Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 468 – Suppressing the Xiling Sea Wolf King

Chapter 467 – Killing Four Dogs

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“Bring it on!” When he saw the dense numbers of pirates flying his was, Yang Fengs eyes flickered with a scorching light. With a thought, a Spatial Domain spread from him as the center and swept towards the pirates.

A steady stream of power gushed out from Yang Fengs semi-plane that had the support of the four elements. After going through the Primal Chaos Imperishable Bodys transformation, the power turned into life energy that propped up the Spatial Domain.

When the vast Spatial Domain rolled out, pirates were immediately drawn inside.

Alarmed, the pirates silently chanted incantations and pointed at Yang Feng, and a rain of offensive spells blasted towards Yang Feng.

“A bunch of idiots digging a hole for themselves!” The corners of Yang Fengs mouth curved into a smile of ridicule. Spatial mirrors suddenly appeared before the various offensive spells, and the spells plunged inside.

In the next moment, countless spatial mirrors appeared in front of the pirates, and the spells slammed into them. In a split second, dozens of Great Warlock rank pirates were killed.

The law of space which was only second to the law of time in the universe was exceedingly difficult to comprehend. But once you comprehended it, you would gain incredible means of offense, defense, movement, and others. If it wasnt for Yang Fengs lacking cultivation base, then after the pirates were enveloped by his Spatial Domain, he could cut them apart via different spaces and instakill them.

“Spatial Domain! Sure enough, youre strong. As expected from a disciple of one of the Ten Great Sects. However, no matter how strong you are, youre only a Great Warlock and only one person! Therefore, youre going to die!” There was a flash of coldness in the Mad Dogs eyes, and he transformed into a 20-meter-long extraordinary life form devil manatee with fish scales, fins, and a bulls head and roared.

An azure Water Domain suddenly broke out and fiercely collided with Yang Fengs Spatial Domain.

Although the power of the Mad Dogs Water Domain was by far lower than that of Yang Fengs Spatial Domain, but it could already offsets a greater half of the power of Yang Fengs Spatial Domain. Like this, his Spatial Domain could no longer form spatial mirrors in an instant and reflect the various offensive spells.

With a faint smile, Yang Feng retracted the Spatial Domain and unleashed the Battle Demon Devour Whirlpool Secret Method, and a frightening whirlpool suddenly appeared and erupted with a violent devouring force that sweep towards the sky.

The quasi-Moonlight Warlocks Golden Dog, White Dog, Black Dog, and Yellow Dog flew towards Yang Feng involuntarily like broken rag dolls.

The eyes of the Golden Dog transformed into a golden dragon flashed fiercely, and he belched a golden dragon breath beam blasting towards Yang Feng.

The White Dogs incarnation of a 100-meter-long white dragon eagle spread its wings, and white feathers containing the law of light turned into a rain of light that shot towards Yang Feng.

The Black Dogs incarnation of a black dragon belched a black dragon breath beam barreling towards Yang Feng.

A pair of yellow wings sprouted on the Yellow Dogs back. Radiating yellow light, the Yellow Dog distorted and turned into a yellow beam of light shooting towards Yang Feng.

The cooperation between the four of the Xiling Eight Dogs was seamless. In this natural disaster environment, even a Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse may be seriously injured by the four people if a little careless.

Yang Feng looked up and smiled loftily. Taking a step forward, he trod on air. Looking like he was moving slowly though in reality was advancing at great speed, Yang Feng rose into the sky.

The golden dragon breath, the white feathers, and the black dragon breath appeared in front of Yang Feng virtually at the same time.

Yang Feng extended his hand and unleashed the Battle Demon Devour Whirlpool Secret Method, and a frightening whirlpool suddenly appeared and swallowed the golden dragon breath, the white feathers, and the black dragon breath like a black hole. Using the law of space, he opened a passageway into his body, and sent the three powers into the semi-plane.

In the semi-plane, a wisp of primal chaos force brushed the golden dragon breath and black dragon breath, and they collapsed at once.

The rain of white feathers containing the law of light slammed into the semi-plane and blasted hundreds of large holes open, and the semi-plane trembled.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Yang Fengs thoughts revolved lightning fast, and he came to a conclusion: “It still wont do. The semi-planes tolerance is still too weak, so it cant bear too much power! If I havent cultivated the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body, then the semi-plane might have crumbled if I rashly introduced alien energy.

