Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 492 – Conquering the West Sea State

Chapter 491 – Magic Note

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In the Mange Palace, Yang Feng was sitting on the throne, and there was a person sitting beside him. It was Saijo Yatsuki. Saijo Yoruwa and Jiang Lang were sitting aside.

Yang Feng said flatly: “Cangyue Xiongtian, tell me who is supporting you from behind.”

Cangyue Xiongtian didnt want to answer, but an answer still came out of his mouth: “My Lord, this old slave also doesnt know. Its a very strict organization. After this old slave joined the organization, I obtained the secret methods and a lot of treasures from the organization, and finally promoted to a Moonlight Warlock. This old slave only knows that the organization is called Magic Note and it has an Infinity Warlock. It is extremely powerful.

Yang Feng was surprised: “Magic Note? The name of the 7th Warlock Dynasty!”

Of the Cangzhi Planes Eight Warlock Dynasties, the Warlock Emperors from the 1st to the 7th Warlock Dynasties were unparalleled existences who suppressed countless planes.

Among the Eight Warlock Dynasties, apart from the 8th Warlock Emperor the Dawn Lord who was a bit weaker, it wasnt clear who was stronger or weaker among the remaining seven Warlock Emperors. After all, when the seven Warlock Emperors were alive, they were invincible.

Magic Note Dynasty was the name of the 7th Warlock Dynasty. If this organization was connected to the 7th Warlock Dynasty, then the it was certainly dreadful.

The Magic Note Dynasty was famous for its powerful secret treasures and secret methods. During the era of the Magic Note Dynasty, human Warlocks developed countless new secret methods and created countless powerful secret treasures. Among the Eight Warlock Dynasties, the Magic Note Dynasty took the cake when it came to the number of developed secret treasures.

After making repeated inquiries, Yang Feng found out that Cangyue Xiongtians position in the organization wasnt high and what he knew was very little. Cangyue Xiongtian mainly earned massive resources in the Wei Sea City and purchased various rare materials, which he sent to the Magic Note organization.

The reason why Cangyue Xiongtian thought that the Magic Note organization had an Infinity Warlock was because the organization instructed him to collect as many precious materials as possible needed by Infinity Warlocks.

The precious treasures needed by Infinity Warlocks to practice cultivation were priceless. Over a 1,000 years, Cangyue Xiongtian has only collected a dozen or so pieces. The resources he spent on these materials were enough to nurture two or three Moonlight Warlocks. Without an Infinity Warlock, ordinary forces wouldnt squander their resources to collect such materials.

Saijo Yatsuki asked with a smile: “Sir Husband, what do you plan to do next?”

Yang Fengs eyes radiated a cold glint: “Of course Im going to attack the West Sea State and the Anto State and take control of all of the Nishino States original ancillary states. Those who follow me prosper and those who oppose me die.”

The greater the territory Yang Feng controlled, the more resources he will have. God knows how many resources it will take for him to evolve the semi-plane inside him into a world. The resources Yang Feng collects from the Turandot Subcontinent and the Feisuo Plane coupled with the Fuso Subcontinents Nishino State were still far from enough.

There was a look of happiness in Saijo Yatsukis beautiful eyes, and she said loudly: “As expected of my Sir Husband! How heroic!”

Saijo Yatsuki was silent for a while before carrying on: “The West Sea States head of state Soma Shinichiro is very cunning! Itll be very difficult to cheat him out of the West Sea State! And although the head of state of the Anto State Akagi Ja only has a junior Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base, but he never leaves his royal palace. However, we have moles in both states. We can arrange for assassins to go there. Sir Husband, you have a peerless assassin as a subordinate. You can ask him to go assassinate the two rulers! In this way, you can easily get hold of both states.”

Yang Feng smiled, saying: “That assassin is me!”

Saijo Yatsuki was surprised: “It turned out to be you! Then the plan has to be changed. Assassination is too risky. Sir Husband, you cant take such a big risk.”

Yang Feng responded with a faint smile: “It doesnt need to be so troublesome. Lets just sent my mechanical legion there and crush them. If they dont surrender, then theyll die.”

When she thought of the almost endless mechanical legion, Saijo Yatsuki showed a smile. With such a powerful force, crushing them was the way to go.

A few days later, a dark cloud formed from 4 million battle robots nearly covered the entire Anto State.

Inside the dark clouds, there were six arc battlestars covered in countless frightening turrets.

The Xiling Sea Wolf King flew out of a battlestar and said: “Akagi Ja, the ruler of the Nishino State Yang Feng summons you to Saikyo royal palace!”

