Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 484 – Black Snake State in Despair

Chapter 483 – Killing the Cyclops Evil Ogre

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After Onime Was incarnation of a cyclops evil ogre devoured the blood essence, tissues surged on his vaporized wound, and his injury was healed in an instant.

Although the cyclops evil ogre was an ogre extraordinary life form who wasnt proficient in curses and spells, but it possessed a terrifying innate ability, that is, it could devour blood essence to heal any injuries instantly.

If such a terrifying extraordinary life form like a cyclops evil ogre went to a place with a large population and massacred the people there, it could continuously restore its strength. It was a very tricky ogre extraordinary life form.

The starry sky rippers naturally possessed no flesh and blood for the cyclops evil ogre to devour. As such, he could only devour the blood essence of ordinary people that he has prepared beforehand.

Yang Feng frowned and sighed slowly, saying: “Blood essence! The Fuso Subcontinent is really a subcontinent run by evil gods, where even a thing like blood essence can be seen everywhere.”

Ordinary people were the foundation of the world of Warlocks. All Warlocks stemmed from them. Therefore, in the Great Cloud Dynasty and the other orthodox dynasties, although the status of ordinary people was far lower than that of Warlocks, but they could not be butchered like cattle.

Once evil Warlocks who caused large massacres were discovered in the Great Cloud Dynasty, they would be besieged by countless powerhouses.

But in a remote place like the Fuso Subcontinent where people believed in evil gods, the flesh and life of ordinary people were used as materials to refine various evil treasures with reckless abandon.

When Onime Was incarnation of a cyclops evil ogre recovered, he immediately issued a tyrannical roar, and then suddenly catapulted out. He crossed the distance of multiple kilometers, appeared above the mechanical black dragon, and mercilessly struck with his club at the mechanical black dragon.

The mechanical black dragons electronic eyes flashed, and a level-6 energy shield suddenly appeared and blocked in front of it.

When the huge wolf tooth club slammed into the energy shield capable of withstanding level-6 spells, it lit up with strange patterns, destroyed the level-6 energy shield, and blasted into the body of the mechanical black dragon.

As countless parts splashed about, the mechanical black dragon shot down like a broken rag doll and fell on the ground.

A dense crowd of starry sky rippers suddenly flew out. Seizing this chance, they slashed at Onime Was incarnation of a cyclops evil ogre and opened numerous bloody gushes on his body.

Onime Was incarnation of a cyclops evil ogre wanted to pursue and destroy the mechanical black dragon, but he could only wield the wolf tooth club to destroy the starry sky rippers that got close to him.

Standing in the void, Jiang Lang quietly looked into the distance and quickly analyzed: “If nothing unexpected happens, this cyclops evil ogre is dead! These robots are really terrifying!”

Although Onime Was incarnation of a cyclops evil ogre was tyrannically powerful, and he could heal his injuries almost instantly, but with every wound that healed, his strength was sapped a little. If things continued like this, he will eventually run out of strength and die.

At this time, Onime Was consciousness has been completely dominated by the cyclops evil ogre he has changed into. He has transformed into a cruel and murderous cyclops evil ogre in body and mind. At this moment, there was no concept of escape in his mind.

Victory was victory, defeat was death. This was a weakness in the nature of extraordinary life form cyclops evil ogres.

Although Evil God Warlocks were extremely powerful, and their cultivation speed was amazingly fast, but they had two major weaknesses. The first weakness was that their growth had a limit, and was controlled by the evil gods they believed in. An Evil God Warlock who believed in a Moonlight Warlock rank evil god could grow into a Starry Sky Warlock at most. The second weakness was that they were easily controlled by the evil gods will and turn into puppets of the evil gods. Or, like Onime Wa who was dominated by the cyclops evil ogres will, they would get reduced to a killing monster without their own will.

“Let me send you on your way!” Taking advantage of the moment when the cyclops evil ogre has destroyed a dozen starry sky rippers, Jiang Lang slashed with his sword, and a transparent sword ray emerged and turned into a lightning bolt that flashed towards the cyclops evil ogre.

With a bright flash, the cyclops evil ogre was split into two in an instant, and a copious amount of blood spewed out of his body.

The tissue of the cyclops evil ogre split in two extended from the two halves, trying to merge them.

The most terrifying thing about cyclops evil ogres was their regeneration ability. Even many extraordinary life forms stronger than them would be hounded to death by them.

Numerous starry sky rippers pounced on the cyclops evil ripper like locusts and sliced him into countless pieces in an instant.

Jiang Lang shuddered when he saw the cyclops evil ogre being sliced and diced by countless starry sky rippers.

After a breath of time, a starry sky ripper with a moonlight core in hand emerged from the body of the cyclops evil ogre and flew towards Jiang Lang.

From the starry sky rippers mouth came Yang Fengs voice. At the same time, the starry sky ripper extended a robotic hand and handed Jiang Lang the moonlight core.

