Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 493 – Destroying the Osoda State

Chapter 492 – Conquering the West Sea State

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When Akagi Jas power was sealed, his body shrank, and he reverted back into his human form. He spoke with a bitter smile: “Sir Yang Feng, youre really strong. Im convinced. Heed my command, everyone stop resisting and surrender on the spot.”

The ministers in the hall heaved a sigh of relief and responded respectfully: “Yes! Sir”

When Akagi Ja was defeated, the Anto State fell into Yang Fengs hands without any billows.

After the Anto State was subdued, Yang Feng left 200,000 battle robots to maintain order in the Anto State, and then proceeded to lead the huge mechanical legion to the West Sea State.

As long as the West Sea State was defeated, then the other smaller ancillary states of the Nishino State would have to surrender as well. There will be no longer any state with the power to compete with the Nishino State.

Wherever the more than 4 million-strong mechanical legion passed, the major cities of the West Sea State surrendered virtually at once. In cities that showed a bit of resistance, the resistance was completely crushed by primary artilleries of the several battlestars.

As if a bulldozer, the huge mechanical legion crushed anything in its way before finally reaching the capital of the West Sea State the West Sea City.

The Xiling Sea Wolf King flew out of a battlestar and uttered loudly: “Ruler of the West Sea State Soma Shinichiro, the ruler of the Nishino State Yang Feng has summoned you to Saikyo!”

An unruly voice came from the West Sea City: “The West Sea State is now a vassal state of the Kitano State. If you want to summon me to Saikyo, then you have to ask the ruler of the Kitano State permission.”

A handsome man with a haughty look on his face in a white robe trod on empty air. Gazing fearlessly at the dense mechanical legion, he said loudly: “I am the emissary of the Kitano State Kuwata Kou! The West Sea States head of state Soma Shinichiro has declared his allegiance with my state. Now the West Sea State is a vassal state of the Kitano State. Yang Feng, get the hell out of the West Sea State at once. Here is part of the Kitano States sphere of influence. Any aggression directed towards the West Sea State will be viewed as an open provocation aimed at the Kitano State!”

Inside the West Sea City, Soma Shinichiro showed a cold smile and looked scornfully at the sky-eclipsing mechanical legion.

The Kitano State was the nr. 1 major state in the Fuso Subcontinent. In this state, there were two quasi-Glorious Dawn Warlocks and 10 Moonlight Warlocks. At the same time, the state had five subsidiary states, each of which had two Moonlight Warlocks. If the West Sea State was also added into the equation, then the Kitano State could mobilize 24 Moonlight Warlocks.

With 24 Moonlight Warlocks working together, they could even fight against a Glorious Dawn Warlock. Soma Shinichiro didnt believe that Yang Feng would go against the grain in such a way.

The atmosphere seemed to congeal as the gazes of Jiang Lang, Saijo Yoruwa, and the other experts on the bridge focused on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “In this case, I declare war on the Kitano State!”

A battlestar primary artillery ray fell down and erased Kuwata Kou in the blink of the eye.

Battlestar primary artillery rays descended from the sky, slammed into a six-story-tall Warlock tower, and wiped it out.

Secondary artilleries of the six battlestars shone brightly, and a hail of light rained towards the West Sea States royal palace.

Under the bombardment of the light beams, hundreds of royal guards were killed in a split second.

600,000 battle robots formed a torrent of steel, stormed into the royal palace, and locked in a fight with the West Sea States Warlocks.

The West Sea City was caught in the flames of war, and the Warlocks of the West Sea State died at any given moment.

Soma Shinichiros eyes turned bloodshot, and he growled madly: “Dammit! Release the Vampire Nefarious Bats!”

A side palace hall of the royal palace suddenly burst open, and Vampire Nefarious Bats the size of humans, with sharp fangs, exuding a dense wicked aura suddenly flew out.

A sea of Vampire Nefarious Bats flew out of the side palace hall and formed a swarm in the sky.

When he saw the swarm of Vampire Nefarious Bats, Saijo Yoruwa frowned, and his gaze turned dignified: “Vampire Nefarious Bats, a lot of Vampire Nefarious Bats. Is this the West Sea States trump card? How remarkable!”

Vampire Nefarious Bats were a kind of strange demonic life form. Adult Vampire Nefarious Bats were just level-3 extraordinary life forms. However, once the number of Vampire Nefarious Bats exceeded 100,000, they could form an array that linked their power together, and then could compete against Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses.

A single Vampire Nefarious Bat feared flames, but 100,000 Vampire Nefarious Bats united into a large array could even withstand fire meteorological spells.

The number of Vampire Nefarious Bats that flew out of the side palace hall has exceeded 300,000, and the aura of the bat swarm they formed rose until it reached intermediate Moonlight Warlock realm.

