Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 499 – Fuso Divine Tree

Chapter 498 – Ruler Rubiks Cube

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To produce a superior grade soul stone, a Bright World Warlock along with 100,000 Great Warlocks had to be blood sacrificed.

If given to a top alchemist, the superior grade soul stone coupled with countless precious materials could even be crafted into a weapon with Bright World Warlock rank combat strength, and it could even evolve into an Infinity Warlock rank secret treasure.

If the superior grade soul stone was given to the Feisuo Planes Radiant Primary God Prados, he could easily make a blazing angel with almost infinite evolutionary potential.

As for monarch grade soul stones, a Warlock Monarch coupled with 1,000 Moonlight Warlocks had to be blood sacrificed to create one.

A holy grade soul stone required a Holy Spirit Warlock and 1,000 Glorious Dawn Warlocks to be blood sacrificed.

A divine grade soul stone required a Warlock Emperor rank existence and 1,000 Bright World Warlocks to be sacrificed.

Holy grade and divine grade soul stones only ever emerged during the 2nd Warlock Dynasty the Taboo Dynasty and the 3rd Warlock Dynasty the Demonic Divine Dynasty.

After the collapse of the 3rd Warlock Dynasty, only monarch grade soul stones appeared sporadically. In modern times, monarch grade soul stones were virtually extinct. Superior grade soul stones were already the top soul stones that Warlocks could get.

A superior grade soul stone could even tempt a lot of Infinity Warlocks.

Of course, only top Alchemists, or Bright World or Infinity Warlocks could use superior grade soul stones freely. This superior grade soul stone was a treasure that Yang Feng obtained from the Kamesha State. He didnt expect that the trifling Kamesha State would hide a treasure that even Infinity Warlocks would be interested in.

Holding the superior grade soul stone, Yang Feng revealed a look of excitement in his eyes: “With this superior grade soul stone, my exclusive Ruler series symbiont can now be manufactured.”

After combining xizu technology and Cangzhi Plane alchemy, Yang Feng developed the concept of symbiont.

A symbiont was ordinarily in the form of a rubiks cube. But once used, it will unfold. With the moonlight core inlaid in the symbiont as well as the symbionts life force as the power source, it will display a frightening combat power.

The Fantasy Star series Shayenna used was Yang Fengs prototype symbiont. After witnessing the Fantasy Star seriess power, Yang Feng was determined to develop the Ruler series symbiont.

“The Ruler series symbiont must be able to evolve continuously! The design must take into account the ability to absorb soul stones in the future.”

“Currently, I have only one glorious dawn core and 13 moonlight cores. But in the future, I will get more powerful power sources. The design must also be incorporate the function to absorb other power sources.”

“And the auxiliary optical computer, which now is only at level-2, must also be able to be replaced at any time.”

“As for the abilities of the Ruler series, the aspects of speed, defense, and devouring energy should be boosted to the extreme. If necessary, the offensive power can be sacrificed. In terms of offensive power, it can be made up for with other secret treasures.”


Yang Feng delved into the design of the Ruler series. With the assistance of a level-2 optical computer, he frantically corroborated and combined xizu technology with Warlock knowledge he learned in the Cangzhi Plane, and tested the ideas that came to mind.

After acquiring the apple of wisdom, Yang Fengs intelligence has reached new heights, not loosing out to any genius in the world. After advancing to a Starry Sky Warlock, his soul has transformed again and reached the Moonlight Warlock rank degree. Coupled with the assistance from a level-2 optical computer, he was already qualified to search for his own way.

A month later, the Nishino States royal palace, in a large practice ground.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and a black rubiks cube appeared in his hand. He squeezed it, and the black rubiks cube immediately radiated golden light and turned it into a black armor that covered him.

That black armor was equipped with a pair of horns, sharp blades hidden at the joints, countless engravings of mysterious runes, and a glorious dawn core and nine moonlight cores hidden in the chest that served as the core power source of the Ruler armor.

As soon as he put on the Ruler armor, Yang Feng felt the endless power pouring out from the armor. He felt like he could tear a Moonlight Warlock to shreds with every movement of his body.

Yang Fengs figure blurred, and nine afterimages appeared in the practice ground.

After a while, the nine afterimages collapsed, but there was no trace of Yang Feng in the practice ground.

The space twisted and rippled, and Yang Feng covered in the Ruler armor emerged from the ripples.

