Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 511 – Killing Esron

Chapter 510 – Gods Descendant Esron

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In the archgod era, archgods could be seen everywhere, and the masters of powerful forces were archgods. However, after hundreds of thousands of years of being persecuted by human Warlocks of the Eight Warlock Dynasties, the number of archgods was very low, and they fundamentally didnt dare to appear in the open.

Most of the archgods that were alive have become strong divine force rank gods and mighty divine force rank of other planes. So long as they didnt enter the Cangzhi Plane, no one will provoke these formidable existences.

Because archgods were so rare in the modern era, their flesh and blood was very precious. Archgods were different from other races. Once an archgod reached adulthood, a space similar to a virtual world will form inside them. The most powerful archgods would even form a complete world inside them.

Archgods were the source of various secret methods cultivated by humans. Starting from the 2nd Warlock Dynasty era, human Warlocks began to explore other planes, where they obtained cultivation methods from formidable existences. From then on, various secret methods began to appear in the world of Warlocks.

Archgods were inherently capable of mastering a variety of powerful innate abilities. After dissecting their bodies, you could find various natural runes in their brains that resembled spell models.

Spell models were the manifestation of the natural runes within archgods. After improving upon them, humans used spirit force to construct spell models inside their sea of knowledge, after which they were able to cast spells.

As the source of human secret methods, the flesh and blood of archgods possessed great research value. Once the corpse of an archgod entered an auction house, archgod Warlocks with archgod bloodline will contest over it furiously.

Archgod Warlocks were human Warlocks with archgod bloodline flowing inside them. In the 1st Warlock Dynasty and the 2nd Warlock Dynasty, archgod Warlocks were a powerful force among human Warlocks.

But with the passage of time, archgod bloodline has gradually become thinner, and the archgod Warlocks gradually declined despite possessing various secret method inheritances.

Bloodline Warlocks were more powerful than other Warlocks of the same rank, and their practice of cultivation was faster. However, they were very dependent on the power of bloodline. If the bloodline was thin, the speed of cultivation will instead suffer from bloodline shackles. In a lower realm, the practice of cultivation was very fast, but in a higher realm, the speed was as slow as a snails pace.

In the Fuso Subcontinent, although there were many Moonlight Warlocks, but there were no Glorious Dawn Warlocks, because the people were affected by bloodline shackles stemming from evil god bloodline inside them, which made it difficult to break through.

After dividing up the bodies of the two archgods, the group of three followed the spiral staircase and ascended to the second floor of the Warlock tower.

Once they reached the second floor, Luo Mingyans pretty eyes lit up and her petite body shivered, and excitement filled her beautiful eyes: “So many high grade magic crystals!”

On the second floor of the Warlock tower, there was a small mountain of high grade magic crystals exuding rich life magic energy.

In the archgod age, archgods were born with various cultivation secret methods that allowed them to absorb life magic energy of heaven and earth. They didnt need magic crystals to practice cultivation. As a result, in the archgod age, all kinds of precious treasures emerged nonstop, and high grade magic crystals were everywhere.

Modern human Warlocks were able to mass-produce low grade magic crystals through some extraordinary plants such as Ancient Energy Absorbing Trees, but high grade magic crystals and above still couldnt be mass-produced.

This small mountain contained more than 1 billion high grade crystals, which was equivalent to more than 30 trillion low grade magic crystals. This was an astronomical sum.

High grade magic crystals were materials necessary for the practice of cultivation of Bright World Warlocks and above.

There was a flash of excitement in Yang Fengs eyes, and she showed a smile: “Thats a lot of high grade magic crystals! I made a fortune!”

“Yes, theres really a lot of high grade magic crystals here! My Lord will definitely be pleased!” Accompanied by a calm voice, a blond handsome man in a white cleric robe with a white scepter in hand and a divine seal on his forehead slowly stepped into the second floor.

One after another, halos releasing the light of dawn appeared behind the handsome man and made him look holy and majestic as if a god treading in the secular world.

Behind the handsome man followed a person. It Zhang Xuan, whom the two girls have released.

When Luo Mingyan saw Zhang Xuan, her pretty face suddenly changed, and she exclaimed: “Zhang Xuan, how do you know the location of this treasury?”