Using the Battle Demon Devour Whirlpool Secret Method, Yang Feng could easily move any attack into the semi-plane inside him. However, Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses whose every movement carried tremendous might were mobile natural disasters, and some small semi-planes cant resist a strike from them.

If Yang Feng hadnt practiced the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body and used primal chaos force to shatter alien forces into the most basic elements, then in the battle with Yi Yuanyang, his semi-plane would have burned into ashes by the golden sun flames.

“If its a single junior Moonlight Warlock, then their power can barely be absorbed. If its a simultaneous attack of two Moonlight Warlocks, then their power cannot be moved. As for the power of a Glorious Dawn Warlock, it cannot be moved into the semi-plane, or else, the semi-plane will be in danger of being crushed. I want to create my own spells, but it seems that Im still not there yet!” Yang Feng sighed slightly. Tremendous life force gushed out, and a Black Battle Demon suddenly emerged, attached itself to him, and turned into a black armor full of barbs that concealed mysterious runes.

When the black armor emerged, intense light flashed past Yang Fengs eyes, then black light condensed on his left fist, and he lightly punch out to the side.

As his fist whistled through the air, the space appeared to distort, and, with the power of a thunder clap, it blasted into the void.

A large amount of blood mixed with countless pieces of meat exploded from the void and sputtered away. The Yellow Dog of the Xiling Eight Dogs who was proficient in assassinations had died.

After killing the Yellow Dog as easily as squashing a bug, Yang Feng stepped forward, very strangely appeared on the head of the White Dogs incarnation of a giant white dragon eagle, and stomped down.

Under the tremendous force, the head of the huge white dragon eagle burst apart like a watermelon, and its corpse fell into the sea.

Countless sharp ice cones shot out from the sea and barreled towards Yang Feng.

Windblades, Fireballs, Disintegrate, and many other spells blasted towards Yang Feng from all directions.

Disregarding the various spells, Yang Feng took a step forward in midair, instantly appeared above the quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank black dragon, and stomped down on its head.

The head of the black dragon burst open, and then the headless corpse fell.

Flapping its wings, the mechanical black dragon shot out in a gust of black wind, then appeared before the headless black dragon, bit down at it, and flew away with the corps in its maw.

The mechanical black dragon was a mechanical soul life form made using a top grade soul stone, an ancient black dragon core, and xizu technology, and it possessed great evolution potential. By devouring the black dragon corpse along with the blood essence, it could gain great benefits. It might even evolve to the Moonlight Warlock realm.

In a Moonlight Warlock rank battle, the mechanical black dragon with endless evolution potential could be smashed at any time, so Yang Feng had it take the black dragon corpse and leave.

When Yang Feng killed the quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank black dragon, countless spells immediately blasted into him.

Black gas appeared on Yang Fengs black armor, and all spells below the level-5 collapsed and disappeared, unable to harm him. The power of level-5 spells was weakened by more than 80%, and the remaining less than 20% of destructive power was endured by his true body.

When cultivated to the pinnacle, the Battle Demon Secret Method was indomitable, finally showing its terrifying might in group battles.

In the Battle Demon Sect, Yi Yuanyang could easily defeat Zhuo Yifan and Mo Wuheng because he had the virtual world, and the secret method he used was of the same level as the Battle Demon Secret Method, making the Battle Demon Secret Method appear weak.

Now that Yang Feng was fighting the pirates, the Battle Demon Secret Methods might was revealed. Except for the spells of the dozens of Starry Sky Warlocks, the spells of the Great Warlocks werent able to penetrate the defenses of the black armor.

Amid the countless magic attacks, Yang Feng took a step in midair and appeared above the Golden Dogs incarnation of a golden dragon.

Having expected as much, the golden dragons bulky tail swung towards Yang Feng.

The fleshly body of the Golden Dogs incarnation of a golden dragon possessed tremendous strength, and even surpassed that of many human Moonlight Warlocks. After all, the forte of human Warlocks didnt lie with the physical body.

With a slash of Yang Fengs hand, spatial fluctuations surged, and he entered another dimension.!!! When the bulky dragon tail hit Yang Feng, it passed directly through his body and hit empty air.

In the next moment, Yang Feng walked out of the other dimension and stomped on the head of the golden dragon, squashing it.

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