Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 477 – Myriad Curses Method

Chapter 476 – Assassination of Kihara Kai

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Lei Jiangjiao gave a long sigh and said: “Brother Kihara, I feel ashamed. In a moment of carelessness, I was played by that brat Yang Feng. Although I escaped by chance, but the whole fleet was seized by that kid. I am seriously injured and have lost all my secret treasures. As such, I could only come here to rely on you. Once I fully recover and return to the Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion, I will reward you generously.”

Kihara Kais eyes flickered, and he suddenly smiled and said: “Brother Lei, what do you think of the Kihara State?”

Lei Jiangjiao felt a little queer, but he still smiled and responded: “Kihara State? Naturally, its an excellent state. Brother Kihara, you possess great talent and a bold vision, and you are a martial master of the Kihara State seen once in a century. Under your leadership, the Kihara State grew until it became second only to the West Sea State in terms of power. As long as I support you from the Sea Dragon immortal Pavilion, its but a matter of time before the Kihara State surpasses the West Sea State.”

Kihara Kai finally got to the point with a smile on his face:” Brother Lei, why dont you join the Kihara State and serve me? With you, my state will be able to take the leap to surpass the West Sea State. Besides, youll be able to use my states resources to quickly recover from your injuries, Brother Lei.”

Lei Jiangjiao frowned and asked: “What if I dont agree?”

Kihara Kai answered flatly: “Moonlight cores are rare treasures. Despite its thousands of years long heritage, the Kihara State still only possesses a single moonlight core.”

Lei Jiangjiao spoke gravely: “Brother Kihara, could it be that our century long friendship isnt even worth a moonlight core?”

There was a cruel glint in Kihara Kais eyes, and he said with a cold smile: “What friendship? Its just a relationship based on shared interest. You need the Fuso Subcontinents specialty products, and we need the Great Cloud Dynastys cultivation resources. With the Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion dominating the trade, god knows how much profit it obtained from the Fuso Subcontinent. Im just recovering a bit of interest right now! Brother Lei, your biggest mistake was to come here with a serious injury.”

Lei Jiangjiaos countenance changed several times before he eventually spoke unwillingly: “Okay, Ill surrender to you!”

“Brother Lei, youre really sensible!” Kihara Kai laughed loudly and clapped his hands, and a red wooden stick inscribed with numerous mysterious patterns and exuding a bloody and queer aura appeared in his hands.

When he saw the red wooden stick, Lei Jiangjiaos face suddenly fell, and he exclaimed: “Evil God Curse Soul Wood! You want to touch me with this evil wood, how dare you?!”

The wooden stick emitting a queer and sinister aura was the Fuso Subcontinents heinous Evil God Curse Soul Wood. Each Evil God Curse Soul Wood was a wicked object that the evil gods of another plane confer after receiving a sinister blood sacrifice of tens of millions of humans.

Once your soul was touched by the Evil God Curse Soul Wood, then your soul and your life will be controlled by the evil god. With a though from the caster, the subject will suffer unbearable pain. The subject may even be transformed into a puppet-like evil god emissary, and get reduced to a minion of an evil god.

Of course, the Evil God Curse Soul Wood also had its weaknesses. First, it was very difficult to refine. Second, it was extremely fragile, and a fire level-3 spell could destroy it, making it practically useless in actual combat.

With a taunting smile on his face, Kihara Kai spoke condescendingly: “Either die, or get touched by the Evil God Curse Soul Wood, make your choice, Brother Lei.”

The Fragrant Hall was a part of the Kihara States imperial palace. As such, the imperial palaces power could be mobilized to suppress any enemy. The seriously wounded Lei Jiangjiao wasnt Kihara Kais opponent. Coupled with the imperial palaces power, it was very difficult for Lei Jiangjiao to escape.

There was humiliation, unwillingness, and resentment in Lei Jiangjiaos eyes. At last, he sighed, closed his eyes, clenched his fists, and uttered with indignation: “Go ahead!”!!! Kihara Kai showed a complacent smile, and his eyes seemed to be burning with a wicked flames. The Evil God Curse Soul Wood released a dark, weird, and bloody aura, and wisps of bloody gas winded around it. Miniature faces of countless people formed black chains on the wooden stick and issued silent anguished wails.

Just before the Evil God Curse Soul Wood hit Lei Jiangjiaos forehead, Lei Jiangjiao suddenly opened his eyes and sprayed a crimson flame from his mouth that landed on the Evil God Curse Soul Wood.

The wooden stick ignited, and the miniature faces of countless people made strange noises and wailing sounds, and then turned into flying ashes in the flame.

