Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 486 – Assassination

Chapter 485 – Bloody Demonic Eye

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“Sure enough!” A bitter look in his eyes, Kurohebi Ko took a deep breath and said: “Sir Yang Feng, this is a misunderstanding. The Black Snake State has never intended to stand against you. From now on, the Black Snake State will cut all ties with the Nishino State immediately. Please stop attacking us.”

Yang Feng sneered: “Now that things have reached this point, do you think that Ill stop? After another day, I will destroy all the resistance of the Black Snake State.”

There was a flash of madness in Kurohebi Kos eyes, and he yelled: “If you push me to the brink, then Ill activate the final trump card of the Black Snake State and sacrifice the 13 million people in the Black Snake State to the evil god Nine Star Evil Snake Troll. By then, you wont get anything.”

When they heard this, a look of horror flashed in the eyes of the human Warlocks in the Black Snake State, and they turned into shooting stars and frantically escaped in different directions.

A hail of light shot out from the four battlestars, hit the human Warlocks, and tore them to pieces.

Yang Feng said callously in a flat tone: “The 13 million people in the Black Snake State are currently my enemies. I dont care if they all die. However, they are my property to be. If you do kill them, then Ill kill all the descendants of your bloodline.”

When Kurohebi Ko heard Yang Fengs indifferent and callous words, he felt a chill in his heart.

People who had a strong sense of justice might have compromised with Kurohebi Ko because of the 13 million lives. However, Yang Feng was obviously a determined and iron-hearted person who didnt care about the lives of the 13 million enemies. He couldnt be threatened with this.

Kurohebi Ko finally gave up and sighed slowly: “I can have the Black Snake State surrender to you and compensate you for your war losses!”

Yang Feng responded flatly: “If you surrender, that would be for the best. I give you two options. The first one is to leave the Black Snake State with your subordinates along with your assets, the second one is to become my subordinate. No matter what you choose, the Black Snake State will no longer exist.”

Kurohebi Kos gaze flickered for a moment before he finally released a long sigh: “I choose the first option. I will leave here with my people.”

If Kurohebi Ko continued to resist, then, except for him and a few Starry Sky Warlocks, no one would be able to leave the Black Snake States capital alive. But as long as people lived, everything was possible.

Soon after, Kurohebi Ko quickly evacuated the capital with all his cronies.

A large number of starry sky rippers and other battle robots flew into the Black Snake States capital and began to clear up the remaining resistance forces and suppress the rebels at once.

At the same time, the huge mechanical legion also flooded into every corner of the Black Snake State like a tide, taking control of the state and maintaining order.

In the Turandot Subcontinent, Yang Feng has used robots in many areas to maintain his dominion and run the various governmental forces. Thus, although there were some troubles in controlling the Black Snake State, but things still seemed somewhat calm.

When the Black Snake State was eliminated, the two states West Sea State and Anto State felt a chill, and they sent emissaries in secret to show their goodwill towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng assembled about 4 million battle robots and pushed directly into the territory of the Nishino State.

Under the attack of the terrifying mechanical legion formed by 4 million starry sky rippers, one city of the Nishino State after another fell.

Countless Warlocks attached to the Nishino State were directly eliminated, and the whole state was plunged into artillery fire.

Jiang Lang guarding the two battlestars was responsible for intercepting the Nishino States reinforcements.

After the the loss of three Moonlight Warlocks, the Nishino State could no longer send any reinforcements. Instead, it pulled back its troops and recalled the Warlocks stationed in various places.

Within a valley in Saikyo, in the center of a vast square, there was a blood-colored altar engraved with countless mysterious runes and hair-raising evil god heads exuding a wicked aura.

Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people were escorted into the valley. When they looked at the evil altar, horror filled their eyes.

Minamida Shinichi silently recited an incantation in front of the scarlet altar.

Executioners dragged the struggling ordinary people forward and beheaded them.

Copious amounts of blood gushed out of the headless bodies of the ordinary people.

The evil god heads engraved on the evil altar opened their eyes, breathed in, and sucked in the blood of those ordinary people.

The blood of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people entered the evil altar.

The evil altar trembled, and a blood-colored beam of light soared into the sky and formed a blood-colored staircase in the sky.

