Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 485 – Bloody Demonic Eye

Chapter 484 – Black Snake State in Despair

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With its eight Moonlight Warlocks, the Nishino State was rated as number one or two among the Fuso Subcontinents four major states.

In the Nishino State, there were many strange and powerful existences similar to evil god emissaries, many of whom were even stronger than Moonlight Warlocks. However, just like evil god emissaries, those powerful beings possessed various restrictions.

Only Moonlight Warlocks could go to various places to suppress rebellions and fight other forces over benefits. For every Moonlight Warlock that your force possessed, it was another deterrent for other forces.

There were many powerful treasures left by the ancient Warlocks in the Holy Glory State, where even Glorious Dawn Warlocks who acted presumptuously might get suppressed if careless. However, the Holy Glory State only had two Moonlight Warlocks to prop it up. Therefore, although the four major states still showed allegiance to it on the surface, but in private, they looked down on the state.

Originally, Saijo Yoruwa reckoned that hed lose a Moonlight Warlock in the worst case scenario. Now that the reinforcements were ambushed, and the Mountain Ape was slayed by Jiang Lang, three Moonlight Warlocks have died. This was simply a devastating blow to him

Saijo Yoruwas gaze turned frosty, and he looked at Minamida Shinichi with frigid killing intent.

Looking like he has suddenly aged by several decades, Minamida Shinichi spoke with a bitter expression on his face: “Its all my fault. I misjudged Yang Fengs strength! I didnt expect that in addition to his own strength which was at the Moonlight Warlock rank, his subordinated mechanical golems were this powerful. He concealed his strength very well.”

Saijo Yoruwa uttered coldly: “Now isnt the time for excuses. Minamida, contact them immediately. Ask them to send a Glorious Dawn Warlock to suppress Yang Feng. Otherwise, with Yang Fengs vengeful temperament, the Nishino State will be destroyed in his hands.

“Yes! Your Majesty!” Minamida Shinichi responded respectfully and took his leave, a bitter smile on his face.

Saijo Yoruwa watched Minamida Shinichis lonely back, and regret welled up inside him. He muttered in a low voice: “Was I wrong?”

After Minamida Shinichi accepted the bribe from the Cangyue Sea Pavilion, he told Saijo Yoruwa everything. The one who made the decision to deal with Yang Feng was actually Saijo Yoruwa himself. At the thought of losing three Moonlight Warlocks, Saijo Yoruwa felt a stabbing pain in his heart.

When Minamida Shinichi entered a secret room, he silently recited an incantation and pointed with his finger at the idol of a handsome three-eyed evil god, and a stream of black light entered the idol.

The third eye of the idol of an evil god opened, and a streak of gray light shot out and formed a crystal mirror in the void.

From the crystal mirror came a voice that was neither male nor female: “Minamida Shinichi, whats the matter?”

Minamida Shinichi answered respectfully: “Sir, Yang Fengs strength has exceeded our expectations by far. He just ambushed the Nishino State and killed three Moonlight Warlocks. We are currently powerless to suppress him! Great Sir, please send a Glorious Dawn Warlock rank powerhouse here to suppress Yang Feng. We will prepare the finest offerings for you.”

The weird voice was very dissatisfied, saying: “A bunch of trash. Youre one of the four major states of the Fuso Subcontinent, yet you cant even deal with a trifling Great Warlock. How useless!”

Minamida Shinichi lowered his head, a respectful expression on his face. Even though he was called trash, there was no fluctuation in his mood.

The strange voice said: “Okay, I will dispatch a Glorious Dawn Warlock rank expert to suppress Yang Feng. I need 100,000 16-year-old virgin girls, 200,000 16-year-old virgin boys, and the blood essence of 3 million young men. Go make the preparations!”

Minamida Shinichi heaved a slight sigh of relieve, saying:” Yes! Sir!”

Yang Feng was just a Great Warlock, and he already possessed such a terrific power. Once he matured, god knows how much more terrifying he will be. The lives of 3 million ordinary people were nothing to Minamida Shinichi. If Yang Feng could be killed, then even if half of the Nishino States population had to be sacrificed, Minamida Shinichi wouldnt hesitate to give the order.

The Black Snake States capital.

Staring coldly at Kameda Omu with his snake-like eyes, Kurohebi Ko spoke while stressing each syllable: “What did you say? The reinforcements sent by the Nishino State were wiped out?”

