantation and pointed to a mirror.

A blue ripple rose on the surface of the mirror, and a voice came from the mirror: “Whats the matter?”

Cangyue Xiongtian responded respectfully: “My Lord, the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng came to the Wei Sea City and captured my son. He coerced me to give him five gale-class merchant ships!”

A surprised voice came from the mirror: “Yang Feng? Its the Yang Feng who defeated Yi Yuanyang!”

The name Yang Feng was common. Within the Great Cloud Dynasty, there were more than 100,000 people named Yang Feng. But there was only one person who defeated the Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang.

Cangyue Xiongtian said: “Yes! My Lord!”

The voice from the mirror suddenly was laced with killing intent and turned biting cold: “Kill him! Use all the resources at your disposal to kill him!”

Cangyue Xiongtians heart shook, and he uttered deferentially: “As you command!”

A few days later, the five gale-class merchant ships were delivered to the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion, and Yang Feng returned the waste Cangyue Xuanyi to Cangyue Xiongtian.

After Cangyue Xiongtian saw that Cangyue Xuanyi was castrated, he immediately flew into a rage. However, Warlock means were strange and mysterious. Cangyue Xiongtian took out some rare materials from his storage and used them on Cangyue Xuanyi, reverting him from an eunuch to a normal person.

If Cangyue Xiongtian hasnt been afflicted by a weird curse of an evil god, then he would be able to sire a huge family by himself.

The merchant groups in the Wei Sea City were gobsmacked when they saw Cangyue Xiongtian give five gale-class merchant ships to the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion. Surveying and vigilant gazes fell on the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion.

Additionally, greedy and cold gazes hidden in the shadows also focused at every move of the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion.

When the five gale-class merchant ships entered his hands, Yang Feng sent people to buy a variety of goods that were scarce in the Fuso Subcontinent, which he had loaded on the five gale-class merchant ships.

Shortly after the purchase, the five gale-class merchant ships set into motion and sailed towards the deep sea.

The gale-class merchant ships were more than 3,000 meters long, possessed five six-story-tall Warlock towers arranged into a pentagram, and were engraved with profound and mysterious runes, looking like mobile islands floating in the sea.

Although the gale-class merchant ships were called merchant ships, but in fact, they were very powerful warships. As long as five Starry Sky Warlocks plus 100 Great Warlocks were aboard, then a gale-class merchant ship could display Moonlight Warlock rank battle prowess.

The routes leading to the four subcontinents were replete with pirates and countless sea monsters. In order to successfully reach the four subcontinents, you had to go through numerous battles. There were even many Moonlight Warlocks who died enroute to the four subcontinents.

Several gale-class merchant ships that were like mobile fortresses in the sea coupled with a Moonlight Warlock keeping watch could ensure the safe passage of a fleet.

Although the gale-class merchant ships could exert Moonlight Warlock rank fighting strength, yet their movement speed was a far cry from true Moonlight Warlocks. Therefore, a Moonlight Warlock was a must to guarantee complete safety.

Compared with gale-class merchant ships, the Feisuo Planes legendary warships were like a bunch of tattered ships not-worth-mentioning. If the gods didnt take action, then a gale-class merchant ship could destroy all the legendary warships of the Feisuo Plane.

Sitting on a dais of a gale-class merchant ship, Yang Feng with Eunice in his embrace drank fine liquor and watched Lilas elven dancing.

Sitting next to Yang Feng, Shi Yuebings eyebrows were wrinkled, and her beautiful eyes flashed with worry.

After entering the sea, Yang Feng delegated everything to his subordinates, yet he himself indulged in merry-making everyday, looking like he lacked any sense of crisis. The lack of preparation left Shi Yuebing rather worried.

Enroute to the four subcontinents, even Moonlight Warlocks may die. As such, it was normal for Yang Fengs behavior to worry Shi Yuebing.

With her eyebrows wrinkled, Shi Yuebing forced a smile and persuaded: “Sir, in the Wei Sea, there are countless pirates, powerful sea monsters, and fierce merfolk! On the sea, even the Wei Sea Citys top 10 merchant groups may turn into pirates! We cant be careless!”

Yang Feng smiled slightly and said: “You have a point!”

Shi Yuebing heaved a slight sigh, and her pretty eyes flickered with relief. She was most worried that Yang Feng was an expert with just a powerful cultivation base yet no sense of the world who never listened to the advice of others.

Yang Feng looked into the distance and showed a smile: “Here they are! They should be pirates!”

Shi Yuebing suddenly took a cold breath, then silently recited an incantation and pointed into the sky, and black light flickered and formed a huge Magic Eye.

The huge Magic Eye has just taken shape, when it suddenly distorted, crumbled, and disappeared.

Shi Yuebings heart shook at once, aware that their situation wasnt too encouraging. For the Magic Eye to collapse, it meant that there should be a spell disruption in the area and that low-level detection spells couldnt be used. Only level-4 detection spells and above will be effective.

Countless human Warlocks have gone to other planes and have gained numerous bodies of knowledge and developed various battle spells. At the same time, spell disruption and counterspells have matured in the Cangzhi Plane.

After he saw the Magic Eye collapse, Yang Feng smiled and pressed a button.

Lights shot out and formed a holographic projection in front of Yang Feng.

On the holographic projection, Shi Yuebing could see 10 black warships surround their five gale-class merchant ships like a pack of wolves.

When she saw the holographic projection, her eyes lit up, and she praised: “What an amazing spell!”

In a war, such a holographic projection is a cheat-like device that could clear the fog of war and provide a huge advantage.

“These are sea-wolf-class pirate ships! Xiling Sea Wolf King, thats the fleet of the Xiling Sea Wolf King! Sir, lets run! Xiling Sea Wolf King has the strongest pirate group in the Wei Sea. The Xiling Sea Wolf King is a Moonlight Warlock and the Xiling Eight Dogs under his command are all quasi-Moonlight Warlocks. Additionally, he still has 40 Starry Sky Warlocks and countless Great Warlocks.”

“Although we have obtained five gale-class merchant ships, but itll take at least half a year to fully grasp them. With our current fighting power, we are no match for the Xiling Sea Wolf King! Lets withdraw, Sir!”

After carefully looking at the holographic projection, Shi Yuebings face turned ashen, and she persuaded at once.

If the five gale-class merchant ships had adequate manpower, the each ship could contend against a Moonlight Warlock. However, the Starry Sky Warlocks had to get familiar with and study the five Warlock towers to fully display the power of the gale-class merchant ships.

As soon as he got the five gale-class merchant ships, Yang Feng immediately bought some goods and entered the Wei Sea. Although Shi Yuebing didnt say anything, but in fact, she felt rather puzzled, and secretly complained.

There was a flash of excitement in Yang Fengs eyes, and he revealed a smile: “Xiling Sea Wolf King, it just so happens that I lack a hunting dog. I hope he wont let me down.”

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