Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 509 – Archgod [1] Statue

Chapter 508 – Four Origin Crystals

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With the wind origin crystal in hand, Yang Feng walked outside the square. The nine wind dragons fled rapidly, not daring to approach him.

The wind dragons were nonentities constructed from wind elemental particles, and even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses couldnt kill them, and could only extinguish their existence.

The thing nonentities constructed from elemental particles dreaded the most was origin treasures. Once the wind dragons got near the wind origin crystal, they will be directly absorbed by the crystal, and become part of the crystal.

With the wind origin crystal in hand, Yang Feng easily passed through the Desert of Wind and reached the junction between the Desert of Wind and the Mountain of Fire.

At this junction, there was a flat land about one kilometer in radius. This flat land was calm and tranquil.

Luo Mingyan and Mei Yiyi were sitting on the flat land and drinking elixirs to recover the life force they consumed.

As soon as Luo Mingyan saw Yang Feng, her eyes brightened, and a gleam of joy flashed past her eyes. She said: “Yang Feng, you came out alive.”

Yang Feng showed a smile. Although Luo Mingyan was a bit unruly and wayward, but her innocent and straightforward personality made it impossible to get angry with her.

Mei Yiyis eyes brightened, and she smiled and uttered: “Congratulations, Senior Brother Disciple Yang Feng.”

Since Yang Feng came back alive and unharmed, he naturally got the treasure guarded by the nine wind dragons.

Eyes sparkling, Luo Mingyan asked full of curiosity: “Yes, Yang Feng, what treasure did you get from those nine wind dragons?”

Yang Feng answered with a solemn expression: “Its a secret. If I tell you, can you guarantee that you will never tell others?”

Luo Mingyan hurriedly spoke, “I can! I promise that I wont tell this secret anyone, not even my father!”

Yang Feng revealed a meaningful smile: “I can also!”

Mei Yiyis petite body trembled from laughter.

“Scoundrel!” Luo Mingyan was startled, but then understood the meaning behind Yang Fengs words and grumbled coyly. She asked no more.

Even Infinity Warlocks would be tempted if they saw the wind origin crystal. It was one of the best treasures to make a semi-plane or a virtual world evolve into a small world.

For those who possessed a virtual world, the wind origin crystal was definitely a peerless treasure hard to come by. Once it was exposed that he had one such crystal, it will definitely attract Infinity Warlocks. Yang Feng naturally wouldnt tell others this secret.

Yang Feng glanced in the direction of the Mountain of Fire, where he saw one active volcano after another. Smoke billowed, the ground shook, and, from time to time, a volcano would erupted and eject columns of magma mixed in with stone.

Within the range of the Mountain of Fire, the ground was covered in lava, flames burned everywhere, and the air was filled with various toxic gases.

Even when standing outside the Mountain of Fire, you could feel the fearsome temperature inside.

Apart from this, there were weird flames burning in midair near each volcano. As if they possessed a life of their own, those flames roamed the area unrestrainedly. Wherever they passed through, the place will burn with fierce fire.

Without Flame Imp Lord, Balrog, or other special extraordinary life form bloodline, even a Starry Sky Warlock will be burned to cinders by the weird flames recklessly burning in midair if careless.

Watching the flame sprites, Luo Mingyan took out an umbrella-shaped secret treasure and uttered, nervous: “Those flame sprites are very dangerous. When burned by them, even Moonlight Warlocks will be severely wounded, or even burned to death. The best way to get through the Mountain of Fire is to avoid them.”

Before Luo Mingyans words have fallen, Yang Feng stepped into the Mountain of Fire. He came before a flame sprite and reached out with his hand, and a huge vortex swept towards the flame sprite and pulled it into the semi-plane inside him. A wisp of primal chaos force vibrated and shattered the flame sprite and turned it into pure fire elemental particles that spread in the semi-plane.

In the blink of an eye, eight void energy furnaces activated and frantically extracted fire elemental particles from the semi-plane, maintaining the balance of the four elements in the semi-plane.

Without hesitation, Luo Mingyan took Mei Yiyis small hand, and came to Yang Fengs side.

With a slight smile, Yang Feng opened a huge vortex that extracted all the fire elemental particles around Luo Mingyan and Mei Yiyi.

