Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 49 – Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir

rmitories. Of course, the accommodation wasnt cheap. Just in accommodations, the college would collect 500 gold coins every year.

Of course the ordinary students could choose big dorm rooms where dozens of people were crammed in a room, which only cost 10 gold coins per year.

Yang Feng had the Steel Citys wealth. Naturally, he and Shi Xue rented a large private dormitory with a bathroom, a washroom, and a kitchen.

Shortly after Yang Feng returned to the dormitory, the door was knocked, and a voice came from outside: “Hello, are You Yang Feng? Im here to deliver you the goods from the Warlock College Antalya.”

Yang Feng opened the door, and then saw a youngster dressed in ordinary student clothes standing outside with a box clasped between his hands.

“These are 10 vials of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir and this is a black crystal card. You can use this crystal card in the Warlock College Antalyas major banks to withdraw the corresponding number of magic stones. However, I would like to remind you, if you ever need to withdraw a large amount that exceeds 50,000 magic stones, then please make an appointment in advance. Otherwise, small-time bank branches might not have enough magic stones for you to make a withdrawal at a moments notice. The best would be to make an appointment five days in advance.” As the youngster spoke, he opened the box, revealing 10 extremely beautiful vials of elixir radiating resplendent blue light as well as a black crystal card.

When the youngster saw the 10 vials of elixir as well as the crystal card, his eyes flashed with a trace of greed before quickly regaining their tranquility. Inside the Warlock College Antalya, if he showed any suspicious behavior, then he would be beyond salvation. He would be reduced to a human test subject, which would spell out utter misery.

Yang Feng received the 10 vials of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir, and then opened one of them.

Traces of blue radiance wafted out from within the vial and condensed into the projection of a mesmerizing and beautiful girl. As the projection looked pitiably at Yang Feng and the youngster, its cherry lips opened and closed continuously as if she was saying something.

Yang Feng looked at the blue projection of a girl, and his eyes flashed with praise: “So this is Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir! The means of Warlocks are truly profound!”

After he inspected the 10 vials of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir as well as the crystal card, Yang Feng accepted them and gave the courier a two gold coin gratuity.

“This is for your trouble!” Yang Feng went back to their quarters, and then handed Shi Xue three vials of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir.

Shi Xue swept the three vials with a glance, and then smiled happily and returned them to Yang Feng: “I dont need them, Big Brother! My soul aptitude is superior level-8. In order to promote my soul aptitude, it would require treasures of much higher grade. Big Brother, you need them more than I do.”

Yang Feng smiled and handed her the three vials of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir once again: “Its okay, you can use Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir until you develop a resistance to it. Anyway, theres not going to be a shortage of this elixir!”

“3796, analyze the Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir!” Yang Feng threw a vial of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir to a human-shaped robot standing aside and ordered.

Mechanical tentacles extended from the human-shaped robot and entered the vial.

3796 quickly sent back a string of messages.

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