Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 51 – Sanger Familys Gift

Chapter 50 – Eunice

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Yang Feng asked: “As I remember, youre still analyzing Dragon Blood Elixir! Wont the simultaneous analysis of two types of elixir influence the rate of analysis?”

3796 said:

“Now lets promote my soul aptitude!” Yang Feng took out a vial of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir, uncorked it, and gulped it down.

When Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir entered his mouth, it begun to squirm, giving off the impression that he was swallowing a huge bug.

The moans of a beautiful woman came from him.

“It hurts!!”

Waves of pain spread from within his body, making him feel like his head would burst. He tumbled to the ground and struggled in pain for a while before finally passing out from the pain.


Strings of messages flashed on Yang Fengs eyeglasses.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Feng finally woke up.

“Whats this stench?!” When he woke up, he asked about the stench coming from him. He gave it a careful look and discovered that every inch of his body was effusing a black oily and smelly refuse.

Shi Xues sweet voice came from the side: “Big Brother, the bath water is ready!”

“Alright!” Yang Feng immediately stood up and entered the bathroom in large strides.

After he washed away the black oily and smelly refuse, Yang Feng entered the bathtub filled with hot water and soaked in the comfortable hot water, and then ordered at once: “Scan my body!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a trace of excitement, and he praised: “No wonder this elixir costs 5,000 magic stones! Its effect is great!”

After practicing the Magic Notes Titan Art for 10 days, except for his spirit force, all of his attributes rose by 0.1. But during those 10 days, he also drank a lot of Healing Water in order to be able to practice cultivation at such a fast rate. Furthermore, the further you advance in your practice of cultivation, the more difficult it is to increase your attributes. However, the vial of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir promoted his physical constitution by a wide margin, which was simply unreasonable.

If Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir appeared on Earth, then selling a vial of it would definitely garner a sky high price.

Yang Feng uttered: “Analyze my body and formulate the best way of practicing cultivation!”


Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with delight: “Warlock means are truly mystical! Without Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir, my physical constitution wouldnt be able to break trough to the Knight rank my whole life. However, so long as theres enough Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir, then I can easily break through and become an Apprentice Warlock. Having enough resources is such a pleasing feeling.”

Previously, 3796 has came to the conclusion that if Yang Feng practiced a Knight rank secret method Thunder Ox Art, then throughout his entire life, he would be unable to promote to a Knight rank expert. But now, as long as there was a large amount of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir, then he could promote to a level-1 Apprentice Warlock within 100 days. This was Warlock means for you.

The admitted students were divided into 20 classes, with every class having 50 students or so. Yang Feng and Shi Xue were both assigned to class 10.

When Yang Feng and Shi Xue entered the classroom, gazes brimming with complicated emotions focused on them.

Even though Yang Fengs appearance was ordinary, but he was the mighty Steel Citys sole successor. Just a sentence of his spelled Bantanias death, making the students in class 10 extremely afraid of him. As for Shi Xue, her peerless appearance and natural charm naturally attracted all of the gazes in class 10.

Gars came over and said with a smile: “Yang Feng, what a coincidence, were in the same class.”

“Such a coincidence!” The corners of Yang Fengs mouth curved and his eyes flashed with a smile.

Hiss gaze fell on the four youngsters behind Gars. Among the four youngsters, there were the two girls Bella and Iryna and the two boys Luka and Leal. Gars, Luka, and Leal had inferior level-4 soul aptitude, Bella had intermediate level-4 soul aptitude, and Iryna had a superior level-4 soul aptitude.

Bella was a petite girl with an ordinary appearance and short blue hair. Iryna was a tall and beautiful girl with a rather lovely appearance as well as some dangerous curves. Including Gars, the five youngsters were rescued by Yang Feng in the Hunting Fangs Wilderness.

After some polite banter, the relationship between both parties quickly became much closer.

Gars spoke meaningfully: “Yang Feng, we entered class 10, how lucky!”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Lucky?”

Gars adopted a vulgar yet mysterious smile and looked towards the entrance of the classroom: “Heh-heh, youll soon understand!”

Yang Feng followed Gars gaze.

A 1.76-meter-tall gorgeous woman looking to be 23 or 24 years old, dressed in a silver low-cut Warlock robe that exposed her legs, with a pair of breasts threatening to burst out the clothing, bright and glossy sun-like golden hair, exquisite and tender silk-like skin, and sensual and exquisite facial features, and exuding a sensual charm a formidable aura gracefully walked into the classroom.

“So beautiful! Such a beautiful woman could be the downfall of entire states!” Yang Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air, and his eyes flickered with a scorching light.

In general, the skin of Caucasians was fairly rough. The skin of the Giant Stone Citys number one beauty Ms. Sissy was awful, so she had to rely on make-up to conceal her many flaws. Yet the stunningly beautiful woman that entered the classroom had no such flaws. She didnt even use any make-up. Clearly, she was a formidable official Warlock.

Whether male or female, the students in class 10 were deeply attracted to the stunningly beautiful woman, and their gazes revealed scorching gleams.

Eunice revealed a lethally-sweet smile: “I am Eunice, the teacher of class 10. Now let me tell you about the rules when studying here.”

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