Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 469 – Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion

Chapter 468 – Suppressing the Xiling Sea Wolf King

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Shi Yuebing watched Yang Feng shuttling amid the numerous spells, and her pretty eyes surged with astonishment: “So strong! So this is a peerless genius who is a personal disciple of a Great Elder of the Battle Demon Sect and who can contend against the Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang! How powerful!”

“What guts, you dare to kill my men?!” A cruel and fierce voice rose from below the surface of the sea, and the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings incarnation of an ichthyosaur wolf shot a water column from its maw barreling towards Yang Feng.

“Useless! Your spell can only destroy my warships, but it cant hurt me at all!” Yang Feng smiled coldly and reached out with his hand, and a huge whirlpool suddenly appeared and brushed towards the water column containing the law of water.

When the water column entered the huge whirlpool, it was moved into Yang Fengs semi-plane and formed a vast seawater lake.

Waves churned on the surface of the sea, and water beams containing the law of water shot towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs figure flickered, and whirlpools appeared around him and drew the water beams into his semi-plane, increasing the water element in his semi-plane.

Matched with the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body, his semi-plane could devour most of the forces of the Cangzhi Plane. He could devour the four basic elements almost without end. Besides, those forces were beneficial to the growth of the semi-plane. The only constraint was that he must ensure the balance of the four elements. Once the balance of the four basic elements could not be maintained, then the plane will be in danger of collapse.

Spatial mirrors strangely appeared beside Starry Sky Warlock rank pirates. The spatial mirrors drew the Starry Sky Warlocks into the void, and then transported them to in front of Yang Feng.

With a pat, Yang Feng squashed Starry Sky Warlocks like crickets, which made the Xiling Sea Wolf King even more furious.

The Xiling Sea Wolf King was able to dominate the Wei Sea by relying on the countless minions he gathered. If all his minions were to die, then even though he was a Moonlight Warlock, but he wouldnt be able to run amuck in the Wei Sea.

“Youre courting death!” When he saw Yang Feng kill another Starry Sky Warlock rank pirate, the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings eyes turned bloodshot, and his incarnation of a ichthyosaur soared into the air accompanied by billowing waves and sent a claw slamming at Yang Feng.

Ichthyosaur wolves were extraordinary life forms known for their tyrannical fleshly bodies, and even Moonlight Warlock rank experts could hardly resist their all-out blow.

The law of water surged, and the sea waves transformed into rune ropes that entangled in and sealed the space.

The Spatial Domain that Yang Feng was expert at was suppressed, and water elemental particles shrouded the area. No matter what secret methods Yang Feng used, he could not dodge that claw.

At a glance, the Xiling Sea Wolf King could tell that although Yang Fengs secret methods were powerful, but after all, he was only a Great Warlock. As long as he forced Yang Feng into a dogfight, then he was certain of his victory.

“Idiot! Id have to spend a lot of effort to deal with you in the sea. However, you came out of your own volition, how stupid can you be?!” Yang Feng glanced at the Xiling Sea Wolf King, revealed a scornful smile, and pressed the dimensional badge on his chest.

A ferocious-looking, four-meter-tall ancient devil flew out of the dimension badge, and a vast advanced Moonlight Warlock rank aura spread from it.

This was a mechanical ancient devil forged from the ancient devil core Yang Feng got in the Feisuo Planes Golden Strait coupled with xizu technology and numerous rare materials.

When he saw the ancient devil, there was a look of alarm in the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings eyes. His true body was only a junior Moonlight Warlock, and after he transformed into an ichthyosaur wolf, he possessed intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank battle prowess. If it was in the sea, he could fight the ancient devil, but in the sky, he didnt have any assurance of victory.

The mechanical ancient devil showed a savage smile, then silently recited an incantation and pointed with its finger.

Immense demonic qi surged, and the projection of the sky devil Ge exuding a desolate and ancient aura appeared, slowly opened its only remaining eye, and indifferently looked at the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings incarnation of an ichthyosaur wolf.

An intense demonic light shot out of Ges eye and slammed into the Xiling Sea Wolf King.

The azure magic shield around the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings incarnation of an ichthyosaur wolf broke as easily as an eggshell. Although he desperately twisted his body, but half of his body was still hit by the black demonic light and crumbled little by little.

