Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 482 – Ambushing the Reinforcements

Chapter 481 – Evil God Emissary

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After the blood-red giant egg absorbed the hearts and blood essence from 3 million ordinary people, the heartbeat sound suddenly became much quicker.

Crack! Along with a crisp sound, the blood-red giant egg burst apart.

A 100-meter-long, queer giant snake enveloped in raging red flames and covered by scales engraved with human faces with pained expressions, with a pair of wings, a single horn on its head, and a beautiful face on its forehead suddenly flew out from the giant egg. It exuded an evil, weird, and terrifying aura.

The weird giant snake was an evil god emissary, one of the pillars of the Black Snake State. With a drop of the Infinity Warlock rank evil god Nine Star Evil Snake Trolls ordinary blood coupled with the sacrifice of ten million ordinary people, 30,000 level-3 Warlocks, 1,000 Great Warlocks, 100 Starry Sky Warlocks, and one quasi-Moonlight Warlock, the evil god emissary was refined.

When it was born, this evil god emissary possessed intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank fighting strength. With the support of the seven Warlock towers, it could even compete against pinnacle Moonlight Warlocks. While fighting with the support of the seven Warlock towers, its only weakness was that it was limited to a radius of only 10 kilometers outside the capital.

As soon as the evil god emissary was born, it spurted a bloody beam of fire from its maw that barreled towards the starry sky rippers.

As long as the starry sky rippers were touched by the bloody fire, flames would rise on their bodies, and would get burnt into puddles of steel refuse.

Tens of thousands of gunner robots armed with gauss rifles fired wildly at the evil god emissary.

When the countless thin beams of light hit the evil god emissary, they set off ripples, yet werent able to harm it.

The evil god emissary turned, its eyes flickered with a fearsome gleam, and it sprayed the strange beam of bloody fire again.

Countless gunner robots were burned into ashes by the bloody fire, leaving a large area of scorched soil burning with flames behind. “Long live! Long live!”

“Long live His Majesty, Long live the evil god emissary!”


When they saw this, the countless Warlocks within the Black Snake States capital shouted in excitement. As for the death of 3 million ordinary people, they didnt feel anything.

The idea of respecting the strong was deeply rooted in the hearts of the Fuso Subcontinents people, it was much more serious than in other places of the Cangzhi Plane. Here, the head of any state must be the strongest expert in said state, even if their cultivation base was their only redeeming quality.

Although the evil gods of the Evil God Plane were cruel, insidious, bloodthirsty, and vicious, but because they were strong enough, the people of the Fuso Subcontinent worshiped them. As long as your cultivation aptitude was good enough, and you continuously performed blood sacrifices, the evil gods will grant you more and more strength. This was much easier and faster than ordinary cultivation.

If Yang Feng hadnt fought all over and snatched countless precious cultivation resources, if he just practiced cultivation step by step with his original cultivation aptitude, it would be impossible for him to reach the Great Warlock realm even with the help of an optical computer.

A glint flashed past Kimen Kumasaburos eyes, and he spoke: “That evil god emissary has no substance. Its an incarnation of magic, so its basically impossible to kill it! Only if its magic power is exhausted will it disappear. Sir Yang Feng, what are you going to do now? Retreat? Or surround the Black Snake State?”

Yang Feng turned around, took a meaningful look at Kimen Kumasaburo, and said: “The evil god emissary is not without weaknesses! For instance, it has an evil god core. If its evil god core is destroyed, then itll disintegrate completely. The seven Warlock towers that summoned it are also its weakness. With every Warlock tower that is destroyed, its strength will be weakened by a fraction. As long as another three Warlock towers are destroyed, it will no longer be able to sustain itself.”

Kimen Kumasaburo smiled awkwardly: “Sir Yang Feng, your knowledge is indeed profound. As expected of a true disciple of the Battle Demon Sect. However, the evil god core can move freely inside the evil god emissary. Without the power of a level-7 spell, its simply impossible to destroy the evil god core in a one shot. And the seven Warlock towers cannot be destroyed that easily as well!”

After Kimen Kumasaburo has just finished speaking, he recalled that Yang Feng has destroyed two Warlock towers, and he became even more awkward. As a Warlock of the Fuso Subcontinent, he naturally didnt want to see the evil god emissary easily broken by Yang Feng. Otherwise, if the West Sea State confronted Yang Feng in the future, its evil god emissary wont be able to exert its power. That would be despairing.

Yang Feng said with a faint smile: “In fact, its not difficult to eliminate the evil god emissary!”

There was a look of disapproval in Kimen Kumasaburos eyes, but he no longer said anything.

The evil god emissaries were one of the trump cards of the Fuso Subcontinents major states, so how could they be that easily destroyed?

