Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 508 – Four Origin Crystals

Chapter 507 – Bi [1]

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Yang Fengs face flickered, and he silently recited an incantation, pointed with his finger, and cast the spell Nine Revolutions Divine Wind.

Nine Revolutions Divine Wind, which was fiercer than Yellow Wind, suddenly appeared and formed a pillar of wind around Yang Feng.

Wind elemental particles of the surrounding Yellow Wind were continuously extracted by Nine Revolutions Divine Wind and formed a Nine Revolutions Divine Wind barrier that separated Yang Feng from Yellow Wind.

A wind dragon suddenly appeared, extended its claw, and directly removed the Nine Revolutions Divine Wind barrier that was capable of withstanding Moonlight Warlock rank attacks.

The wind elemental particles that have formed Nine Revolutions Divine Wind were drawn away by the wind dragon in an instant.

“Shit! These nine wind dragons are really stronger than Moonlight Warlocks!” Yang Fengs face changed drastically, and a premonition of death welled up inside his mind. He immediately took out the Ruler Magic Cube [2] and pressed it, and the magic cube quickly disintegrated and formed the Ruler armor that covered his body.

A wind dragon strangely appeared in front of Yang Feng and swallowed him.

Purely composed from strong wind, the wind dragons body was like a violent meat grinder. Countless frantically rotating winddrills crushed into Yang Feng.

As if he had withstood hundreds of level-5 single target offensive spells at once, the Ruler armor emitted harsh sounds and bore tremendous force. It could shatter at any time.

“Ruler series! Maximum output!” Yang Feng willed, and Glorious Dawn Warlock rank power flowed into him from the glorious dawn core on the Ruler series armor.

Yang Feng operated a secret method and turned into a huge black hole that frantically devoured the wind elemental particles of the wind dragon.

Existences such as the wind dragons werent life forms, and fundamentally couldnt be killed. Even Glorious Dawn Warlocks would be in a pinch when faced against them. The only way to annihilate them was to extract their power and let them extinguish.

As the wind dragon was being absorbed by Yang Feng, it instinctively extracted wind elemental particles from the surroundings to maintain its existence.

As wind elemental particles poured into the semi-plane, Yang Feng was forced to operate one void energy furnace after another to extract the wind elemental particles from the semi-plane.

The figures of the remaining eight wind dragons fluttered, and they pounced on the wind dragon that swallowed Yang Feng. The nine wind dragons combined into one and formed a 3,000-meter-long wind dragon.

Inside the huge wind dragon, countless windblades, windcones, and winddrills bombarded the Ruler armor and blasted tiny cracks into it.

Even if it was a true Glorious Dawn Warlock, if they werent a freak with a virtual world, in wouldnt bode well for them in this situation.

Eyes shot with blood, Yang Feng extracted world force from the semi-plane and operated a secret method recorded in the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body, and strange runes suddenly appeared on his body.

“Break!” An aura virtually comparable to that of a Glorious Dawn Warlock suddenly rose from the raging wind dragon, and Yang Feng roared and slammed a Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist into the belly of the wind dragon.

The law of primal chaos erupted in an instant, the wind elemental particles in the belly turned chaotic, and a passage void of wind was tore open.

Yang Feng blurred into motion and followed the passage void of wind to the square.

There was a powerful barrier opened in the square. The wind could not pass through the barrier and enter the square.

Violent winds surged, and the belly of the wind dragon healed immediately. There was no sign of injury, and its might didnt diminish. The wind dragon extended its claw towards Yang Feng.

When the wind dragons claw entered deep into the wind, it oddly appeared before Yang Feng and grabbed at him.

Yang Feng turned around, extracted world force from the semi-plane, and unleashed another Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist. The punch containing the law of primal chaos landed on the claw of the wind dragon, and the claw broke down and turned chaotic. Borrowing the power of the impact, Yang Feng shot into the square.

The wind dragon against whom even Glorious Dawn Warlock may not be able to contend appeared outside the square and roared wildly, yet it wasnt able to step into the square.

The bruised and battered Yang Feng heaved a sigh of relief and showed a smile. The Ruler armor on his body contracted and turned back into a magic cube, and then was tossed into the semi-plane to be recharge and restored.

Xizu first-rate battle robots had the ability of self-repair, and Yang Fengs Ruler armor also had this ability. Of course, self-repair required a lot of energy. But for Yang Feng, energy wasnt an issue.