Bright Moon Sacred Sword was an unparalleled sword secret method of the Bright Moon School that was formed by absorbing a large amount of gold elemental particles and moonlight energy. The ancestor who founded the Bright Moon School has relied on the Bright Moon Sacred Sword to run amuck in the world, killed several Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, and created the foundation of the Bright Moon School.

Although there was no secret method in the Battle Demon Sect that could compare with the Bright Moon Sacred Sword in terms of offensive power, but the mysterious fundamental secret method Battle Demon Secret Method was an edge above the Bright Moon Sacred Sword in terms of comprehensive power.

Although the power of the Bright Moon Sacred Sword was endless, but it was also extremely difficult to cultivate it. In the Bright Moon School, there were no more than three people in each generation who successfully cultivated this sword art. Jiang Lang deserved to be called a genius for being able to cultivate this secret method successfully.

Jiang Lang responded with a self-deprecating smile: “Genius? Junior Disciple Brother Yang, Im far too inferior when compared to you! When I was a Great Warlock, I had to give my all to just deal with Starry Sky Warlocks. Compared to you who defeated that monster Yi Yuanyang while in the Great Warlock realm, I am but a fairly hardworking ordinary person.”

Yang Feng uttered: “Senior Disciple Brother Jiang, I plan to level the Nishino State, and then supplant it. What about you?”

Jiang Langs eyes brightened, and he smirked and said: “Level the Nishino State? How grand. Interestingly, I happen to have some grudges with the Nishino State, so count me in! The Fuso Subcontinents Fuso Kobi Onnas arent half bad. After the Nishino State is leveled, I want 100 Fuso Kobi Onnas to have a good time with!”

Yang Feng responded: “No problem. Senior Disciple Brother Jiang, please stay here and stop any reinforcements from the Nishino State. I am now besieging the Black Snake State. After I have conquered the Black Snake State, the West Sea State, the Kihara State, and the Anto State will fall in line.

Jiang Lang had a big grin on his face: “Okay! We have killed three Moonlight Warlocks of the Nishino State, so theyll surely become a bit more well behaved.”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Three Moonlight Warlocks?”

Jiang Lang played down, saying: “When I traveled the Fuso Subcontinent, I set my sights on a woman. A son of a bitch called Mountain Ape of the Nishino State came to fight me for the woman, but then he killed her during the scuffle. I killed him in a fit of anger. Now there are only five Moonlight Warlocks in the Nishino State.”

Yang Feng was a little shocked: “What an amazing fellow!”

In a battle between Moonlight Warlocks, the side that lost could usually escape through various secret methods. At the time in the Satsuma Port, Yang Feng was confident that he could beat Kimen Kumasaburo but not make him stay.

In the Kihara State, Yang Feng used the method of assassination to plot against Kihara Kai, which was how he suppressed Kihara Kai and gained control of the Kihara State.

For Jiang Lang to slay a Moonlight Warlock, his strength was conceivable.

Yang Feng said: “Then Ill have to trouble you.”

Jiang Lang responded with a confident smile on his face: “No problem! With the help of these mechanical golems, even if the five of them come, Im not afraid. By the way, how many of these golems are there? How many can be destroyed?”

Yang Feng replied: “These golems number about 2 million. Its fine as long as the two motherships (battlestars) arent destroyed!”

Although Jiang Lang still had that careless smile on his face, but turbulent waves were set off in his heart: “2 million, and its these powerful mechanical golems to boot! How extravagant. He should have obtained an inheritance of the 6th Warlock Dynasty.”

When swarmed by a 2-million-strong army composed of starry sky rippers and other powerful battle robots, even Jiang Lang would have to retreat. Although the Bright Moon Sacred Sword was exceedingly mighty, and possessed extraordinary destructive power, but its consumption of energy was just as impressive. At his peak condition, Jiang Lang was only able to unleash it 20 times in a row.

Jiang Lang looked at the dense crowd of starry sky rippers and mused: “Meteorological spell! Only a powerful expert proficient in meteorological spells and equipped with a formidable secret treasure might be able to destroy these 2 million mechanical golems. Otherwise, human wave attack is the only option!”

The Nishino States capital Saikyo Imperial Palace, within a palace.

A very anxious voice came from outside the reception hall, then a Warlock charged into the hall while cutting a sorry figure, knelt in front of Saijo Yoruwa, and shouted: “Your Majesty! Its bad, Your Majesty!”

An ominous premonition welled up inside Saijo Yoruwas heart, and he barked: “Whats the matter? Spit it out!”

The Warlock shivered, saying: “The reinforcements we sent were ambushed and wiped out! Sirs Kinoshita Makoto and Onime Wa… are dead.”

Saijo Yoruwa suddenly felt his vision go dark, and he crumpled on his throne.

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