Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 501 – Scarlet Immortal Black Mist Lotus

Chapter 500 – Brilliant Ancient Capital

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The Demonic Divine Text was very important for Yang Feng. If he wasnt practicing the secret method Primal Chaos Imperishable Body created by the Taboo Lord in his later years, he would definitely change to the Demonic Divine Text and practice it as his primary secret method because unlike like the Demonic Divine Text, the Taboo Text in his hands was incomplete.

The Fuso Divine Tree warned: “You can use the Demonic Divine Text as you see fit. However, its best not to let others know that you have obtained the complete Demonic Divine Text, or youll be in big trouble.”

The Demonic Divine Text was a complete Empyrean grade secret method. In the Cangzhi Plane, powerful entities like the Ten Great Sects had copies of many Empyrean grade secret methods, but most of them were incomplete.

A complete Empyrean grade secret method could even temp Infinity Warlocks. Infinity Warlocks naturally wouldnt easily change their primary secret methods, but they could still use the knowledge recorded in the complete Demonic Divine Text as reference. And if they can successfully cultivate some powerful offensive secret methods recorded in the Demonic Divine Text, their fighting strength will increase substantially.

Yang Feng responded: “Okay!”

The Fuso Divine Tree chatted with Yang Feng for a while and gave him a few pointers.

The Fuso Divine Tree was an old monster who has lived for who know how many tens of thousands of years, so it was profoundly knowledgeable. If it was willing to shed its body and transform into a human Warlock and practice cultivation a little, it could definitely become one of the strongest experts in the Cangzhi Plane. With its pointers, the problems Yang Feng has encountered in his practice of cultivation were virtually all solved.

Three days later, on a spacious square 30 kilometers west of the Holy Glorious States royal palace stood 100 Warlock geniuses from different states, and almost all of them possessed Starry Sky Warlock rank battle prowess.

There were five chairs placed on a dais in the square, on which only the heads of states of the Fuso Subcontinents five major states could sit.

Sitting on a chair, Yang Feng overlooked the geniuses outside the dais and felt emotional. If he hadnt become the ruler of the Nishino State, he would have to fight with other geniuses for a spot to enter the Brilliant Ancient Capital, and then stand there just like the others.

“Is that man Yang Feng, the head of state of the Nishino State? Hes so young!”

“Thats Yang Feng of the Nishino State. One day, I will replace him!”

“This is the Yang Feng who defeated the Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang! Hes just a junior Starry Sky Warlock. It seems that Yi Yuanyang isnt much!”


In the square, the geniuses gazed at Yang Feng with peculiar looks in their eyes. When they looked at Yang Feng, fear and reverence flashed in the eyes of many geniuses from the Fuso Subcontinent, while disdain flashed in the eyes of many geniuses who came from outside the subcontinent.

Many of the geniuses who came from outside the subcontinents were descendants of Bright World or Infinity Warlocks, and they were extremely knowledgeable. In their eyes, the geniuses from the Fuso Subcontinent were a bunch of barbarians.

The geniuses from the subcontinent and the ones from outside were clearly divided into two camps without any communication between the two.

A mesmerizing girl in red with a hot and sexy figure, black hair tied into a ponytail, and an arrogant expression scanned Yang Feng with her gaze and spoke disdainfully: “Thats the true disciple of the Battle Demon Sect Yang Feng? His cultivation base is just at the junior Starry Sky Warlock rank, yet even he could become the head of state of the Nishino State. It seems that there really are no talented people in the Fuso Subcontinent.”

This mesmerizing girl with a look of arrogance on her face was Luo Mingyan, the treasured daughter of the Great Cloud Dynastys Bright World Warlock Luo Feng.

A handsome young man in white glanced at Yang Feng, and a gleam of jealousy flashed past his eyes: “Junior Disciple Sister Mingyan, hes just an upstart who obtained the Golem Lords inheritance by chance. If I had that inheritance, I would have already become an Infinity Warlock. But hes still just a Starry Sky Warlock, what a waste.”

The young man in white was Luo Fengs eldest disciple Zhang Xuan. He was a quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank expert, and has always been extremely haughty. He was looking at Yang Feng sitting on the dais with envy and jealousy.

A beautiful girl in yellow with an oval face, a slander figure, and an air of arrogance about her said: “Whatever the case, to be able to reach that position, Yang Feng isnt a simple character! Although the Fuso Subcontinent is only a subcontinent, but there are still some talents here.”

