Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 487 – Advancing to a Starry Sky Warlock

Chapter 486 – Assassination

Translator: Xaiomoge

In a secret room in the Kihara State, Yang Feng sitting on a jade bed was forming a starry sky core. Countless mysterious runes interwove, intertwined with his soul, and formed a starry sky core.

A powerful life force field surrounded Yang Feng.

A ray of bloody light silently passed through layers of barrier, touched the life force around Yang Feng, issued loud sizzling sounds, and turned into black smoke and disappeared.

A Warlocks life force field was a powerful natural barrier capable of weakening or cancelling all kinds of attacks.

A frigid voice full of elation echoed in the void: “Found you! Youre here!!”

Filled with violence and ruthlessness, Ghughelols voice sounded again in the valley: “Found him! I have found Yang Fengs position! Im sending you his coordinates now! Kill him! Spare no cost, use the Nishino States full power to kill him! Kill him, then use his body and soul to make a sacrifice, and Ill give your ruler a secret treasure that will increase his odds at promoting to a Glorious Dawn Warlock by 30%!”

The giant bloody demonic eye in the sky crumbled, turned into a ray of bloody light that entered Minamida Shinichis forehead, and formed a strange blood-colored curse mark.

Minamida Shinichis back suddenly broke out in a cold sweat, and his heart filled with fear: “Kihara State! Yang Fengs true body is currently located in the Kihara State! This means that he has secretly subdued the Kihara State. What a terrible scheme. If the Kihara State stabbed us in the back at a critical moment, that would be dangerous.”

Although the four major states Kihara State, Anto State, West Sea State, and Black Dragon State were far less powerful than the Nishino State, but they were still states with a long heritage that had Moonlight Warlocks and quasi-Moonlight Warlocks.

Once the Kihara State changed sides at the most critical time, the Nishino State may not be able to withstand such a betrayal.

With a decisive look in his eyes, Minamida Shinichi strode towards Saikyo: “Yang Feng must be dealt with!”

The Kihara States capital Sukimoto City.

Shrouded by a queer light, Saijo Yoruwa strolled inside the Sukimoto City, yet no one could see him.

The four Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses Minamida Shinichi, Ogre Hound, Katsuragi Kojiro, and Moonlight Ogre Slayer followed behind Saijo Yoruwa and strolled in the Sukimoto City like specters.

When he reached the royal palace, Saijo Yoruwa looked at the tall palace wall with a flash of ridicule in his eyes and said indifferently: “I didnt think that therell come a day when Ill act as an assassin!”

Even though Saijo Yoruwa was a quasi-Glorious Dawn Warlock rank powerhouse, but after he ascended the throne of the Nishino State, he hasnt done anything himself. No matter what he wanted, everything would be dealt with by his subordinated seven Moonlight Warlocks. Yet now he was forced to act in person, to act as an assassin. He couldnt help feeling a little emotional.

Minamida Shinichi said with a bitter expression on his face: “Its all my fault!”

Saijo Yoruwa spoke in a domineering way: “Minamida, we made that decision together. Youre not the only one at fault! Im even more so to blame!”

There was a surge of emotion in Minamida Shinichis heart. He has followed Saijo Yoruwa for more than 1,000 years and watched Saijo Yoruwa guide the Nishino State from the bottom of the four major states to the top of the four major states step by step.

If they hadnt provoked Yang Feng, the Nishino State might have become the leader of the four major states in the future. But now everything has come to naught. With Yang Fengs mechanical legion pressing the attack, the Nishino State was in an extremely precarious situation where it could be wiped out at any time.

In the meantime, Yang Feng was building a large number of munitions factories in many places in the Kihara State. Once those munitions factories were constructed, Yang Feng will be able to create a large number of starry sky rippers to throw into battle. Thats when Yang Feng will choose to launch the decisive attack.

As one of the four major states in the Fuso Subcontinent, the Nishino States foundation was by far deeper than anyone could imagine. Aware of this fact, Yang Feng advanced cautiously. On one hand, he wanted to eradicate the local powers of the Nishino State, on the other hand, he wanted to accumulate his power and prepare to launch a blitzkrieg attack.

Able to perceive the danger of the situation, Saijo Yoruwa dispatched quasi-Moonlight Warlocks to take the royal guards to attack the mechanical legion on various fronts.

The starry sky rippers were almost everywhere in the Nishino State, and they moved in groups of at least 10,000 units. Although the Nishino States royal guard corps possessed powerful battle prowess, but it suffered defeat in every skirmish against the starry sky rippers.

