Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 494 – Meeting of Heads of State

Chapter 493 – Destroying the Osoda State

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The Osoda State was one of the Kitano States five vassal states. It shared a border with the West Sea State. Alarmed by the war taking place in the Nishino State, the Osoda State sent numerous Warlocks to the area that bordered the West Sea State to monitor the border.

The head of state of the Osoda State Osoda Takeshis eyes widened and his face paled, and he questioned the royal guard kneeling in front of him loudly: “What? Yang Fengs mechanical legion has entered the Osoda State?”

The adviser Tachiki Kenji stared at the kneeling royal guard with an unsightly expression on his face.

Face pale, a bitter expression on his face, the guard responded: “Yes! Your Majesty! After Yang Fengs mechanical legion suppressed the West Sea State, it directly entered the Osoda State! The Rige City has already fallen, and its city master is dead!”

Feeling like the sky was spinning, Osoda Takeshi quickly asked: “What about the ruler of the West Sea State Soma Shinichiro?”

The guard replied: “Soma Shinichiro was killed by Yang Fengs subordinate Jiang Feng!”

The faces of Osoda Takeshi and Tachiki Kenji turned even more unsightly. Moonlight Warlocks were extremely difficult to kill, yet the Moonlight Warlock Soma Shinichiro was killed in his royal palace. This also meant that they may be killed by Yang Feng.

Osoda Takeshi calmed his mind with difficulty and asked: “Why is Yang Feng attacking us? Isnt he afraid of a war with the Kitano State?”

The royal guard uttered: “Soma Shinichiro has sought shelter with the Kitano State. The emissary of the Kitano State Kuwata Kou offended Yang Feng. Furious, Yang Feng destroyed the West Sea State and officially declared war on the Kitano State. Now the Osoda State is his target!”

Osoda Takeshi suddenly scolded: “That trash Kuwata Kou! To provoke that fiend Yang Feng, what a son of a bitch! That bastard is our downfall!”

In the Fuso Subcontinent, the strong were respected. Yang Feng controlled the Nishino State and had a huge mechanical legion. Deeply afraid of Yang Feng, Osoda Takeshi didnt dare to scold Yang Feng, so he could only scold Kuwata Kou to vent his anger.

Osoda Takeshi asked: “The West Sea State isnt a small state. After taking it down, the casualties of Yang Fengs mechanical legion must not be small. How big were the casualties of the mechanical legion?”

The royal guard uttered: “Reportedly, Yang Fengs mechanical legion has suffered 300,000 casualties in order to capture the West Sea State. At present, there are still 5.6 million golems in his mechanical legion.”

Stunned, Osoda Takeshi almost jumped up in shock: “How is that possible? Yang Fengs mechanical legion clearly only had 4.6 million golems. After losing 300,000 golems, how could there be 5.6 million?”

Tachiki Kenji smiled bitterly and said: “Your Majesty, this only shows that the number of golems in Yang Fengs mechanical legion was more than 6 million to begin with!”

Osoda Takeshi felt cold in his heart: “6 million golems!”

The Osoda States regular army was only 50,000 strong, and only 20,000 soldiers were stationed in the royal capital. All soldiers were at least level-3 Warlocks. It wasnt in the same league as the 6-million-strong mechanical legion.

Although the population of the Osoda State exceeded 100 million people, and you could recruit millions of ordinary people to form an army, but that would be meaningless. A large scale meteorological spell could wipe an army composed of millions of ordinary people out.

Only a large army formed from level-3 Warlocks could display some power in the fight against Moonlight Warlocks.

With 50,000 Warlocks facing against 6 million Great Warlock rank battle robots, no matter how Osoda Takeshi thought about it, his chances were less than bleak.

Boom! The royal palace trembled as if a violent earthquake had taken place.

“What happened?” Alarmed, Osoda Takeshi silently recited an incantation and pointed with his finger, and a stream of light entered an evil god statue.

The evil god statue slowly opened its eyes, and scarlet light formed a mirror in the void.

The entire Osoda City could be seen in the mirror.

He saw that three of the nine six-story-tall Warlock towers were blasted into pieces. In the sky, there were countless battle robots surrounding the Osoda City.

Treading on air, the Xiling Sea Wolf King arrived before the Osoda City and spoke loudly: “Osoda Takeshi, the Nishino States head of state Yang Feng summons you to Saikyo!”

As if struck by lightning, Osoda Takeshi trembled and looked at Tachiki Kenji.

His face gloomy, Tachiki Kenji was silent for a while before saying: “Your Majesty, lets run away. While theres life theres hope.”

Osoda Takeshis eyes flickered with an enigmatic light, and he said gravely: “Thats the only thing we can do now!”

Magic light flashed, and the Osoda States Warlocks fled in all directions.

