Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 474 – Mighty Battlestar Artillery

Chapter 473 – Shocking

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The face of the always tranquil Jiang Wanghai suddenly fell, his hands trembled, and he spilled some of the lingwu immortal tea: “What, the Xiling Sea Wolf King was defeated, and he even submitted to Yang Feng! How is that possible?”

Cangyue Xiongtians face fell as well, and he exclaimed: “How can that be? Yang Feng is just a Great Warlock! The Xiling Sea Wolf King had the advantage of terrain, and he still had the Xiling Eight Dogs as his subordinates, so how could he have lost to Yang Feng?”

Jiang Da responded with a bitter expression: “Yang Feng is proficient in the Spatial Domain and is extremely powerful himself, and he still had a steel fleet concealed at his side. Whats worse, he has an advanced Moonlight Warlock rank devil hidden beside him. The Xiling Sea Wolf King was lured out of the sea, and then severely wounded by the devil. In the end, he was captured by Yang Feng, and then yielded to Yang Feng.”

Jiang Wanghais expression became very ugly. If the Xiling Sea Wolf King didnt die, then he would surely spill the beans about the Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion. By then, the Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion would have gained a frightening enemy in Yang Feng.

Jiang Wanghai shot the hesitant Jiang Da a glance and snapped: “What else do you have to report!”

Jiang Da trembled and hesitated for a while, and then gritted his teeth and said: “After Yang Feng subdued the Xiling Sea Wolf King, he used the latter as bait to lure Sir Lei Jiangjiao out, and then mounted a sneak attack and murdered Sir Lei Jiangjiao. The fleet commanded by Sir Lei Jiangjiao has has also been wiped out. It was not easy for us to obtain this information.”

Crash! When he heard this, Jiang Wanghais vision went dark, then the tea cup in his hand fell to the ground, and the precious lingwu immortal tea spilled on the ground. He felt a pressure in his chest and a fishy taste in his throat, and nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, Moonlight Warlocks were very rarely seen. But because the Wei Sea City was prosperous thanks to the sea trade with the four subcontinents, it attracted many Moonlight Warlocks.

Even so, the Sea Dragon Pavilion has spent 1,000 years just to recruit two Moonlight Warlocks. Now that one of its Moonlight Warlocks has died, it was equivalent for the Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion having one of its roots severed.

The Sea Dragon Pavilion was a powerful top 10 sea merchant group. But now that Lei Jiangjiao died (they dont know that Lei Jiangjiao has been captured by Yang Feng), their position suddenly dropped to a level slightly above that of the Cangyue Sea Pavilion.

After receiving such terrible news, even someone as strong as Jiang Wanghai suffered a huge blow.

“Yang Feng, you wretch! The Sea Dragon Pavilion and you are sworn enemies now!” Jiang Wanghais eyes bulged from anger, his quasi-Glorious Dawn Warlock rank life force involuntarily effused from his body and spread in all directions, and he slapped his hand on the table in front of him.

The jade table in front of Jiang Wanghai shattered silently.

Looking at Cangyue Xiongtian with bloodshot eyes, Jiang Wanghais heart filled with disgust. He uttered coldly, stressing each syllable: “Get… out of here, I dont want to see you now!”

With the destruction of the fleet with a gale-class merchant ship, the Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilions losses have exceeded 10 billion magic crystals. A puny Norin Sea God Pearl could not make up for this loss.

Cangyue Xiongtian frowned, smiled wryly, and stood up, ready to leave.

Jiang Wanghais thoughts revolved lightning fast, and he restrained his anger and said: “Come back!”

Cangyue Xiongtian returned and sat back in his seat.

Jiang Wanghai glared coldly and said frigidly: “As you just heard, the Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion received a big blow because of you! You must compensate us!”

Cangyue Xiongtian promptly responded: “A gale-class merchant ship, 10 taishan-class merchant ships, and 1 billion magic crystals!”

Although the Sea Dragon immortal Pavilion was severely damaged, but it was still a top 10 sea merchant group in the Wei Sea City, and it was a bit stronger than the Cangyue Sea Pavilion.

Jiang Wanghai nodded and relaxed his eyebrows a little.

There were countless Warlock in the Wei Sea City, and you could recruit a bunch of Starry Sky Warlocks. But the same wasnt true for Moonlight Warlocks. After all, every Moonlight Warlock that could be recruited has already been recruited by various sea merchant groups.

There was a chilly killing intent in Jiang Wanghais eyes, and he spoke frigidly: “That bastard Yang Feng mustnt leave the Wei Sea alive. Whats your plan?”

In the Great Warlock realm, Yang Feng could already contend against Moonlight Warlocks, and once he promoted to a Moonlight Warlock, god knows how strong he would be. Jiang Wanghai shuddered at the thought of such an enemy with infinite potential.

