Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 481 – Evil God Emissary

Chapter 480 – Attacking the Kurohebi State

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When he saw the bridge full of sci-fi flair, Kimen Kumasaburo was stunned, and then exclaimed: “What is this place?”

The Kitazuki sisters looked around curiously as well, and their bright eyes turned again and again.

A cold gleam flashed past Yang Fengs eyes, and he said with a smile: “This is my secret treasure battleship! Now lets go destroy the Kurohebi State!”

Four arc battlestars hidden in the clouds flashed, and then flew towards the Kurohebi State.

The four arc battlestars abruptly stopped 500 kilometers above the Black Snake States capital the Giant Snake City, and then opened numerous hatches, and a dense crowd of starry sky rippers flew out.

The primary artilleries of the four arc battlestars began to charge. After a few minutes, dazzling beams of light descended from the sky like lights of divine punishment and barreled towards the nine six-story-tall Warlock towers inside the Black Snake States capital.

A beam of light crashed into a six-story-tall Warlock tower in a flash, and triggered the Warlock towers magic shields.

After the magic shields burst like bubbles, the weakened beam of light slammed into the Warlock tower heavily and engulfed it.

A terrifying shock wave rolled out in all directions and smashed numerous buildings around the Warlock tower.

After the beam of light disappeared, the six-story-tall Warlock tower was cracked everywhere. The next moment, another beam of light bombarded the Warlock tower and swallowed it completely, and all the Warlocks inside were instakilled.

In less than 10 seconds, the four arc battlestars destroyed two six-story-tall Warlock towers of the Black Snake State.

“The Black Snake States Nine Star Evil Snake Troll Array was destroyed just like this!” When he saw this scene, Kimen Kumasaburo immediately felt a chill in his heart, and fear bubbled up inside him.

When the nine six-story-tall Warlock towers within the Black Snake States capital combined their forces and exerted their full strength, they could form a Nine Star Evil Snake Troll Array. With the power of the nine Warlock towers, a projection of the Evil God Planes evil god Nine Star Evil Snake Troll could be summoned to this plane.

The Nine Star Evil Snake Troll was an an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse. Drawing support from the nine Warlock towers, its projection could somewhat contend against a Glorious Dawn Warlock.

The Nine Star Evil Snake Troll Array was the strongest defense of the Black Snake State, yet it was now destroyed by Yang Fengs battleships. Kimen Kumasaburo suddenly felt fear of the power held by Yang Feng.

After the four beams bombarded the Black Snake States capital, the capitals Warlock towers lit up, and defensive spells immediately rose in the city.

From the four arc battlestars, a dense array of beams barreled towards the Black Snake State.

Some Warlocks flew out from the city from time to time. As soon as they emerged, the Warlocks were immediately punched full of holes by the rain of light.

Flying at Mach 10 speed, a dense swarm of starry sky rippers frantically flew towards the city.

“Who dares to act presumptuously in the Black Snake State?!” A roar filled with anger shook the capital. Looking like a flood dragon, covered in black scales that were inlaid with human faces, a single horn on its head, a pair of black wings on its back, a 300-meter-tall Evil Troll Snake with beast-like teeth suddenly appeared.

The Evil Troll Snake sprayed a roiling black mist from its mouth that extended for tens of kilometers. In the black mists wake, the starry sky rippers energy shields crumbled, and the robots themselves turned into black liquid that rained on the ground.

The Evil Troll Snake was an extraordinary life form from the Evil God Plane, it was a descendant of the Infinity Warlock rank evil god Nine Star Evil Snake Troll. In total, there were only nine pureblood Evil Troll Snakes in the Evil God Plane, and they were all powerful existences of the Glorious Dawn Warlock rank an above.

The Evil Troll Snakes strongest innate ability was the Snake Troll Poison. In the wake of the Snake Troll Poison, all living things will die out and life will wither, and even machinery will be eroded into pools of black water.

A lot of weird-looking snake-like extraordinary life forms flew out around the Evil Troll Snake and unleashed all kinds of incredible innate abilities to fight with the starry sky rippers.

On the other side, the Black Snake States ruler Kurohebi Ko ignored the surrounding killings. His snake-like eyes radiated gloomy demonic light and transformed into four eyeballs each. The palpitation-inducing eight eyes seemingly capable of piercing through the Netherworld looked in the direction from where the four primary artillery beams came.