“Lei Jiangjiao, youre courting death! After I capture you, your life be utter misery!” As if struck by lightning, Kihara Kais eyes turned bloodshot, and he flew into a rage and shouted violently. His right hand radiated an eerie light, change a black hand with 30 centimeter long claws, and stabbed towards Lei Jiangjiaos heart.

From the shadow behind Kihara Kai, a dark shadow suddenly erupted and a hand holding the god armament Shadow Dagger mercilessly stabbed towards Kihara Kais back.

A warning immediately flared up in Kihara Kais mind, and a Teleportation Bead disintegrated and a spatial force emerged at once.

The Shadow Dagger flashed with light, and the spatial force that enveloped Kihara Kai suddenly dissipated.

Magic shields lit up on Kihara Kais body, and then were easily penetrated by the Shadow Dagger. The Shadow Dagger pierced into Kihara Kai like a meteor, and 12 curses erupted and sealed his power in a flash.

Kihara Kai immediately issued a scream: “Great God Krona, save me!”

In the Fragrant Hall, the weird murals painted on the walls suddenly wriggled, and creepy blood flowed out from them and formed a strange, three-meter-tall being with a bull head, tiger claws, and a scorpion tail covered in black scales. On the forehead of the bull head, there was a male face.

This weird being with a male face exuding a queer and evil aura was the avatar of the evil god Krona from one of the 36 primary material planes the Evil God Plane.

The Evil God Plane was a chaotic plane filled with danger, where killing was as common as breathing. Apart from life forms native to the plane, there were many formidable life forms comparable to gods created by the 2nd Warlock Dynasty the Taboo Dynasty through various taboo experiments in the Evil God Plane.

Krona was a true evil god of the Evil God Plane with a pinnacle Glorious Dawn Warlock rank cultivation base, he was the primary god enshrined by the Kihara State.

“Was it you who attacked my servant?” Krona turned his head and locked his gaze on Yang Feng. The male face on the bull head showed a malevolent smile, and he spoke in a strangely charming female voice.

The wicked sound waves emitted by the male face had a strange cadence as they rolled out towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs face changed drastically, and then his ears were closed tightly and his hearing was sealed.

The wicked sound waves still penetrated Yang Fengs body, oscillated inside him, and eroded him.

This was the evil god Kronas innate wicked spell – Kronas Voice. This wicked spell could grow and evolve alongside the practitioner. It could influence the soul and body, and there werent many spells that could withstand the wicked spell Kronas Voice.

When he was struck by Kronas Voice, Yang Feng had a splitting headache, his spirit force was in disorder, and his life energy was in chaos. His body was almost beyond his control, and blood oozed out of the orifices on his face.

Shadow assassins who comprehended the Shadow Domain could fully integrated into the shadows, and even experts with higher cultivation bases had a hard time to find them. But shadow assassins had their flaws, that is, when they were merged with the shadows, they couldnt use any defensive spells, which left them vulnerable.

When Yang Feng shot out of the shadows and seriously injured Kihara, he was at his most vulnerable, and then he was hit by Kronas Voice. With the splitting headache, he wasnt able to cast any spells.

On the other side, Lei Jiangjiao was seriously injured by Kronas Voice in a flash, and he crumpled on the ground, bleed from his facial orifices, and struggled in pain.

When he was at his peak condition, Lei Jiangjiao could naturally withstand Kronas Voice, but now that he was heavily wounded, and the 12 curses of the Shadow Dagger still pervaded his body, he was extremely vulnerable.

With a dazzling light, the Focus Sea Moon Pendant hanging from Yang Fengs neck sent a cool stream into his sea of knowledge, making his headache stop for a split second.

With a thought, there was black light, and the Black Battle Demon suddenly appeared, possessed Yang Feng, and formed a set of black armor.

When the black armor appeared, Yang Feng clearly felt the headache weaken by more than 70%. Kronas Voice was no longer ear-piercing.

When Krona saw the black armor, a dignified gleam appeared in his eyes, and he spoke: “Battle Demon Secret Method, youre from the Battle Demon Sect!”

The Battle Demon Sect was one of the Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects, and two of its great elders were comparable to Infinity Warlocks in terms of battle prowess. There have been many disciples of the Battle Demon Sect traveling the 36 primary material planes.

Yang Feng didnt answer. He pressed the dimensional badge on his chest, and the mechanical ancient devil turned into a streak of black light and shot out. Virtually in the blink of an eyes, the mechanical ancient devil exuding advanced Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power darted towards Krona.

“Ancient devil!” Krona frowned, then a bloodthirsty red glint appeared in his eyes, and he bellowed. Covered in an odd bloody light, he clashed with the mechanical ancient devil.

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