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Chapter 479 – Flesh Golem

Chapter 478 – Void Random Teleportation Bead

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Yang Feng frowned and said: “To want to deal with me, how bold. Arent they afraid that my teacher will come in person and level the entire Nishino State?”

Yang Feng was a disciple of Huang Yihe. Huang Yihe was one of the Battle Demon Sects four great elders, he was a peerless powerhouse who has cultivated a virtual world, and his fighting strength was comparable to that of an Infinity Warlock.

Even when the strength of the Fuso Subcontinent was at its peak, when the strength of the Holy Glory State was intact, it still couldnt contend against an existence with Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess. Once Huang Yihe went to the Fuso Subcontinent, he could suppress all resistance by himself.

Kihara Kai responded: “For them to do this, they naturally have something to rely on. Reportedly, theres an expert with Infinite Warlock rank battle prowess standing behind the Nishino State right now.

Yang Feng was surprised: “Infinity Warlock!”

Regardless of the plane, Infinity Warlocks were formidable beings at the apex of the plane. They were comparable to strong divine force rank gods in terms of strength.

The Battle Demon Sect was one of the Ten Great Sects of the Great Cloud Dynasty, yet it only had four Bright World Warlocks. As for the two great elders Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian, thanks to the virtual world as well as the Battle Demon Sects inheritance secret treasures, they were able to contend against Infinity Warlock rank experts.

In the Fuso Subcontinent, only during the eras of the Eight Warlock Dynasties did the subcontinent give birth to Infinity Warlocks. Now, however, the strongest existences in the Fuso Subcontinent were only quasi-Glorious Dawn Warlocks.

An Infinity Warlock wasnt an existence with whom Yang Feng could contend against at the moment.

Yang Feng frowned and uttered unhurriedly: “It seems that I have to leave the Fuso Subcontinent immediately.”

Now that there was an Infinity Warlock standing behind the Fuso Subcontinent, no matter how confident Yang Feng was, he didnt think that he had what it took to contend against them.

Kihara Kai spoke: “Master, why dont you ask your teacher for advice? The Battle Demon Sects Great Elder Huang Yihe is also an unparalleled expert who has run amuck in the world and has defeated multiple Infinity Warlock rank existences.

“Thats right. Unlike those poor destitute souls, I have a powerful background.” Yang Fengs thoughts revolved. With a smile on his face, he took out a crystal ball, silently chanted an incantation, and pointed at the crystal ball, and a streak of black light suddenly flashed and entered the crystal ball.

A fog broke out from inside the crystal ball and formed into Huang Yihes projection.

Huang Yihe asked: “Yang Feng, whats the matter?”

Yang Feng quickly recounted Huang Yihe everything that happened in the Fuso Subcontinent.

Huang Yihe frowned, and sank into his thoughts. Soon after, he said lightly: “What do you plan to do?”

Yang Feng responded resolutely: “Disciple intends to withdraw from the Fuso Subcontinent immediately and avoid all their schemes!”

Even if the other party only sent one Bright World Warlock, it would be already enough to wipe Yang Feng and his forces out, let alone an Infinity Warlock. In front of absolute strength, all tricks were useless.

Huang Yihe spoke unhurriedly: “What if other forces could not interfere?”

Yang Feng smiled and answered: “If there are no Glorious Dawn Warlock experts and above interfering, then disciple plans to have fun in the Fuso Plane.”

Huang Yihe revealed an unrestrained smile: “Yes, as expected of my disciple! I already have a general idea about the one who stands behind the Fuso Subcontinent. You dont have to worry, I wont let anyone above the Moonlight Warlock rank mess with you. Go ahead and make a scene!”

Yang Feng was overjoyed: “Thank you, teacher!”

Huang Yihe said: “However, youll have to give the sect 40% of your yield in the Fuso Plane. You can thing it through.”

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “No problem!”

Once the Battle Demon Sect stepped in, it had to spend a lot of manpower and resources. The huge Warlock group the Battle Demon Sect couldnt fight for Yang Feng without getting anything in return.

Black light suddenly glowed in front of the crystal ball, then a fist-sized hole was torn open in the space, and two rays flew out of the hole and landed in front of Yang Feng. The two rays revealed to be two beads, one red and the other black.

There was a gleam of kindness in Huang Yihes eyes, and he exhorted: “The red bead is called Void Random Teleportation Bead, its a disposable level-7 secret treasure. It can instantly break the barrier of the void and teleport you to a random place 100,000 kilometers away in the blink of an eyes. As for the black bead, I sealed the spell Great Space Fissure inside. The power of Great Space Fissure is comparable to that of an attack of a Bright World Warlock. These two secret treasures are to be used to save your life. Pay attention to safety, dont die casually. If things dont look good, you should run away at once. Failure isnt something to be feared! As long as you live, everything is possible!”

Yang Feng looked at the two treasures in his hands. Moved, he uttered sincerely: “Thank you, teacher!”