An unsightly expression on his face, Kameda Omu replied with difficulty: “Yes! Your Majesty, the two Moonlight Warlocks Kinoshita Makoto and Onime Wa sent by the Nishino State are dead, and the troops they commanded have been practically wiped out. Only two quasi-Moonlight Warlocks escaped luckily. Within a short period of time, the Nishino State cant send us any further reinforcements.”

As if he had fallen into an ice cave, Kurohebi Ko immediately felt ice-cold.

Kameda Omu said: “The Nishino State told us to ask help from the West Sea State, the Kihara State, and the Anto State. I have just sent a help request to the three states.”

A glimmer of hope was ignited inside Kurohebi Ko, and he asked: “How did they reply?”

Kameda Omu smiled bitterly: “The West Sea State claims that their ruler is in closed door cultivation, the Kihara State claims that their ruler is injured, and the Anto State will to send a small troop to assist us.”

Yang Fengs powerful offensive against the Black Snake State and the subsequent wipe out the Nishino States reinforcements frightened the three states, and they started to pull back their forces to defend their state. None of them was willing to send people to assist the Black Snake State.

Kurohebi Ko put himself in their shoes. If he was the ruler of those states, he would never send the top fighting strength that were quasi-Moonlight Warlocks, Starry Sky Warlocks, and Great Warlocks to the Black Snake State to throw away their lives.

Kurohebi Ko asked solemnly: “How long can the evil god emissary last?”

Kameda Omus spirit shook slightly and he replied: “With our current reserves, it can still last for half a year!”

Kurohebi Ko heaved a slight sigh of relief.


In a distant location, the primary artilleries of four arc battlestars floating in the clouds shone brightly, and resplendent pillars of light barreled towards a six-story-tall Warlock tower in the Black Snake States capital.

The evil god emissary instinctively felt a threat to its life. Its huge body twisted, and it immediately blocked in front of the Warlock tower. It spread open the fingers of its hand, and a bloody shield made up of countless human faces appeared before it.

A pillar of light shot by a primary positron artillery capable of destroying a mountain range slammed into the bloody shield in an instant. After breaking through the bloody shield, the weakened pillar of light blew open a huge hole in the body of the evil god emissary.

A bloody mist bubbled up, and the wound on the evil god emissarys body healed by more than 70%. Hard to kill was the most intractable characteristic of evil god emissaries supported by Warlock towers. When fighting this evil god emissary in the Black Snake State, even a quasi-Glorious Dawn Warlock will be hounded to death.

Half a breath worth of time later, another another pillar of light shot from the same direction and at the same angle, hit the same place of the evil god emissary, and pierced through the evil god emissary and slammed into the six-story-tall Warlock tower.

Following a loud blare, all the level-3 Warlocks inside the six-story-tall Warlock tower spat out a mouthful of blood.

In the next moment, another pillar of light shot out instantly and followed the same trajectory. The evil god emissary could only extend its hands to block.

The pillar of light crushed the hands of the evil god emissary, slammed into the Warlock tower, and blasted open a crack in the six-story-tall Warlock tower.

When the last pillar of light fell from the sky, the legs of the evil god emissary twisted and blocked the column of light, and then were shattered. The column of light crushed heavily into the six-story-tall Warlock tower and blasted numerous cracks open.

Seeing this scene, the Warlocks in the capital revealed looks of despair on their faces. Anyone could tell that the six-story-tall Warlock tower will be destroyed with the next volley.

A copious amount of bloody mist coiled around it, and the crushed hands, legs, and chest of the evil god emissary quickly distorted and recovered to their original form, but there was no longer an excited clamor. Fear and despair shimmered in the eyes of the Warlocks in the capital.

After a long silence, Kameda Omu said with difficulty: “Your Majesty, the defensive array will be destroyed within a day. We no longer have the power to resist the invasion of Yang Fengs mechanical golem legion. Your Majesty, please run away! Otherwise, when the array is broken, it will be very difficult to escape.”

Kurohebi Ko looked at the Warlock tower full of cracks that could collapse at any time with despair in his eyes. He knew that it was only a matter of time before the remaining seven Warlock towers were destroyed. Even if he transformed into an Evil Troll Snake, he couldnt resist the primary artillery fire of the battlestars.

“Yang Feng, I am the ruler of the Black Snake State Kurohebi Ko. Why are you attacking the Black Snake State?” Kurohebi Kos voice suddenly sounded in the capital. In his human form, he walked out of the imperial palace while treading on air and looked in the direction of the four battlestars 500 kilometers away. Yang Fengs mocking voice came from a starry sky ripper, sounding mechanical:

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