Cangyue Xiongtians eyes flickered with determination, and he said coldly: “I have spent a lot of money to bribe the prime minister Minamida Shinichi of the Fuso Subcontinents Nishino State, and he agreed to deal with Yang Feng. However, this isnt enough. Brother Jiang, please take action. I will go to the Fuso Subcontinent with Gongsun Yang and Xia Houba to eliminate Yang Feng!”

When Jiang Wanghai head this, he couldnt help but be moved. Gongsun Yang and Xia Houba were two junior Moonlight Warlock rank experts of the Cangyue Sea Pavilion. Coupled with Cangyue Xiongtian, it was equivalent to mobilizing the whole Cangyue Sea Pavilion.

With this, the Cangyue Sea Pavilion wont have any Moonlight Warlock standing guard in the Wei Sea City, which was very dangerous. Although the law and order in the Wei Sea City was good, but once all the Moonlight Warlocks left the nest, then there will be numerous people coveting their treasury. Besides, who knows how many experts the great force Cangyue Sea Pavilion has offended during its rise. Once those experts got wind of it, they were bound to act against the Cangyue Sea Pavilion in secret.

Jiang Wanghai muttered for a while, then there was a flash of graveness in his eyes, and he spoke decisively: “Alright. Since youre going this far, then Ill go with you to the Fuso Subcontinent.”

In the sea, a huge fleet of five gale-class merchant ships and eight taishan-class merchant ships was heading for a subcontinent extending without end.

Sitting in a luxurious litter with the two women Eunice and Shayenna in his arms, Yang Feng looked at the huge Satsuma Port.

“Gale-class merchant ships, those are the Great Cloud Dynastys gale-class merchant ships. Five gale-class merchant ships and eight taishan-class merchant ships, it seems that we can make a lot of money.”

“What a huge fleet, does it belong the a top 10 sea merchant group of the Wei Sea City?”


When the fleet entered the Satsuma Port, the Warlocks in the port revealed excited smiles. The goods brought by such a large fleet could definitely bring benefits to a great part of the Warlocks in the Satsuma Port. As such, these Warlocks liked very much when such giant fleets arrived.

“Step aside! Get out of the way!” A group of about 200 people all wearing a black armor and a greatsword at the waist led by a burly man with an ugly and fierce-looking face emanating a tyrannical aura was heading this way.

“Black Armor Division!”

“Its the Black Armor Divisions third brigade!”


When the surrounding Warlocks who wanted to communicate with Yang Feng and his party saw this, their faces fell, and they quickly gave way.

The ugly and fierce-looking man in the lead came to Yang Feng and his party and said arrogantly: “I am the captain of the Black Armor Divisions third brigade Kuwa Shinjiro. I suspect the origin of the goods on your merchant ship is dubious. Please leave this place immediately and let us investigate the ships. After we are done, well return you your goods.”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Black Armor Division, whats that?

“My Lord, the Satsuma Port belongs to the West Sea State, and the Black Armor Division is one of the three great armies of the West Sea State. The three armies are respectively the Red Armor Division, the White Armor Division, and the Black Armor Division. The Red Armor Division is equivalent to the Great Cloud Dynastys imperial guard, and the weakest soldiers possess advanced Great Warlock rank cultivation base. The White Armor Division is a class below, and each soldier must possess junior Great Warlock rank cultivation base. The Black Armor Division is the lowest class, where each soldier must possess advanced level-3 Warlock rank cultivation base.”

“There are two junior Moonlight Warlock rank experts in the West Sea State – the states ruler Soma Shinichiro and the imperial tutor Kimen Kumasaburo. Additionally, there are still the West Sea Ten Warriors who are quasi-Moonlight Warlock powerhouses.”

“The West Sea State is one of the Nishino States four vassal states. As for the Nishino State, it has eight Moonlight Warlocks as well as more than 30 quasi-Moonlight Warlocks.”

“The Kihara State, the Black Snake State, and the Anto State are the other three vassal states of the Nishino State. These three vassal states each have a Moonlight Warlock standing guard. It is thanks to the tremendous cultivation resources the West Sea State gets thanks to the Satsuma Port that it gave birth to two Moonlight Warlocks.”

“This Black Armor Divisions Kuwa Shinjiro wants to take our goods. My Lord, if you let him detain our cargo, then hell be able to use various methods to embezzle it. The easiest method is to set something else on fire, and then claim that all the goods have been burned. Many people have incurred great losses in the Satsuma Port.” The Xiling Sea Wolf King spoke calmly.

There was a frigid glimmer in Yang Fengs eyes, and he said coldly: “So he has designs on my things! What a reckless thing. I was going to behave and be a merchant, but since youve forced my hand, then I dont mind being your judge. Kill everyone. Leave their heads intact.”

“Yes! My Lord!” There was a gleam of excitement in the Xiling Sea Wolf Kings eyes, and he reached with his finger and shot beams of blue light barreling towards the level-3 Warlocks of the Black Armor Division.

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