After walking for hundreds of kilometers in the Mountain of Fire, a huge volcano 1,000 meters tall appeared in front of Yang Feng and them. Above the huge volcano, there were nine flame dragons exuding terrifying fluctuations of power.

Even fire life forms like Balrogs and Flame Imp Lords, they will be burnt to death if they approached the nine flame dragons.

“You go on ahead, Ill go to take a look there first!” Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he rushed towards the nine flame dragons.

“Lets go!” Luo Mingyan glanced at Yang Feng, then took out the secret treasure Flame Umbrella and opened it, and a flame barrier suddenly appeared and covered the two girls. Under the protection of the Flame Umbrella, they strode away.

As soon as Yang Feng approached the huge volcano, he operated the Battle Demon Secret Method and activated the Ruler series, and then turned into a streak of light and shot towards the heart of the volcano.

The flame sprites surrounding the volcano rushed towards Yang Feng, and then were swallowed by him.

Emitting fearsome flames that could burn Moonlight Warlocks to ashes, the nine flame dragons turned and lunged at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng crashed into the nine flame dragons. His body turned into a huge vortex, the 36 void energy stoves in the semi-plane activated, and he frantically extracted the surrounding fire elemental particles. He charged out from withing of the nine flame dragons and rushed into the magma lake in the heart of the volcano.

In the magma lake, there was a fire origin crystal suspended. Yang Feng extended his hand and grabbed the fire origin crystal.

As soon as the fire origin crystal entered Yang Fengs hand, the nine flame dragons behaved just like the wind dragons did, and began to birth a new fire origin crystal in the center of the magma lake.

Four days later, Yang Feng stepped out of the Land of Gravity.

In those four days, Yang Feng used the same method to get the water origin crystal and the earth origin crystal hidden in the Sea of Ice and the Land of Gravity respectively.

The Sea of Ice was sea full of ice force, and the water origin crystal was guarded by nine ice dragons. The Land of Gravity was an area shrouded in powerful magnetic and gravitic forces, and the earth origin crystal was guarded by nine gravity dragons. However, neither the nine ice dragons nor the nine gravity dragons could hold Yang Feng back.

Once they walked out of the Land of Gravity, a magnificent group of buildings emitting an ancient atmosphere greeted Yang Feng and his party.

Each building in the group was extremely high-end, and radiated bright light. Even the passage of time could not erase the buildings.

Luo Mingyan pointed at the buildings and said: “This is the Brilliant Ancient Capital! Each of those buildings has treasures and inheritances hiding inside. However, once you enter any one of them and take away the treasures, you will be teleported out of the Brilliant Ancient Capital. In his time, my father was lucky enough to find a hidden treasury with broken restrictions. We can take the treasures inside this treasury without worrying about being teleported away.”

Yang Feng nodded and followed Luo Mingyan into the Brilliant Ancient Capital.

Upon entering the Brilliant Ancient Capital, rich life magic energy surrounded them. Yang Feng clearly felt that under the nourishment of the rich life magic energy, his physical aptitude was evolving and transforming little by little.

There was a peculiar glint in Yang Fengs eyes: “As expected of a city where a Holy Spirit Warlock once lived, its indeed a holy land for cultivation.”

In the Brilliant Ancient Capital, there were Warlock towers filled with ancient aura, and each one of them was tall like a mountain and covered in countless runes.

Yang Feng watched the Warlock towers with a scorching glow in his eyes.

If not for the magic barriers, the many secret treasures and elixirs inside would have decayed and lost their power after hundreds of thousands of years.

When he created the Brilliant Ancient Capital, the Brilliant Sage was in his heyday and was well prepared. Even after hundreds of thousands of years, those Warlock towers were still well-preserved, possessed tremendous strength, and were filled with tons of god stuff.

Luo Mingyan looked at the runes engraved on the Warlock tower and sighed with regret: “These runes from the 1st Warlock Dynasty era were already deciphered numerous times. Unfortunately, the experts who engraved them were at the Infinity Warlock rank. Therefore, even though they have been deciphered, but Starry Sky Warlocks cant break them! Thats really a pity!”

After going through the battle experience and rune research of one Warlock Dynasty after another, the development of Warlocks has exceeded that of the 1st Warlock Dynasty by a wide margin!

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