Zhang Xuan smiled coldly: “Unable to trust me, that old fool Luo Feng only told you the location of this treasury. But Mingyan, youre too inexperienced. How can you possibly conceal something I want to know from me?”

There was a flash of regret in Luo Mings beautiful eyes, and she gritted her teeth and uttered: “I really regret that I didnt kill you

Zhang Xuan spoke with a sarcastic smile: “Who told you to be stupid?”

Zhang Xuan respectfully told the handsome young man: “Master, this person is Yang Feng, a true disciple of the Battle Demon Sect. He has a Scarlet Immortal Black Mist Lotus in his possession! I saw him get this treasure in the surroundings of the Brilliant Ancient Capital with my own two eyes.”

“Scarlet Immortal Black Mist Lotus?” The handsome young mans eyes brightened, and he glanced at Yang Feng and uttered haughtily: “I am Esron, a gods descendant of the supreme and only Dawn Lord! Humble human Warlock, offer me everything you have and convert to my Lord, become a believer of my lord, and chant my Lords name at all times. Or else, I will purify you here today in my Lords stead!”

Yang Feng asked, curious: “The Dawn Lord? Youre a gods descendant of which planes Dawn Lord?”

“Brazen! How can a lowly human Warlock inquire about my Lords name? Kneel, now!” Esron raised his eyebrows and snapped. The halos behind him shone brightly, and feeble divine force rank divine might spread with him as the center. Some Starry Sky Warlocks with weak wills would have knelt now on the ground, unable to resist.

“You want me to kneel? Youre not qualified!” Yang Feng smiled coldly and operated the Battle Demon Secret Method, a set of black Battle Demon Armor appeared on him in an instant, and a powerful life force field spread with his as the center.

Killing intent shimmered in Esrons eyes, and he spoke: “Stubborn heretic! Accept the mighty Dawn Lords Divine Judgement!”

“Divine decree: let there be light, let light fill the world!” Esron raised the god armament Dazzling God Scepter, and the divine seal on his forehead glowed with golden light. His eyes turned pure golden, and, with an indifference and majesty befitting of a god, he spoke word for word.

A pure, almost boundless light of dawn suddenly appeared, and swept towards Yang Feng, Luo Mingyan, and Mei Yiyi.

Luo Mingyan waved her hand, and a blue embroidered handkerchief level-6 secret treasure Blue Sea Handkerchief suddenly flew out, turned into a blue light curtain, and guarded her and Mei Yiyi.

Illuminated by the boundless light of dawn, the blue light curtain was slowly eroded. No matter how Luo Mingyan stimulated her life force, it still couldnt resist the erosion of the light. If Luo Mingyan wasnt a quasi-Moonlight Warlock expert, she would be instantly purified even with the level-6 secret treasure.

Illuminated by the boundless light of dawn, Yang Fengs Battle Demon Armor made sizzling sounds and released black smoke.

“The Battle Demon Secret Method cannot resist for too long. This gods descendant sure is strong!” Yang Fengs face flickered, his figure blurred, and he shuttled across the boundless radiance. In a breath, he appeared in front of Esron, extracted a wisp of world force from the semi-plane, and sent a Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist that obliterated the empty space and ripped apart the glow barreling towards Esron.

“Dawn Rampart!” Esron silently chanted an incantation and pointed with a finger, and dazzling light of dawn suddenly contracted and formed a huge wall of light blocking in front of Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist slammed into the wall of light and blasted a big hole into it. The wall of light was directly smashed, and all the light turned chaotic.

“To be able to destroy my Dawn Rampant, youre indeed strong enough to carve out a place among those humble human Warlocks. But before the supreme Dawn Lord, youre still just an ant, albeit a bit stronger ant.” A gleam of astonishment streaked past Esrons eyes. A thin golden scripture appeared in his left hand at some point.

“Dawn Twelve Movements Hymn!” The golden scripture opened on its own, and 12 golden pages flew out and floated in the the air.

From the 12 golden pages, 12 pure and holy angels flew out, six of which were male and the other six were female. They closed their eyes, clasped their hands together, and chanted a church hymn.

The figures of countless believers suddenly appeared behind the 12 angels, and their voices formed a powerful torrent of prayer that rolled out towards Yang Feng like the sea.

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