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Chapter 500 – Brilliant Ancient Capital

Chapter 499 – Fuso Divine Tree

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The Fuso Divine Tree was a powerful divine tree that has survived from the ancient god age. It was a treasure in its entirety as well as a first-rate material for crafting Empyrean grade secret treasures. The powerful divine trees of the same age as the Fuso Subcontinent were basically all cut down by the Warlock Emperors or other existences of the same rank and made into powerful treasures. For the Fuso Divine Tree to be able to survive for so long, there naturally must be some reason behind it.

As soon as Yang Feng came down from the flying vessel, Nakajo Tsuki Sakura brought more than 20 enchanting female officials to welcome him and said with a lively smile: “Your Majesty Yang Feng, the great Fuso Divine Tree would like to see you.”!!! When Jiang Lang saw Nakajo Tsuki Sakura, a gleam of excitement suddenly appeared in his eyes, and he chuckled: “What a beautiful lady! Beautiful lady, I am Jiang Lang. Wont you have a drink with me?”

A soft voice came from the side, and a girl in yellow clothes stared at Jiang Lang with those pitiful big eyes of hers: “Senior Disciple Brother Jiang, arent you going to accompany us for a stroll in the Holy Glorious City?”

A tall, beautiful woman spoke full of jealousy: “This Fuso Subcontinents barbarian has bewitched your Senior Disciple Brother Jiang, so how can he be in the mood to care about us?”

Jiang Lang laughed it off. Holding the small hand of the girl in yellow clothes, the strode away: “Ha-ha, I was just joking around. Shes a woman your Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng fancies. I wouldnt mess with her. Lets go, lets go for a walk!”

The other two beautiful girls from the Bright Moon School smiled helplessly and followed Jiang Lang into the Holy Glorious City.

The Holy Glorious City was the most prosperous city in the Fuso Subcontinent and was even more prosperous than many cities in the Great Cloud Dynasty. It was full of exotic charm.

The three girls of the Bright Moon School came to the Fuso Subcontinent for the first time, so they were naturally curious about the Holy Glorious City.

When Jiang Lang and his party left, Yang Feng said indifferently: “Does it want me to enter the Holy Glorious Royal Palace? If so, then Ill have to pass.”

In its heyday, the Holy Glorious State has once birthed a Bright World Warlock. There were now countless restrictions in the Holy Glorious Royal Palace. In the royal palace, they could even suppress a Glorious Dawn Warlock with just two Moonlight Warlocks.

Nakajo Tsuki Sakuras beautiful eyes sparkled with anticipation, and she uttered: “My Holy Glorious States reputation is excellent, and the secret methods we cultivate arent those granted by the evil gods. Your Majesty Yang Feng, wont you reconsider?”

Yang Feng chuckled: “After I have become an Infinity Warlock, Ill visit your royal palace!”

Once he promoted to an Infinity Warlock, the restrictions set up in the Holy Glorious Royal Palace wont be able to handle Yang Feng in the least. By then, no matter the ploy, he could crush it with absolute strength.

A bland yet strong voice sounded directly in Yang Fengs sea of knowledge: “Little friend Yang Feng, I asked Nakajo Tsuki Sakura to invite you. Come see me!”

Yang Feng was startled:” Fuso Divine Tree!”

The voice spoke: “It is I!”

Yang Feng asked abruptly: “If I refuse, what are you going to do?”

The Fuso Divine Tree answered gently: “I wont do anything. I just want to talk to you. If you dont want to, then forget it.”

Yang Fengs thoughts revolved, and he said: “Since this is an invitation from Sir divine tree, then I wont decline it.”

The Fuso Divine Tree was a terrifying existence capable of suppressing Infinity Warlocks. For such an existence, killing Yang Feng didnt involve any effort. Since the Fuso Divine Tree has showed its goodwill, Yang Feng wouldnt refuse to meet it.

With Nakajo Tsuki Sakura leading the way, Yang Feng entered the Holy Glorious States royal palace.

Yang Feng could clearly feel that there were countless powerful restrictions hidden in the royal palace. Once operated, these restrictions could easily suppress a Glorious Dawn Warlock.

After crossing a series of winding corridors, a square thousands of hectares in area appeared in front of Yang Feng. Within the vast square, there was only the Fuso Divine Tree. The ground around it was gray in color, where not even a blade of grass grew.

The Fuso Divine Tree clearly absorbed all the life magic energy crucial for the survival of plants in the square, which resulted in this barren place.

A jade table was placed in front of the the Fuso Divine Tree. Sitting at the table, an elegant and bewitching woman in white was looking at Yang Feng with a smile on her face.

When Yang Feng arrived in front of the elegant and bewitching woman, he uttered: “I am Yang Feng, could you please tell me where Senior Fuso Divine Tree is?”

The bewitching woman in white replied with a bright smile: “I am the Fuso Divine Tree!”

Yang Feng was startled: “You are Senior Fuso Divine Tree?”