Yang Feng turned around, and his gaze, instead of falling on the pond, fell on the Bi at the edge of the pond.

“I am the Brilliant Saint. I specially left a wind origin crystal here for a fated person of a later generation! In the Mountain of Fire, the Sea of Ice, and the Land of Gravity, I left a fire origin crystal, a water origin crystal, and a gravity origin crystal respectively. If youre fated, then go ahead and take them. I only hope that the one fated to get the four origin crystals can fulfill my wish. My wish is in the Brilliant Hall, where my treasure is hidden. If youre wiling to fulfill my wish, then go ahead and take my treasure.”

The words left behind by the Brilliant Saint on the Bi were radiant. Despite the passage of time, they were still vivid, as if they could come to life.

The power of a Holy Spirit Warlock was incredibly. If it wasnt for the fact that the Bi was a queer object, it wouldnt be able to bear power of the words inscribed by a Holy Spirit Warlock.

Yang Feng only skimmed through the words left by the Brilliant Saint, and then his gaze was deeply attracted by the lines below.


“Unfortunately, I didnt have the chance to get the wind origin crystal at the time!”

“How could anyone enter this place in the Starry Sky Warlock realm?”

“Thats a good joke!”




Beneath the words of the Brilliant Sage, there were seven lines of words, each of which radiated an overbearing and exalted aura.

The spirit of the Brilliant Saints words was completely suppressed by the seven lines of words below, giving off a feeling of breathlessness. It seemed as if the seven Warlock Emperors were fighting through these words.

The “light” word gave off the feeling that it was slightly inferior. Even though the person who wrote this word has done their best, but they still couldnt compete with the other six lines of words.

Yang Fengs eyes lit up and glimmered with enigmatic light: “These words were left by the seven Warlock Emperor!”

Evidently, the seven Warlock Emperors have come here before to make up for the regret of not being able to enter this place in their youth. The four origin crystals were unique treasures that could let a semi-plane directly evolve into a small world.

For Warlock Monarchs, the four origin crystals were rare treasures. But for the Warlock Emperors who have set up a complete world inside them, the four origin crystals werent very useful, and they fundamentally didnt care about them.

Yang Feng watched the words left behind by the seven Warlock Emperors with an enigmatic gleam in his eyes.

Each of the words of the seven Warlock Emperors contained terrifying power. Even after countless years have passed, the power inside the words was still terrifying. If it werent for the fact that the Bi was a queer object, it would have shattered already. The power contained in each of the words was enough to kill a Warlock like Yang Feng.

“If I wrote Yang Feng was here, what face will experts that will come here later make?” Yang Feng suddenly had a queer thought. Feeling eager, he walked towards the Bi and touched it with his finger. With his physical strength, he could easily use his finger to write even on super alloy steel.

When Yang Fengs finger touched the Bi, a horrifying force burst out from it, blasted into him, and sent him flying, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His internal organs were wounded, blood flowed from his facial orifices, and his soul shook.

There was a look of horror in his eyes: “So strong! After being boosted by the seven Warlock Emperors, this Bi has become a treasure. With my current strength, I cant write on it.”

After drinking two vials of healing elixir, Yang Feng took a deep look at the Bi, and then looked around.

In addition to the Bi, there was the crystal clear pond in the square.

Yang Feng reached out with his hand, a strong attractive force shrouded the wind origin crystal, and the wind origin crystal entered his hand immediately.

After losing the wind origin crystal, the violent wind dragon outside uttered a wail and quickly broke down into nine wind dragons.

Eight wind dragons directly flew into the square and formed a dot of yellow light in the pond.

The last wind dragon absorbed the surrounding wind and split into nine wind dragons guarding outside.

There was a flash of admiration in Yang Fengs eyes: “So its like this. The wind origin crystal is formed from the power of heaven and earth. After hundreds of years, a new wind origin crystal will be born. What an extraordinary layout.”

This Desert of Wind was a weird natural environment formed from a unique formation set up by the Brilliant Sage. With the power of the Desert of Wind, dozens of wind origin crystals could be formed. The Holy Spirit Warlock used this method to simulate a celestial phenomenon.


[1] – Bi [2] – Rubiks cube was changed to magic cube. if you see any rubiks cubes out there, please tell me

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