The Void Random Teleportation Bead was a disposable life-saving level-7 secret treasure. Level-7 secret treasures were very scarce. In the Battle Demon Sect, there were no more than three alchemists who could refine level-7 secret treasures. As for alchemists who were proficient in the law of space, they were even rarer.

The Void Random Teleportation Bead was extremely precious. Unless it was the god armament like the Shadow Dagger that was the culmination of the Shadow Prince Meccas wealth and essence, even space lock of a Bright World Warlock proficient in the law of space couldnt block the Void Random Teleportation Bead. For such a treasure, even Bright World Warlocks would bow their heads to those powerful alchemists.

The black bead was equally precious. There were a lot of secret treasures in the Cangzhi Plane that could hold a Warlocks spell. But the higher the Warlocks cultivation base was, the fewer secret treasures could hold said Warlocks spells.

If the secret treasure with Huang Yihes spell Great Space Fissure was placed in an auction, it could be sold for more than 3 billion magic crystals.

For Huang Yihe to give Yang Feng these two precious life-saving secret treasures, he clearly regarded Yang Feng as a most important personal disciple.

There was no such thing as love nor hate without reason. Prior to this, Huang Yihe accepted Yang Feng as a personal disciple because of Yang Fengs willpower on one hand, and to give the unequaled genius Shi Xue face on the other hand. He wanted to sow good karma with the future peerless powerhouse Shi Xue. In fact, he has always paid the talentless Yang Feng little attention.

It wasnt until Yang Feng defeated the Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang in the Battle Demon Sect that Huang Yihe really viewed Yang Feng as his personal disciple, carefully nurtured him, and even gave these two precious secret treasures to him.

After warning Yang Feng some more, Huang Yihe cut the connection.

Yang Feng said: “Kihara Kai, the Black Snake State, the Anto State, and the West Sea State, can you think of a way to lure the rules of these three states into coming here?”

If he could take care of the Nishino States four ancillary states in one fell swoop, then that would be equivalent to cutting off one of the Nishino States arms. In addition to the four ancillary states, were were still numerous lesser states that were attached to the Nishino State. However, among those lesser states, the strongest experts were Starry Sky Warlocks, and the number of Starry Sky Warlocks was two at most. These lesser states couldnt influence the big picture.

A look of embarrassment emerged on Kihara Kais face: “Master, in the Fuso Subcontinent, except for the Holy Glory State, we dare not enter the palaces of other states at will. Otherwise, well be in danger of being suppressed.”

At this time, the Fuso Subcontinents four major states were locked in a power struggle. There was also endless infighting between the four major states ancillary states. As such, the rulers of the numerous states didnt dare to go to the capital of another state.

Because of the worship of evil gods, betrayal, killing, plots, blood sacrifices, chaos, and fighting were a common thing in the Fuso Subcontinent. Although Kihara Kai was the ruler of an ancillary state of the Nishino State, but he has never been to the capital of the Nishino State. He was worried that once he went to the Nishino State, he would be suppressed, and his territory would be annexed by the Nishino State.

Kihara Kai turned his eyes in thought and put forward an idea: “Master, I have a proposal. The Nishino States ruler Saijo Yoruwa has a daughter called Saijo Yatsuki whom he treasures dearly. We can abduct her and use her to coerce Saijo Yoruwa to sit quiet, and then use various methods to drive a wedge between the three states and smash them one by one.

Yang Feng was curious: “Will this method work? After all, Saijo Yoruwa is the ruler of the Nishino State!”

Because of their exceedingly long lifespans, many human Warlocks didnt value family ties. As the ruler of the Nishino State, Saijo Yoruwa had tremendous power, and his harem was 3,000-strong. He should have countless children by now. To him, a daughter was just a token.

Kihara Kai said: “When Saijo Yoruwa fought with another prince over the throne, although he was lucky enough to win, but he lost his children, and was still cursed by an evil god, unable to sire children. Saijo Yatsuki is his only living child. As such, he loves her dearly.”

Yang Feng suddenly realized: “So thats how it is!”

The Warlocks who have hundreds or thousands of children didnt care much about family ties, but that wasnt true for Warlocks who just have one or two children.

Yang Feng muttered irresolutely for a while, and then showed a smile: “Theres no need to use such a method! Since the Nishino State wants to deal with me, then Ill use my strength to clash with it.”

Yang Feng spoke indifferently: “Take me to your treasury!”

There was a look of struggle in Kihara Kais eyes before he finally uttered helplessly: “Yes! Master!”

Yang Feng has come to the Fuso Subcontinent in order to obtain cultivation resources to begin with. Since Kihara Kai was now under his control, he naturally wanted to collect the other partys treasures. Because he was well aware that if it wasnt for the liquid metal nano robots merging with Kihara Kais soul, the other party would strike at him, so he didnt hesitate.

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