The Vampire Nefarious Bats have just combined into a swarm, when gunner robots fired at them with their gauss rifles.

Swept by the hail of bullets, the Vampire Nefarious Bats in the sky dropped down like raindrops.

The huge bat cloud rolled out towards the starry sky rippers below and shredded them one after another. However, for every starry sky ripper that was destroyed, a large number of Vampire Nefarious Bats were killed by the gunner robots.

Vampire Nefarious Bats could absorb the blood of the dead to propagate. In a large-scale battle, they could increase their numbers continuously. But the starry sky rippers had no blood. Therefore, although they could destroy the starry sky rippers, but they couldnt increase their numbers.

The six battlestars adjusted their artilleries and fired at the cloud of bats.

A hail of light slammed into the cloud of bats and erased large swaths.

The remaining eight Warlock towers radiated light and emitted bloody gas, and a 100-meter-long evil god emissary Blood Nefarious Dragon covered in scales and similar to an oriental dragon suddenly flew out.

“Ill deal with it!” Saijo Yoruwas figure blurred, and he transformed into a Multiple-armed Troll with three heads, six arms, and a level-6 secret treasure in each hand, and engaged the Blood Nefarious Dragon in battle.

In a hall, four coffins suddenly opened, and four cyan shadows flew out from a mural and entered the four coffins.

The bodies inside the four coffins morphed into four Cyan Nefarious Ogres that exuded junior Moonlight Warlock rank aura. They issued a tyrannical roar, blurred into motion, and shot out of the royal palace.

The corpses placed in the coffins were the bodies of four of the West Sea States past rulers, and they were all Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses. After their bodies have been processed, they could be used as vessels for Cyan Nefarious Ogre power. However, after transforming into Cyan Nefarious Ogres, the bodies will be disintegrated a day later.

When the four Cyan Nefarious Ogres charged into the midst of the battle robots, they started a massacre.

“Go!” Yang Feng waved his hand, and the four Moonlight Warlocks Lei Jiangjiao, Kihara Kai, the Xiling Sea Wolf King, and the mechanical black dragon flew out and locked the four Cyan Nefarious Ogres in combat.

The Xiling Sea Wolf King was a naval warfare expert, Kihara Kai had to have access to a large number of extraordinary plants to be able to unleash his full strength, and Lei Jiangjiao and the mechanical black dragon also werent a match for the Cyan Nefarious Ogres.

However, with the help of numerous battle robots, the four Cyan Nefarious Ogres were completely suppressed by the four Moonlight Warlock rank experts.

A Cyan Nefarious Ogre has just sent the mechanical black dragon flying with a punch, when gravity spheres slammed into it, and made it tremble.

10 starry sky rippers flew out, slashed at the Cyan Nefarious Ogre with their blades, and sliced a dozen or so wounds on its body open. The Cyan Nefarious Ogre waved its claws and 10 claw rays sliced the 10 starry sky rippers apart.

Gauss rifle bullets hit the head of the Cyan Nefarious Ogre at once and smashed its eyes.

Taking advantage of the moment when the Cyan Nefarious Ogre lost its eyes, the mechanical black dragon shot a beam of light from its dragon breath gun that crushed into the chest of the Cyan Nefarious Ogre and blasted a large hole open. Next, countless starry sky rippers lunged at the Cyan Nefarious Ogre and chopped it into countless pieces.

When the first Cyan Nefarious Ogre was killed, it set off a snowball effect. The other three Cyan Nefarious Ogre struggled for a little before being killed by the four Moonlight Warlocks.

When Soma Shinichiro saw his trump cards being destroyed, a look of despair overtook his face, and he hid inside the royal palace and muttered: “How can this be? How can this be?”

In the face of the huge mechanical legion, Soma Shinichiro lost his fighting spirit.

Jiang Lang strode into the hall, glanced at Soma Shinichiro, and revealed a smile: “So you are Soma Shinichiro. Let me borrow your head!”

A dazzling sword ray shone and turned into a bright moon that slashed towards Soma Shinichiro, easy sliced him in two, and extinguished all his life force.

Jiang Lang looked at Soma Shinichiros dead body and frowned, and his eyes flashed with disappointment: “Is this a Moonlight Warlock? What a waste! Killing a trash who achieved their cultivation base by piling up resources really isnt fun!”

As soon as Soma Shinichiro died, the West Sea States resistance fell apart, and the state easily fell under Yang Fengs control.

When he saw that Yang Feng conquered the West Sea State, Kimen Kumasaburo swept a greater chunk of the wealth of the Satsuma Port and fled from the port that night.

The West Sea State, the Anto State, the Black Snake State, and the Kihara State were left to Saijo Yatsuki to reorganize. Yang Feng directly mobilized the huge mechanical legion and proceeded to attack the Kitano States ancillary state the Osoda State.

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