“To be precise, I am just a split soul of the Fuso Divine Tree.”

The bewitching woman in white carefully looked at Yang Feng with admiration in her beautiful eyes and said: “In less than a century, you have reached the Starry Sky Warlock realm and implanted a semi-plane seed into your sea of knowledge, how amazing. When the Time Lord and the other seven were at your age, not many of them have exceeded your accomplishments.”

Stormy billows were set off deep in Yang Fengs heart.

Even Huang Yihe who was comparable to an Infinity Warlock in terms fighting strength couldnt tell that Yang Feng has implanted a semi-plane seed, yet the woman in white in front of him could see through Yang Feng at a glance. Her eyesight could be rated as terrifying.

With a smile on her face, the Fuso Divine Tree gave Yang Feng a cup of green tea: “You dont have to be surprised. Those who have lived for a long time, they will naturally have more insights than others. This is a tea I brewed, please!”

Yang Feng took the cup of tea and smelled it. A wonderful aroma gushed out of the tea, poured into his body, and roused his spirit.

Yang Feng drank up the tea in one go, and a refreshing flow suddenly ran through his body and poured into his soul, cleansing his body and soul.

Black impurities releasing a foul smell poured out from Yang Fengs body and made him filthy.

Yang Feng opened his eyes and pointed with his finger, and fresh water emerged out of thin air and washed him clean before a black glob of water was tossed aside.

There was a flicker of cyan magic light, and Yang Feng changed into another set of clothing in an instant.

“Good tea. What kind of tea is this?” Yang Fengs thoughts turned, and he was surprised to find that his soul aptitude has promoted to inferior level-7 due to the tea. He couldnt help asking.

The higher the soul aptitude was, the more difficult it was to improve it. Yang Fengs soul aptitude hasnt been upgraded for a long time. He got a lot of herbs in the Fuso Subcontinent that could improve the soul aptitude of Warlocks, but none of them worked for him. For this cup of tea to be able to raise his soul aptitude to inferior level-7, it was extremely precious.

The Fuso Divine Tree smiled mildly and said: “This tea is made from the leaves of the Mist Hollow Divine Tree.”

Yang Fengs heart shook: “Tea made from the leaves of the Mist Hollow Divine Tree, such a treasure!”

The Mist Hollow Divine Tree was from the same era as the Fuso Divine Tree. As its leaves could enhance the soul aptitude of Warlocks, it was extremely precious. In the past, it used a secret method to shed its divine tree body and transform into a human, and then stood in opposition to the 3rd Warlock Emperor the Demonic Divine Lord. Before the Demonic Divine Lord became a Warlock Emperor, he was once defeated by it.

However, the Mist Hollow Divine Tree was eventually killed by the Third Warlock Emperor the Demonic Divine Lord, and its divine tree body was also cut down and made into a secret treasure.

Since then, the tea made from the leaves of the Mist Hollow Divine Tree has virtually disappeared from the world. Now only the old antique that was the Fuso Divine Tree that has lived for who knows how long had some in stock.

The Fuso Divine Tree smiled and uttered: “If you like it, then I can give you 50 grams of it. Tea made from 50 grams of the leaves of the Mist Hollow Divine Tree should improve your soul aptitude to superior level-7.”

Yang Fengs face lit up with joy: “Thank you! Please tell me what do I need to do for you?”

The Fuso Divine Tree replied with a gentle smile: “Nothing. But in the future, if you have the ability to craft an Empyrean grade treasure, dont come for my body. If you can and have the ability in the future, help me resist enemies once.”

Yang Feng muttered under his breath for a while before saying: “No problem! However, only when Im capable will I help you.”

The Fuso Divine Tree smiled and waved her hand, and a golden leather scroll flew into Yang Fengs hands: “That would be enough. Here is a little gift for you, I hope you like it.”

As soon as Yang Feng received the golden leather scroll, he was shocked in his heart, and a burning fire rose in his eyes: “This is the secret method Demonic Divine Text created by the Demonic Divine Lord!”

The Fuso Divine Tree chuckled: “Yes, the Demonic Divine Lord and I were good friends. He kept a copy of the secret method he created with me. In my opinion, the secret method you practice is no worse than the Demonic Divine Text. You can use the Demonic Divine Text for reference.”

The golden leather scroll in hand, Yang Fengs eyes flashed with excitement, and he spoke gratefully: “Thank you!”

The Demonic Divine Text was a peerless secret method created by the Demonic Divine Lord. It was one of the eight strongest secret methods in the Cangzhi Plane.

After the collapse of the 3rd Warlock Dynasty, the Demonic Divine Text was broken apart and taken away by people in the ensuing struggle, and the full version has been lost since. In the Battle Demon Sect, there was only one half of a volume recorded.

This Demonic Divine Text secret method could become one of the foundations of a formidable Warlock group. After all, it was a top-rate secret method practicing cultivation according to which may enable you to promote to a Warlock Monarch or even a Holy Spirit Warlock.

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