The Evil Troll Snake Eyes was a very formidable and remarkable innate ability of the Evil Troll Snake. If practiced to the pinnacle, this innate ability would enable your sight to pierce through the Netherworld and cross into another plane.

“Found you! 500 kilometers away! Theyre attacking from 500 kilometers away!” At a glance, Kurohebi Ko found the four arc battlestars hidden in the clouds recharging. Suddenly, a storm was set off in his heart.

Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses were formidable existences comparable to gods. From hundreds of kilometers away, they could kill a level-3 Warlock they locked on, but the same wasnt necessarily true for a Great Warlock.

The arc battlestars were able to launch Glorious Dawn Warlock rank attacks from hundreds of kilometers away, which was shocking to say the least.

In fact, in vacuum, these arc battlestars could carry out artillery bombardment from tens of thousands of kilometers away. In the Cangzhi Plane, however, 500 kilometers was already their limit. Any further than that, and the power of the primary artilleries will be greatly reduced, and they wont be able to destroy the six-story-tall Warlock towers.

There was a downcast look in Kurohebi Kos eyes: “What do I do? Theyre outside the 10 kilometer mark!”

Kurohebi Kos strongest secret methods Snake Troll Poison and Evil Troll Snake Eyes were at their strongest within an area of 10 kilometers in diameter. Beyond that, the power of the two secret methods will gradually decrease. From 500 kilometers away, Snake Troll Poison could kill an ordinary person, but it could not destroy the starry sky rippers.

A 100-meter-long serpent exuding quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank aura slithered towards Kurohebi Ko and asked: “Your Majesty, what should we do? Do we send people to destroy those secret treasures?”

This serpent was the Black Snake States prime minister Kameda Omu, one of the states three quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses.

With a cold shimmer in his eyes, Kurohebi Ko shook his head and said: “No, the other party came prepared. If I didnt guess wrong, it should be the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng. He defeated the Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang, subdued the Xiling Sea Wolf King, and assassinated Lei Jiangjiao. Without the support of the citys Warlock towers, we arent his match. Go to the Nishino State and ask for help! I will summon the evil god emissary!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!” Kameda Omu responded respectfully, the changed back into human form and turned into a streak of light shooting towards a Warlock tower.

Kurohebi Ko blurred and recovered his human form, and then disappeared in a flash of black light.

The remaining seven Warlock towers suddenly shone, and beams of red light reeking of blood suddenly shot out and formed a bloody hexagram in midair.

A blood-red giant egg slowly rose from within the hexagram, and an evil and sinister aura spread from it.

Suddenly, weird heartbeat sounds that resounded in the entire capital came from the giant bloody egg.

In an instant, all the people below the official Warlock rank in the capital who werent enveloped by the barriers from the Warlock towers bled from their facial orifices, and then spurted out their hearts.

In a split second, 3 million people in the Black Snake States capital all died, and their hearts and blood essence merged into the bloody egg from all directions.

When he saw this scene, Yang Fengs face flickered, and he uttered: “What a cruel method!”

When the Kitazuki Kaori sisters saw this scene, their faces turned ashen, and they tightly hugged Yang Fengs arms.

Kimen Kumasaburo smiled and said: “This is something very normal. Arent those lowly ordinary people there to be used by us? Its their honor to die for the mighty Warlocks!”

Yang Feng frowned silently.

Moonlight Warlocks were comparable to gods in terms of strength, and they possessed a lifespan of at least 4,000 years. In the eyes of many Moonlight Warlocks, ordinary people were nothing but ants. No matter how many ordinary people died, they wouldnt care.

The Great Cloud Dynasty, the Brest Dynasty, the Bajur Dynasty, and the Kadred Dynasty imposed strict restrictions on Warlocks and formulated strict laws. Even Moonlight Warlocks couldnt kill ordinary people on a large scale. Otherwise, they will be directly suppressed and killed.

As for the people of the Fuso Subcontinent believed in evil gods, they had no scruples, and treated ordinary people like ants and used them unbridledly.

In the Cangzhi Plane, many cruel secret treasures like soul stones that required the slaughter of large numbers of humans to be refined came from subcontinents like the Fuso Subcontinent.

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