Yang Feng took a closer look at the combat records and revealed a satisfied smile: “As expected of the Ruler armor I designed! It can be perfectly integrated with the various secret methods I cultivate! As long as the Ruler armor continues to evolve, it will surely evolve into an Empyrean secret treasure one day.”

To craft this Ruler armor, Yang Feng has spent countless precious materials. He has used the sole glorious dawn core he got from the Nishino State and the superior grade soul stone on it. The Ruler armor was a living mechanical being that could evolve continuously.

Before equipping the Ruler armor, Yang Feng could only defeat intermediate Moonlight Warlocks at most. But after equipping the armor, he was confident that he could compete with and even defeat some weaker Glorious Dawn Warlocks.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped out of the practice ground, Jiang Lang stopped him. Jiang Land stared straight at him and said: “Yang Feng, I need 3 spots to enter the Brilliant Ancient capital!”

Yang Feng agreed without a second of thought: “Okay!”

Although the spots to enter the Brilliant Ancient Capital could tempt Bright World and infinity Warlocks, but Yang Feng already had 10 spots in his hands. For him, those spots that rogue Warlocks had to desperately fight over were nothing much.

Jiang Lang has helped Yang Feng at the most critical time. Without his help, Yang Feng wouldnt have gained control of the Nishino State so smoothly.

Jiang Lang revealed a forthright smile: “A true friend! I didnt help you take care of so many Moonlight Warlocks for nothing!”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Are you planning to give these three spots to the Bright Moon School?”

Jiang Lang showed a wicked smile: “He-he, you dont understand. With these three spots, I can pick up at least three junior disciple sisters of the Bright Moon School.”

Yang Feng smiled: “No wonder the Bright Moon Schools junior disciple sisters who marry with the Battle Demon Sects people are less and less. They are being swallowed by guys like you. Sure enough, the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first!”

Jiang Lang laughed evilly: “Ha-ha! Of course! In fact, I am also the master of a grade 9 plane, where I have a 3,000-strong harem. Unfortunately, compared to female Warlocks, ordinary women are far too lacking. Yang Feng, why dont you join the Bright Moon School? If you join our school, the both of us will definitely be able to turn the Bright Moon School into our personal harem!”

Yang Feng chuckled: “If we did that, the Bright Moon Schools Great Elders will slap us both to death!”

The Bright Moon School was a Warlock group dominated by women, where most of the Great Elders were female. If they knew that Jiang Lang wanted to open a harem in the Bright Moon School, they would definitely show Jiang Lang the terror of Bright World Warlocks.

Jiang Lang spread his arms as if embracing the world and spoke full of confidence: “Simple, the Great Elders can also be picked up. Wouldnt things be fine then! They are also women, beautiful women, and they also miss men. If I conquer them, everything else will be a given.”

Yang Feng was startled, then clapped his hands and laughed: “Maverick!”

After they exchanged various experiences, Yang Feng and Jiang Lang went their ways, satisfied. Jiang Lang was a Moonlight Warlock from the Bright Moon School, the eldest senior disciple brother of his generation to boot. He had a wealth of experience when it came to the practice of cultivation. With just a few pointers from him, Yang Feng benefited greatly.

The Holy Glory States capital the Holy Glory City was a rare cultivation holy land located in the center of the Fuso Subcontinent. Even though the Holy Glory State has declined, but the capital was still bustling.

“Thats the Fuso Divine Tree, a true treasure!” Standing on the deck of a flying vessel, Yang Feng gazed into the distance. He saw a divine tree thousands of meters tall piercing into the clouds. The divine trees countless leaves looked like different planes, and they extracted various energies to nourish the divine tree nonstop.

Wisps of life magic energy dissipated from the divine tree and entered the Holy Glory City, which were absorbed by the nine nine-story-tall Warlock towers in the city.

Jiang Lang took a deep look at the Fuso Divine Tree and chuckled: “The Fuso Divine Tree is a treasure in its integrity, but it is also a peerless powerhouse of unfathomable strength. There was once a Infinity Warlock who wanted to cut it down and make it into a treasure, but the Infinity Warlock was suppressed instead. Reportedly, the Infinity Warlock has become its nutrients.”

Jiang Lang carried on: “This Fuso Divine Tree lives in harmony with the world! It has existed throughout the Eight Warlock Dynasties. The top figures of the Eight Warlock Dynasties have all benefited from it when they were weak. Yang Feng, have a try, maybe youll get some benefits from it as well.”

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