“Sons of a whore, they even claimed that he didnt have any Moonlight Warlock rank guards! Then what is this ancient devil?! A bunch of bastards, they used me to test his strength! Damn it all!” When the Xiling Sea Wolf King was heavily injured by the mechanical ancient devil, he lost his fighting spirit, and fury rose inside him. Enduring the pain, he silently recited an incantation, and his body turned into 36 blue rays that frantically shot towards the sea from different directions.

36 Ichthyosaur Wolf Avatar Escape Secret Method was one of the innate abilities of ichthyosaur wolves. So long as one of the avatars escaped, then after a period of time, the ichthyosaur wolf could recover.

Once the Xiling Sea Wolf King entered the sea, he could unleash the ichthyosaur wolfs innate abilities. By them, even a Glorious Dawn Warlock would have a hard time killing him.

“You want to run? Xiling Sea Wolf King, arent you underestimating me too much? Now that you are here, dont go!” Yang Feng smiled, then flicked his fingers and launched the secret method Skyfire Seven Tones, and a streak of yellow skyfire suddenly emerged and turned into a net of fire covering the sky and completely sealing the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings escape routes.

When the Xiling Sea Wolf Kins 36 avatars knocked into the net of fire, they issued sizzling sounds, and then shot back and formed his true body. If he hadnt retreated, he would have been burned to ashes!

The Xiling Sea Wolf King has just formed, when the mechanical ancient devil revealed a sinister smile. Shrouded in dense demonic qi, it turned into black afterimages that smashed into the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings incarnation of an ichthyosaur wolf.

Large swaths of flesh and blood splashed around, and the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings incarnation of an ichthyosaur wolf released heaven-shaking sorrowful howls.

When the pirates hidden under the surface of the sea saw the mechanical ancient devil blast the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings fleshly body apart, their minds reeled with shock.

This was the first time that the Xiling Sea Wolf King who has tyrannized the Wei Sea for hundreds of years has cut such a sorry figure. Even though there were many existences more powerful than the Xiling Sea Wolf King in the Wei Sea, but he could avoid them or escape them unscathed. Now, however, he was in a deadly danger, which left the pirates horrified.

While resisting the attacks of the mechanical ancient devil, the Xiling Sea Wolf King sent out a heart-wrenching roar: “Save me! Come and save me!”

Virtually without hesitation, the remaining four of the Xiling Eight Dogs in the water blurred into motion and escaped.

It was commonplace for pirates to betray each other.

The Xiling Eight Dogs submitted to the Xiling Sea Wolf King due to his strength. But now the Xiling Sea Wolf King was trapped by the mechanical ancient devil, and there was still Yang Feng standing motionless in the air. The remaining four dogs werent willing to throw their lives away for the Xiling Sea Wolf King.

When the four dogs escaped, the rest of the pirates turned into streaks and fled.

The nine sea-wolf-class pirate ships shone brightly and turned into nine black arrows fleeing towards the depths of the sea.

Once the pirates fled, there were no more variables. The Xiling Sea Wolf Kings dogged resistance persisted for an entire hour before only one third of his body including the head remained.

Yang Feng glanced at the Xiling Sea Wolf King on his last gasp and said frigidly: “Xiling Sea Wolf King, submit to me or die. When youre dead, I can use your corpse to forge a Moonlight Warlock rank golem. Although the golem wont be as strong as you are, but it still will be of use.”

Face contorted in pain, eyes flickering coldly, the Xiling Sea Wolf King reluctantly squeezed out a smile, saying: “The winner is king. Since I have lost to you, then as long as youre willing to give me a way to live, I am willing to serve you, Sir!”

“Very good!” Yang Feng smiled and waved his hand, and a vials of Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir darted towards the Xiling Sea Wolf King like shooting stars.

Compared to the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings vow of allegiance, Yang Feng believed more in the power of the Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir.

When the Xiling Sea Wolf King saw the vials of elixir, his face suddenly fell, and he was about to struggle. The mechanical ancient devil smiled malevolently and slapped the other partys head, and demonic qi inflicted great pain upon him and blocked his life force.

Hundreds of vials of elixir pierced into the Xiling Sea Wolf King, and most of the liquid metal nano robots were eliminated by the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings powerful immune system.

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