Over time, the imperial guard corpss casualties mounted, and half of them had been killed. But the numbers of the starry sky rippers hasnt visibly decreased.

Feeling like there was a noose tightening around his neck, Saijo Yoruwa was eventually forced to act in person and come to assassinate Yang Feng.

Saijo Yoruwa blurred into motion, and then appeared on top of the palace wall.

The detection spells that were set up inside the royal palace instantly swept Saijo Yoruwa and broke the light masking him.

“Assassin!” When an imperial guard of the Kihara State patrolling atop the city wall saw Saijo Yoruwa, his face changed dramatically, and he shouted loudly.

A loud and clear alarm sounded within the royal palace.

The Ogre Hound smiled ferociously and silently recited an incantation, and then shone with a black light. He suddenly transformed into a 100-meter-tall god with a horn on his head covered in black fur and enveloped in a wicked aura.

The Ogre Hound has transformed into a Unicorn Evil Ogre Hound of the Evil God Plane. Unicorn Evil Ogre Hounds inherently possessed a powerful fleshly body. And after they matured, they possessed Moonlight Warlock rank battle prowess. Although Unicorn Evil Ogre Hounds werent proficient in spells, but they could break countless defensive spells with their canines. Even magic shields of Glorious Dawn Warlocks could be shredded with a single bite from them.

After the Ogre Hound transformed into a Unicorn Evil Ogre Hound, the four Moonlight Warlocks Saijo Yoruwa, Minamida Shinichi, Katsuragi Kojiro, and Moonlight Ogre Slayer jumped onto his back.

The Unicorn Evil Ogre Hounds figure blurred and left behind afterimages as he ran towards the secret chamber where Yang Feng was located.

The Warlock towers within the royal palace flashed brightly, and magic shields suddenly sprang up and blocked in front of Saijo Yoruwa and his party.

The Unicorn Evil Ogre Hound knocked against the magic shields capable of withstanding Moonlight Warlock rank attacks with its horn and broke them one by one.

Not only were the Unicorn Evil Ogre Hounds teeth intractable, but its horn could also destroy countless powerful barriers.

Following a flicker of magic light, fire elemental particles surged, and a 100-meter-long cyan flame arrow fell from the sky and shot towards the Unicorn Evil Ogre Hound.

Evil ogres like Unicorn Evil Ogre Hounds feared lightning, fire, and light the most. The cyan flame was called thunder cyan light flame. When hit by an arrow formed from thunder cyan light flame, even a Moonlight Warlock would receive severe damage, or even be purified into ashes.

Saijo Yoruwa frowned and flipped his hand, and a level-6 secret treasure Fire Flask engraved with numerous mysterious runes appeared in his hand. A great swallowing force erupted from the flask and sucked in the flame arrow in an instant.

“Your Majesty Saijo, why did you break into my royal palace? Although the Kihara State is one of the Nishino States ancillary states, but our royal palace isnt a place that you can break into at will, Your Majesty Saijo.” A cyan light glittered, and Kihara Kai appeared in a rock garden 500 meters away from Saijo Yoruwa and company. Looking at the five people with anger in his eyes, he questioned coldly.

“Kihara Kai, stop wasting time! We came here to kill Yang Feng who is hiding in your palace. If you help us, then your past offence can be forgotten, and the Kihara State can be exempted from giving offerings to the Nishino State for 1,000 years! At the same time, I can agree to three reasonable requests.”

“If you dont want to help either side, thats also okay. Your past offense will still be forgiven, and the Kihara State can be exempted from giving offerings to the Nishino State for 100 years.”

“But if you insist on being our enemy, then I will do everything in my power to kill everyone in the Kihara State and sacrifice them to the evil god! Even if it takes me 1,000 or 10,000 years, I will exterminate all of your offsprings! Ill give you three seconds to make a decision!” Minamida Shinichi coerced.

Kihara Kai smiled bitterly. If he had a choice, he would definitely have chosen not to aid anyone or even stab Yang Feng in the back. However, he was already infested with countless liquid metal nano robots, and so his life was no longer under his control. Even if he wanted to betray Yang Feng, he still couldnt do it.

Kihara Kai shook his head and flattered: “Since you already know, then theres nothing to talk about! Sir Yang Feng is the lord of destiny and the ruler of the Fuso Plane. It is my pleasure to serve him! I will never betray him! Evil god emissary, show yourself!”

A bloody coffin suddenly emerged directly from within the palace, and a burst of strange heartbeats poured out of it.

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