Akagi Jas voice came from the Anto City: “I thank His Majesty Yang Feng for his kind intention. However, Im sick. Im afraid I cant go to Saikyo. I will increase this years tribute by 50% as an offer of apology for not being able to go to Saikyo.”

The Xiling Sea Wolf Kings face flickered, and he barked: “You dare to disobey His Majestys order, how brazen! Attack!”

The six arc battlestars shone brightly, and six columns of light barreled towards a Warlock tower within the Anto City one after another.

One barrier after another activated and enveloped the Anto City.

The six columns of light crushed into the barriers and easily broke through, and then blasted into the Warlock tower.

Boom! Accompanied by a heaven-shaking explosion, the six-story-tall Warlock tower was blasted apart.

Numerous starry sky rippers, space disruptors, wind manipulators, ice manipulators, and other battle robots poured into the Anto City.

Magic lights flashed, and one 20-meter-long Winged Nefarious Snake after another flew out and engaged with the battle robots.

Winged Nefarious Snakes were a kind of extraordinary life form that possessed Great Warlock rank battle prowess once it matures. Going all out in its efforts to rear Winged Nefarious Snakes, the Anto State nurtured 200,000 individuals. They were this states trump card.

The 200,000 Winged Nefarious Snakes spurted Nefarious Snake Beads from their maws that shot towards the battle robots.

A starry sky ripper hit by a Nefarious Snake Bead was blasted apart along with its energy shield.

A gravity manipulator shot a gravity sphere that blasted into a Winged Nefarious Snake, and a tremendous pressure engulfed it.

Six starry sky rippers descended, waved their battle blades, and instantly chopped the Winged Nefarious Snake into numerous pieces.

As soon as the 200,000-strong Winged Nefarious Snake legion appeared, it was immediately besieged by the fearless starry sky rippers, and suffered heavy casualties. Its numbers decreased continuously.

Akagi Jas grief-stricken and indignant voice came from inside the Anto City: “Yang Feng, youre going too far!”

Magic lights lit up, and a 10-meter-tall, sinister-looking intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank Scarlet Nefarious Ogre with two horns exuding frightening killing aura suddenly emerged from the Anto City.

Scarlet Nefarious Ogres were tall nefarious ogres [1] without very strong innate abilities. However, with its powerful fleshly body and the immortality it gained from of the Anto States Warlock towers, this Scarlet Nefarious Ogre was still a terrifying weapon.

“Scarlet Nefarious Ogre, interesting! Let me have a look at its power!” Showing a smile, Jiang Lang blurred into motion and appeared in front of the Scarlet Nefarious Ogre. With a flick of his wrist, a greatsword suddenly appeared in his hand, and he slashed at the Scarlet Nefarious Ogre.

Magic chains flew out of the greatsword and coiled around the Scarlet Nefarious Ogre.

Sealing spells were the most effective way to deal with extremely strong and immortal opponents like the Scarlet Nefarious Ogre.

In a hall, when Akagi Ja saw the Anto States evil god emissary Scarlet Nefarious Ogre was easily suppressed by Jiang Lang, despair flashed in his eyes.

Suddenly, two people who looked like they were strolling in a garden came in through the main entrance of the hall.

When he saw the two people, Akagi Jas face fell, despair flickered in his eyes, and he cried out: “Yang Feng, Saijo Yoruwa!”

“Yang Feng glanced at Akagi Ja and said domineeringly: “Akagi Ja, I give you a chance. Come at me with all you got! If you win, then Ill leave with my troops immediately! But if you lose, you must submit to me and let me plant a restriction on you!”

“Fine!” Akagi Jas eyes brightened. Without saying any nonsense, he stepped forward, transformed into a 10-meter-tall, fearsome-looking Scarlet Nefarious Ogre exuding a wicked aura, and intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power rolled out from him.

Yang Feng had a dignified look in his eyes. A Black Battle Demon suddenly appeared, turned into a set of black battle armor, and attached itself to him.

“Lets rumble!” Akagi Ja showed a malevolent smile, and his body blurred. He strangely appeared behind Yang Feng and sent his hand stabbing towards the latters flank.

The life force of Warlocks was very tenacious. Even if half of their body was blasted away, Moonlight Warlocks could still survive thanks to weird spells. Therefore, Akagi Ja had no intention to pull his punches.

“Youre too weak!” Yang Feng smiled coldly, turned around, and smashed a Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist into Akagi Jas abdomen, and the latter spat out a big mouthful of blood and slammed into the palace wall.

Saijo Yoruwa took a step forward, strangely appeared in front of Akagi Ja, and touched the latters forehead with his finger, and a weird curse mark formed and blocked the latters power.


[1] – evil ogre was changed to nefarious ogre

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