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Retreat!”

The mechanical legion whose losses surpassed 100,000 battle robots quickly withdrew from the Black Snake States capital. Relying on its advantage of range, the four arc battlestars shot various beams blasting towards the capital like raindrops.

Covered by the dense rain of light, one small Warlock tower was crushed after another.

With every Warlock tower that was smashed, the evil god emissary made a weird sound, rushed into the Warlock tower, inhaled, and devoured the Warlocks inside one by one.

Seeing this scene, the faces of the Black Snake States Warlocks fell, and they flew out of the small Warlock towers, turned into streaks of light, and flew towards the seven Warlock towers.



“Dont eat me!”


Miserable screams echoed inside the capital.

With a malevolent expression on its face, the evil god emissary merrily hunted the Warlocks who fled in disarray. Every time it devoured a Warlock, the it showed a look of joy, and its aura strengthened by a little.

Yang Feng watched the evil god emissary turn on the Black Snake State with a smile on his face and uttered: “The evil god emissary is a double-edged sword. Without an enemy, it will hunt its own people instead! I just need to keep up the pressure on the Black Snake State, and the evil god emissary will collapse by itself.”

Watching the small Warlock towers being smashed by the rain of light, Kimen Kumasaburo nodded silently.

From inside the Black Snake States palace, Kurohebi Ko watched the evil god emissary devour his Warlocks with an unsightly look on his face, and then asked coldly: “What was the Nishino States reply?”

Kameda Omu wiped the cold sweat from his face and answered: “The Nishino State has promised to send reinforcements! Minamida Shinichi will support us for a day!”

Face cold, frigid killing intent rose from Kurohebi Kos body, and he shouted abuses: “A day? Bastards! Those damn wretches!”

Those small Warlock towers guarded the aristocratic Warlock families of the Black Snake State, they were the essence and foundation of the state. It didnt matter if one or two of those aristocratic Warlock families were wiped out, but now dozens of them have been exterminated, which injured the vigor of the Black Snake State.

The destruction of dozens of Warlock families meant that within the following century, the Black Snake State will give birth to at least 10 Starry Sky Warlocks less than it should have

When Kurohebi Ko thought that he has provoked such a strong enemy, an utter hatred towards the Nishino States ruler arose inside him.

The Nishino States capital, the Nishino Imperial Palace, within a palace.

A tall and handsome man wearing a purple gown sitting on a throne looked coldly towards a dashing man with a medium-sized build dressed in black.

The man in the purple gown was the ruler of the Nishino State Saijo Yoruwa, while the man dressed in black was the prime minister of the Nishino State Minamida Shinichi.

Saijo Yoruwa said indifferently: “Minamida, the Black Snake State has just sent a request for help.”

Minamida Shinichi revealed a confident smile and uttered: “I already know. I have summoned Kinoshita Makoto and Onime Wa, Your Majesty. The two of them led a team to assist the Black Snake State. The West Sea State, the Black Snake State, the Kihara State, and the Anto State have always only paid lip service to our state, so its a good idea to let them suffer a little. Its best that the Black Snake State and Yang Feng suffer heavy loss. By then, we can seize the opportunity to take control of the Black Snake State.”

Although the four states were ancillary states of the Nishino State, but they also possessed their own independent will. Normally, they would obey the Nishino States decrees, but once the Nishino State weakened, the four ancillary states were sure to turn on it.

Saijo Yatsuki frowned, and a gleam of anxiety flickered in his eyes: “Yang Feng has pressured the Black Snake State to the point that theyre asking for help, is his strength actually that great?”

Minamida Shinichi responded with a smile: “Your Majesty, theres no need for concern. With how aggressive and overbearing Yang Feng is acting, the West Sea States and the other three states will feel insecure. When the right time comes, the Nishino State will bringing the power of all states together to suppress Yang Feng in one fell swoop. This way, sir is bound to be extremely happy, and bestow their grace upon you. It will be enough to let you break through the bottleneck and promote to a Glorious Dawn Warlock, Your Majesty. In the future, youll be able to unify the Fuso Subcontinent and become its true master!”

There was a scorching gleam in Saijo Yoruwas eyes: “Glorious Dawn Warlock!”

Saijo Yoruwa has been trapped in the quasi-Glorious Dawn Warlock realm for more than 1,000 years now. Although he has relied on the power of the Nishino State to collect countless magical materials that could improve his chances in breaking through the bottleneck, but he also knew that his chances to reach the Glorious Dawn Warlock rank were still less than 10%.

The reason why Saijo Yoruwa has acted against Yang Feng this time was because a powerful being has promised that if he killed Yang Feng, he would be given a vial of a precious elixir that would increase his chance of promotion to a Glorious Dawn Warlock to 30%.

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