The beautiful girl in yellow was Mei Yiyi, a personal disciple of the Great Cloud Dynastys Bright World Warlock Gui Wuheng. She, Luo Mingyan, and Zhang Xuan were very eye-catching among the geniuses who came from outside the subcontinent. The three of them together with Gui Wuhengs two other personal disciples formed a small circle, and the air of arrogance and a faint aura of rejection of others spread from them.

Yang Feng glanced at the genius Warlocks from outside the subcontinent, and his gaze lingered on the two women Luo Mingyan and Mei Yiyi for a moment. No longer paying those people any attention, he looked into the sky.

In the sky, the space suddenly trembled and distorted, and a fuzzy projection of an ancient city emerged.

A weak green light shot out from the Fuso Divine Tree and entered the projection of an ancient city, and a gray path appeared.

As soon as the gray path appeared, Yang Feng got up and, while treading on air, walked towards it.

Only 100 people could enter this projection of the Brilliant Ancient Capital. After 100 people entered the projection, the path will be closed.

Unless you possess Holy Spirit Warlock rank strength, it was impossible to open a channel leading to the Brilliant Ancient Capital at this time.

As soon as Yang Feng moved, a spatial fluctuation rolled out, and a Starry Sky Warlock who hasnt qualified suddenly flew towards the path.

Standing aside, a ferocious glint streaked past Saijo Yoruwas eyes, and he reached out with his hand that has transformed into a huge claw and squashed the head of the Starry Sky Warlock.

Seeing this scene, the Starry Sky Warlocks hiding in the surroundings who were becoming restless calmed down.

Saijo Yoruwa said calmly: “Everyone enters in order! Anyone who doesnt doesnt comply will be killed directly!”

The Starry Sky Warlocks lined up in a straight line, obediently followed behind Yang Feng, and set foot on the passage.

As soon as Yang Feng entered the passageway, his vision blurred, and he appeared in a vast forest filled powerful life magic energy.

Yang Feng glanced around: “This is the Brilliant Ancient Capital? How remarkable. The concentration of life magic energy here is even a bit higher than in the Battle Demon Sect. In the Battle Demon Sect, only a few cultivation holy lands are slightly better.”

There were all kinds of extraordinary plants growing everywhere in this place. Yang Feng took a cursory glance and found that there were dozens of extraordinary plants around, most of which were at level-3.

A tyrannical aura suddenly rose from the forest, and a 100-meter-long Starry Sky Warlock rank ancient black dragon exuding ancient dragon might and emitting fierce light from its fierce eyes flew out of the forest and locked its gaze on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng looked at the ancient black dragon with surprise in his eyes: “Starry Sky Warlock rank ancient black dragon! This Brilliant Ancient Capital is quite dangerous for ordinary Starry Sky Warlocks!”

The ancient black dragon had an advanced Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base. In the same rank, the strength of dragons was most tyrannical. Human advanced Starry Sky Warlocks were not a match for this ancient black dragon.

Watching Yang Feng, the ancient black dragons eyes flashed fiercely, and it shot a black dragon breath blasting towards Yang Feng like a shooting star.

“Its no use!” Yang Feng smiled slightly and slashed with his hand, and a spatial crack suddenly appeared and swallowed the black dragon breath.

A spatial fluctuation appeared above the ancient black dragon, a spatial crack emerged, and the black dragon breath flew out and slammed into the ancient black dragon. The violent dragon breath enveloped the ancient black dragon, and it released a scream of pain.

“Let me send you on your way!” Yang Fengs figure blurred, and he weirdly appeared on the head of the ancient black dragon. He pierced his hand into the head of the ancient black dragon and scooped out its dragon core.

The ancient black dragons body spasmed, the fire of life in its eyes died out, and it fell to the ground.

With a wave of his hand, Yang Feng put the body of the ancient black dragon into a storage ring. Next, he took out a top grade warp gate, installed it, and started it.

After the warp gate was started, it radiated light, and then turned still.

There was a flash of regret in Yang Fengs eyes: “Unfortunately, the warp gate cannot be used here. Or else, I would have another base.”

If the warp gate could be used in the Brilliant Ancient City, then Yang Feng could send his mechanical legion here to forcibly take possession of this place. By then, using the tremendous resources in the Brilliant Ancient Capital, he could advance to the Moonlight Warlock rank in a short period of time.

“Its your turn!” Yang Feng pressed the dimensional badge on his chest. With a glimmer of light, a level-2 mobile fortified stronghold 100 meters in diameter suddenly appeared and floated in midair.

A variety of radars were suddenly activated and scanned in all directions. Whenever the life force of strong extraordinary plants was detected, the information was fed back into the optical computer.

The level-2 optical computer quickly compiled a summary of the fed back information and selected and piked out the most precious extraordinary plants.

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