Covered in black scales, exuding Glorious Dawn Warlock rank might, a three-meter-tall evil god with a sinister face, a horn on his head, and a malevolent smile on his face slowly walked down the bloody flight of stairs.

Minamida Shinichis eyes glimmered with a scorching light when he saw the evil god exuding Glorious Dawn Warlock might. Once the Glorious Dawn Warlock rank evil god joined the war, then they were sure to suppress Yang Feng.

“Noire Corne Ogre! To send such an existence, it seems that you really have set your eyes on my disciple!” With a sneer, a twisted cave strangely appeared on the blood-colored staircase, and a huge hand tore the staircase and extended towards the evil god.

The Glorious Dawn Warlock rank evil god Noire Corne Ogre was about to resist, when a ray of black light shot out from the hand and landed on the forehead of the Noire Corne Ogre.

The forehead of the Noire Corne Ogre twisted, and a weird rune emerged. His body trembled, no longer able to budge. In the face of the black giant hand, the Glorious Dawn Warlock Noire Corne Ogre had no strength to resist. There was a flash of despair in his eyes.

“Huang Yihe, you dare to mess with my people! Do you want me to wipe out the Battle Demon Sect?” A heaven-shaking roar came from the other side of the blood-colored staircase, and an awe-inspiring giant hand covered in green fur emerged from the other side of the blood-colored staircase and extended towards the black giant hand.

“Ghughelol! If you have the ability, then come here in person! At that time, I will catch you and suppress you beneath the Battle Demon Sects Subduing Demon Tower.”

The gigantic hand released by Huang Yihe turned, swatted at the huge hand covered in green fur and shattered it, and grabbed the Glorious Dawn Warlock rank Noire Corne Ogre.

As an Infinity Warlock rank evil god of the Evil God Plane, Ghughelol possessed unparalleled strength. In terms of strength alone, he was even a cut above Huang Yihe.

However, Ghughelol was attacking from the Evil God Plane. He was separated by a tremendous distance from the Cangzhi Plane. Huang Yihe, on the other hand, was attacking from inside the Cangzhi Plane. It was natural for him to easily break Ghughelols attack.

When the Noire Corne Ogre was captured, the bloody staircase collapsed in a flash.

Crack! A huge crack appeared on the bloody altar. As if there was an invisible force permeating the bloody altar, the altar slowly collapsed and turned into fragments that scattered around.

When Minamida Shinichi saw this scene, his face flickered with an abnormal flush, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. There was a look of despair in his eyes: “Is the Nishino State about to fall?”

“Damn, damn! Damn you Huang Yihe, you dare to capture my subordinate, you wretch?!” The fragments of the blood-colored altar suddenly flew up and released wisps of bloody gas that formed a distorted screen, and a furious roar came from the distorted screen.

“Minamida Shinichi, I will send you Yang Fengs location! The Nishino State is to immediately send people to kill him! Kill him! I will come to the Cangzhi Plane along with the Nine Star Evil Snake Troll to restrain the people from the Battle Demon Sect! Kill Yang Feng! I want him dead!” Following a maddened roar, everyone around the bloody altar with the exception of Minamida Shinichi disintegrated, and all their blood essence was drawn away.

Countless wisps of bloody gas converged in the void and formed a bloody demonic eye one kilometer in diameter constructed from countless strange runes.

The blood-colored demonic eye suspended in the air above the Fuso Subcontinent looked like a bloody sun as it emitted blood-colored light invisible to the naked eye spreading in all directions.

In the Fuso Subcontinent, in the center of the Holy Glory State, a 10,000-meter-tall Fuso Divine Tree towering into the clouds with dense and lush foliage lit up with a gentle green light that covered the entire Holy Glory State.

When the bloody light touched the gentle green light, it disappeared.

In the Fuso Subcontinent, except for some mysterious places with powerful barriers, everything was pervaded by the strange bloody light.

Within a battlestar, as Yang Fengs mechanical avatar was sitting on the bridge, a strange ray of bloody light silently landed on him, yet neither the mechanical avatar nor the instruments inside the battlestar had any reaction to the bloody light.

A cruel voice said coldly: “Thats not him, its just his avatar!”

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