The battlestars in the sky opened fire, and countless light beams swept towards the fleeing Warlocks.

Countless Warlocks were blown apart.

A dense crowd of starry sky rippers suddenly flew out, caught up to the fleeing Warlocks with their Mach 10 speed, and fought wildly.

A blood-colored mist rose from the Osoda City, and 10-meter-tall extraordinary life form Scarlet Ogres jumped out from different corners and fought Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Scarlet Ogres were the descendants of Scarlet Nefarious Ogres and other extraordinary life forms. Adult Scarlet Ogres possessed Great Warlock rank strength. They were war-like creatures. The Osoda State Kingdom has bred 100,000 of these weapons.

The various artilleries of the six battlestars adjusted their aim and locked on the Scarlet Ogres, and countless beams of light rained down on the Scarlet Ogres

Swept by the dense rain of light, Scarlet Ogres were blasted full of holes one after another, suffering heavy casualties.

Without any restrictions placed on them, the six battlestars exerted far more destructive power than even a quasi-Glorious Dawn Warlock rank powerhouse.

The Scarlet Ogres possessed very tenacious life force. Even if they were chopped in half, they still wouldnt die. But before the curtain of light, they were still easily squashed like bugs.

One red and one black, two streams of light suddenly flew out from the Scarlet Ogre swarm. Exuding Moonlight Warlock rank might, enchanted by defensive spells, the two streams of light fled towards the east and the west respectively.

With the countless beams of light raining down on them, Osoda Takeshi and Tachiki Kenji would have been punched full of holes if not for the level-6 defensive spells. If they wanted to escape the Osoda State along with the Scarlet Ogres, they had no choice but to exhibit their Moonlight Warlock rank strength.

“Head of State Osoda! Stay!” With a faint sigh, Saijo Yoruwa descended from the sky, blocked in front of Osoda Takeshi, and gazed at the latter calmly.

When Osoda Takeshi saw Saijo Yoruwa, there was a gleam of bitterness in his eyes, and he stopped and said with a wry smile: “Head of State Saijo Yoruwa, youre here in person!”

Countless battle robots flew over from all directions and surrounded Osoda Takeshi in an instant.

Saijo Yoruwa shook his head and uttered: “I am no longer the ruler of the Nishino State! That position belongs to Yang Feng now.”

Osoda Takeshi asked with a look of expectation on his face: “Sir Saijo Yoruwa, cant you let me go? Ill give you all the treasures I have on me!”

Saijo Yoruwa replied indifferently: “According to His Majestys command, if you arent willing to heed the summon, then I am to bring back your moonlight core.”

Osoda Takeshis thoughts revolved, and he promptly uttered: “Im willing to heed the summon! Please take me to meet Sir Yang Feng!”

To live is better than to die. Each Moonlight Warlock has spent hundreds or even thousands of years to reach their realm of cultivation. They still had a great deal of time to enjoy, so they naturally werent willing to die just like this.

On the other side, the four Moonlight Warlock rank experts Jiang Lang, the Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede, the mechanical black dragon, and the mechanical ancient devil surrounded Tachiki Kenji.

Jiang Lang said with a smile: “Tachiki Kenji, do you want to die, or do you surrender?”

Tachiki Kenji glanced at the lineup of powerhouses surrounding him, and then responded decisively: “I surrender!”

Jiang Lang was a fierce existence among Moonlight Warlocks who has cut down two Moonlight Warlocks of the Fuso Subcontinent. Tachiki Kenji didnt want to be the third one.

Jiang Lang sighed profoundly, then took a deep look at Tachiki Kenji and said in dissatisfaction: “A pity!”

Tachiki Kenji trembled slightly, and then became increasingly happy with his decisiveness.

After Osoda Takeshi and Tachiki Kenji surrendered, the entire Osoda State fell into Yang Fengs hands.

Yang Feng continued towards another vassal state of the Kitano State the Kamesha State.

When the ruler of the Kamesha State Kamesha Akira sighted Yang Fengs army, he surrendered at once. Yang Fengs mechanical legion was unstoppable.

The Kitano State, the Red Wood City, the royal palace, within the reception hall, there were 12 people seated. These 12 people were the Kitano States 12 Moonlight Warlocks. The two people sitting in the seats of honor were the two quasi-Glorious Dawn Warlocks of the Kitano State the ruler Hokko Yusei and the adviser Honoki Nosomu.

A tense atmosphere pervaded the hall.

A thin and short man spoke solemnly: “The Osoda State, the Kamesha State, and the Darkwood State. Of our vassal states, only the Rige State and the Joto State are left! Your Majesty, we have to make a decision now. I propose that we immediately use the power of the Kitano State to fight Yang Feng!”

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