Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 489 – Saijo Yoruwa Surrenders

Chapter 488 – Slaying Moonlight

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A blue magic shield suddenly blocked in front of the Moonlight Ogre Slayer. The Moonlight Ogre Slayer erupted with dozens of moonlight discs and directly shattered the magic shield.

The blue magic shield has just collapsed, when another transparent magic barrier blocked in front of the Moonlight Ogre Slayer, and then another and another, forcing him to frantically unleash spells to attack the continuously emerging magic shields.

Yang Feng took a step forward, appeared behind the Moonlight Ogre Slayer, and sent a tyrannical Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist flying towards the latter.

The Moonlight Ogre Slayers face changed greatly, and the moonlight mark on his forehead suddenly lit up. A copious amount of moonlight gathered and formed a total of 36 moonlight shields.

When the Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist collided with the moonlight shields, it shattered the shields one by one until eventually the strength of the fist was exhausted at the 34th shield.

Virtually at the same time, a vine suddenly ejected from the void and violently slammed into the back of the Moonlight Ogre Slayer.

The mechanical black dragon shot a dragon breath beam that slammed into the moonlight shields and crushed the last three shields, and then blasted open a large hole in the body of the Moonlight Ogre Slayer.

The Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede sprayed a stream of golden sun flames from its mouth that shot towards the Moonlight Ogre Slayer.

There was a gleam of despair in the Moonlight Ogre Slayers eyes, and he issued a shrill scream: “Your Majesty, save me!”

With the powerful barrier activated in the royal palace, the Moonlight Ogre Slayer could only ask Saijo Yoruwa for help.

Saijo Yoruwa frowned, then raised the Fire Flask and pointed it towards the golden sun flames, and the golden sun flames were immediately sucked into the Fire Flask.

The Moonlight Ogre Slayer has just breathed a sigh of relief, when gravity spheres shot out from the royal palace and slammed into him, making his body sink. As if he was carrying a mountain on his back, his movements became very sluggish.

A swarm of starry sky rippers suddenly flew out at Mach 10 speed and slashed at the Moonlight Ogre Slayer.

A fierce look in his eyes, the Moonlight Ogre Slayer waved his hand, and moonlight disks revolved and turned into a moonlight disk hurricane, shredding the starry sky rippers that approached him.

Saijo Yoruwa shot Yang Feng a frigid look. Killing intent flashed past his eyes, and he said coldly: “Yang Feng, let us go, and I can sweep what happened today under the rug!”

Yang Feng sneered: “Sweep what happened today under the rug? I cant agree to that! Im afraid that I have to insist on you dying here today!”

Three arc battlestars hidden in the clouds emerged and locked their three primary artilleries on Saijo Yoruwa and the Moonlight Ogre Slayer.

Saijo Yoruwas face changed dramatically. His body flickered, and he disappeared from his original spot, leaving behind afterimages.

The Moonlight Ogre Slayer turned into a streak of moonlight and frantically tried to avoid being locked on by the battlestars.

The might of arc battlestar primary artilleries was beyond compare. With one strike, it could even inflict serious damage on a Glorious Dawn Warlock. The two experts Saijo Yoruwa and the Moonlight Ogre Slayer didnt dare to let the battlestar primary artilleries lock on them.

The figure of the Void Evil Ogre flickered, and it chased after Saijo Yoruwa and forced him to engage in combat, drawing all of his attention on itself.

Frantically drawing on the power of the semi-plane, Yang Fengs figure blurred, and he oddly appeared before the streak of moonlight that was the Moonlight Ogre Slayer. He blasted a Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist into the latter.

The lower body of the Moonlight Ogre Slayer was directly smashed by the overbearing force.

The Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede belched a stream of golden sun flames shooting towards the remaining upper body of Moonlight Ogre Slayer.

While uttering miserable screams, the Moonlight Ogre Slayer only managed to resist the golden sun flames for a few seconds before he was burned into ashes, and only a moonlight core remained of him.

Seeing this scene, Saijo Yoruwa felt a chill in his heart, and he silently recited an incantation. With a flicker of black light, he transformed into a more than 100 meters tall Multiple-armed Troll with three heads and six arms.

In his six arms, Saijo Yoruwas incarnation of a Multiple-armed Troll respectively held six level-6 secret treasures – Fire Flask, Thunderbolt Sword, Flame Halberd, Windbreaker Blade, Vajra Shield, and Mountain Hammer.

Secret treasures were treasures developed by human Warlocks to deal with powerful existence from other planes. The reason why human Warlock were able to establish the Eight Warlock Dynasties and suppress countless planes was in part due to the power of secret treasures.

In the Cangzhi Plane, Alchemists were the most respected and esteemed beings. Even Pharmacists were a notch below Alchemists in terms of status.

In other planes, level-6 secret treasures and above were called god armaments. Level-6 secret treasures were very precious even in the Cangzhi Plane.

Even though the Kihara States ruler Kihara Kai was a Moonlight Warlock, but he didnt have a suitable level-6 secret treasure.

Saijo Yoruwa had to use the power of the entire Nishino State and expend countless precious treasures, and it still took him 1,000 years to invite Alchemists to forge him six level-6 secret treasures.

The Void Evil Ogre suddenly emerged from the void and extended its claw towards Saijo Yoruwas back.

“Go to hell!” Saijo Yoruwa bellowed, and then slashed with the Thunderbolt Sword enveloped by thunderbolts at the Void Evil Ogre. Countless thunderbolts shone and paralyzed the Void Evil Ogre.

The Mountain Hammer slammed into the Void Evil Ogre with the power to crush mountains, and the Void Evil Ogre shattered into countless pieces.

The Flame Halberd stabbed out and a violent blue flame suddenly burst out and burned the remains of the Void Evil Ogre, making sizzling noises.

If the Void Evil Ogre was a real entity, it would be forced to flee when it was seriously injured by an attack from Saijo Yoruwa.

Blood-colored light shot into the remains of the Void Evil Ogre from all directions, and the remains formed back into the Void Evil Ogre within a breath of time.

With nine Warlock towers as the core power source of an evil god emissary, even a Glorious Dawn Warlock could hardly destroy an evil god emissary.

The mechanical black dragon suddenly ejected a dragon breath beam from its mouth that blasted towards Saijo Yatsuki.

Saijo Yatsuki raised the Vajra Shield and blocked the dragon breath beam.

The Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede sprayed a stream of golden sun flames.

Saijo Yatsuki lifted the Fire Flask, which immediately absorbed the golden sun flames.

Kihara Kai urged his magic power, and numerous thick tendrils swept towards Saijo Yatsuki.

Saijo Yatsuki waved the Flame Halberd, which burst out with violent flames that burned the thick tendrils to ashes. Next, he waved the Windbreaker Blade, and fierce wind blades turned the flames more vigorous, and the flames rolled out towards the royal palace.

There was a dignified look in Yang Fengs eyes: “How strong! Thats a quasi-Glorious Warlock rank being for you! Inside the royal palace, he can still fight against four Moonlight Warlocks by himself. If it wasnt for the Void Evil Ogre keeping him in check, the mechanical black dragon, the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede, and Kihara Kai wouldnt be his opponents!”

With the six level-6 secret treasures in hand, Saijo Yoruwa was like an undefeated demon god as he neutralized the siege of the four Moonlight Warlocks with ease.

“Unfortunately, no matter how strong you are! Today you die!” Yang Feng blurred into motion and retreated by 1,000 meters.

The countless starry sky rippers hidden in the Sukimoto City turned into a cloud steel and madly lunged at Saijo Yoruwas incarnation of a Multiple-armed Troll.

A fire burst into the sky, and thousands of starry sky rippers were shattered along their energy shields.

Countless Windblades glimmered, and thousands of starry sky rippers were chopped into numerous pieces.

Violent thunder snakes raged about. In the wake of the thunder snakes, starry sky rippers dropped on the ground like rain drops.

No matter how Saijo Yoruwa attacked, there was no end to the starry sky rippers.

The sounds of loud explosions sounded virtually in an uninterrupted succession. Practically having no time to take a breather, Saijo Yoruwa expended a lot of effort to kill the starry sky rippers by the hundreds and thousands in every moment. Once he let up a little, the starry sky rippers will take advantage of the moment to open wounds on his body.

While being bombarded by gravity spheres and spatial disruptions, Saijo Yoruwa felt his body become heavy and his physical strength and spirit force quickly deplete.

“Yang Feng, do you dare to fight me fair and square! You just rely on your mechanical legion to deplete my strength, how impressive is that? A majestic disciple of the Battle Demon Sect doesnt even have the courage to fight me?” A dazzling thunderbolt rose into the sky and a violent thunder snake thrashed about. Wherever the thunder snake passed through, thousands of starry sky rippers were blasted into pieces. At the same time, Saijo Yoruwas bellows came from the thunderbolt.

After the thunderbolt disappeared, Saijo Yoruwa covered in injuries emerged and stared at Yang Feng who was by now aboard a battlestar 500 kilometers away.

Quasi-Glorious Dawn Warlocks were extremely powerful experts. Aware that he wasnt the opponent of such an expert, Yang Feng naturally didnt want stay on the battlefield.

Yang Feng responded flatly: “Its useless, Saijo Yoruwa. History is written by the victors. I know that Im not your opponent now. After I promote to a Moonlight Warlock, I have full confidence that Ill be able to kill you. As for now, I can only kill you with my mechanical legion! Please rest in peace!”

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