Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 512 – Brilliant Sage Tower

Chapter 511 – Killing Esron

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One after another, spirit force crystals emerged beside Esron and turned into ashes, and an immense amount of divine force poured into the golden scripture.

The hymn chanted by countless believers across numerous planes turned into countless small golden runes, which in turn formed a golden torrent that engulfed Yang Feng.

“Praised be the Lord! You are the supreme existence!”

“Praised be the Lord! You are the sole true god in the world! Except for you, all gods are false gods!”

“Praised be the Lord! You are light, you are dawn, you are everything!”


The prayer of the believers was full of piety, respect, devotion, and sanctity, and the golden runes they formed eroded Yang Fengs soul, and tried to change him on the soul level.

The prayer of the believers reverberated in Yang Fengs soul and body, but didnt make him feel any pain. Endless warmth and the joy and happiness of the believers poured out from the golden runes, and a feeling of peace and joy overcame him.

If it was a feeling of pain, Yang Feng could totally resist it. But the boundless joy was even more dreadful than pain. If Yang Feng wasnt careful, the trace of reason he maintained in the abyss of his mind will be swallowed up by the endless joy.

“I am Yang Feng, I am the god of war, the ruler of shadows. Except for me, all gods are false gods!” In the Feisuo Plane, Yang Fengs god clone opened his eyes at once, and a magnificent, mighty, and sacred voice echoed in his divine country.

“I am Yang Feng! I only believe in myself, I only believe in my own strength! I will never believe in anyone else! If there is a god, then I am the only true god in the world!” An overbearing, unyielding will rose inside Yang Feng. He opened his eyes and step by step struggled free from the feeling of joy, and flames of anger ignited in his eyes.

Yang Feng has been a step shy from being completely overwhelmed by the Dawn Twelve Movements Hymn, and eventually turned into a fanatic of the Dawn Lord who offered everything of his to the Dawn Lord. By then, he would be basically stripped of his self-consciousness and reduced to a puppet.

This was the first time that Yang Feng came across such a corrosive attack aimed against the soul like the one dealt by Dawn Twelve Movements Hymn, and he was almost defeated.

“The universe is large and full of extraordinary things. It looks like I was a bit too full of myself!” Eyes bloodshot, Yang Feng excited his life force and extracted the power of the semi-plane to resist the erosion of the Dawn Twelve Movements Hymn. At the same time, he mused.

In the vast universe, there were countless planes, and among those planes, there were countless bizarre extraordinary life forms and all kinds of strange secret methods. Faced against an opponent that employed some queer secret methods, you could be defeated despite being much stronger than the opponent if careless.

“To be able to struggle free from the Dawn Twelve Movements Hymn, this petty human Warlock is really powerful!” There was a dignified look in Esrons eyes. A large number of divine force crystals appeared around him and disintegrated, and a tremendous volume of divine force poured out.

The golden runes formed from the prayer of countless believers shone brightly, suppressed Yang Fengs soul, and made him drowsy and almost unable to move. Yang Feng tried hard to withstand the erosion of the golden runes.

There was a flash of coldness in Esrons eyes, and he shouted: “Zhang Xuan, kill this heretic!”

Although the Dawn Twelve Movements Hymn was a powerful god armament, but it was extremely demanding. Esron couldnt move while operating it.

“Yes! Master!” Zhang Xuans eyes flickered with resentment. With a flick of his wrist, a level-5 secret treasure Gale Spear appeared in his hand, and a violent wind shrouded the Gale Spear. Man and spear as one turned into a green spear ray that stabbed at Yang Feng.

“Its your honor to become an offering for my Ruler series!” A cold look in his eyes, the black Ruler magic cube appeared in Yang Fengs hand, and then quickly decomposed and turned into a black armor covering his whole body.

Vast Glorious Dawn Warlock rank force poured into Yang Feng from the Ruler armor, and his fleshly body almost exploded.

When Zhang Xuans spear strike landed on Yang Fengs Ruler armor, a clear sound reverberated, and the level-5 secret treasure Gale Spear bounced back.

“How is this possible?” There was a gleam of incredulity in Zhang Xuans eyes. While powering the level-5 secret method Gale Spear with his quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base, even a Glorious Dawn Warlock wouldnt be able to receive an all out attack from him that effortlessly.

Yang Feng extended his right hand, a black vortex appeared on his hand, and a frightening attractive force gripped Zhang Xuan.

Zhang Xuan begged desperately with a look of despair on his face: “Sir Yang Feng, I know I was wrong, please spare my life! I swear, I swear I wont trouble you ever again! My teacher is Luo Feng. I am Luo Fengs personal disciple. If you kill me, he will never let you off!”

A cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng punched Zhang Xuan in the head and blew his brains out.

“Its your turn!” After casting aside Zhang Xuans remains, Yang Fengs eyes surged with killing intent, and, while ignoring the crowd of golden seals, his gaze locked on Esron.

“This guy is so fearsome!” When he saw this, Esron surged with regret, regret for having provoked Yang Feng. But the milk was already spilt. Since Yang Feng was overflowing with killing intent, he could only fight to death!

A somber expression on his face, eyes radiating golden light, Esron who looked like a living god silently chanted an incantation, and countless divine force crystals suddenly appeared and ignited. The divine force crystals burned fiercely and turned into a stream of divine force that flowed into his body and made his aura rise until it reached the Moonlight Warlock rank.

Once used by a demigod with a godhead, divine force crystals could raise the power of a demigod to the level of a feeble divine force rank god for a short period of time.

Some powerful demigods could even kill a true god by relying on god armaments and divine force crystals.

“Dawn God Mountain! Appear!” With a wave of Esrons hand, and a palm-sized mountain absorbed a copious amount of divine force, a grew into a three-meter-tall small mountain that released brilliant light, and shot towards Yang Feng.

After slaying a god, the Dawn Lord extracted the laws of the gods broken divine country, and then forged a god armament with the remains of the god as the main part and the whole divine country as a supplement. This god armament was the Dawn God Mountain. As long as he had enough divine force crystals, Esron could use this god armament to suppress Moonlight Warlock rank experts.

When the Dawn God Mountain reached the space above Yang Feng, dazzling light dropped from the sky and locked the space, and then the Dawn God Mountain crushed towards Yang Feng with great momentum.

With the space locked, Yang Feng could not use the law of space to evade.

“Break!” Yang Feng bellowed, and then frantically extracted the power of the Ruler armor and fused it with world force he extracted from the semi-plane. Coupled with the two fold amplification of the Battle Demon Secret Method, a Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist crushed into the Dawn God Mountain.

Accompanied by an earth-shattering blare, the Dawn God Mountain weighing tens of millions of tons made from the remains of a divine country was sent tumbling in the air by Yang Fengs punch.

Bearing the backlash from the strike, Yang Fengs right arm was crushed. It only maintained its form thanks to the Ruler armor.

Terror and despair filled Esrons eyes, and he cried out: “How, how is this possible? The Dawn God Mountain is made from the remains of a divine country. How can a mere Starry Sky Warlock blast it away!”

“Go and die!” Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he appeared in front of Esron. A cold look in his eyes, he punched Esron in the head with his remaining left hand and obliterated the pother latters head.

Yang Feng couldnt afford to be careless around an enemy like Esron who has taken out one god armament after another.

After blasting apart Esrons head with one punch, Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and Seven Color Skyfire suddenly appeared and turned into a flame dragon that shot towards Esron. After Esrons body was burned to ashes, a storage ring and several powerful god armaments he has used remained.

Luo Mingyan looked at Yang Feng with bright light in her pretty eyes: “He killed him! Astounding! His strength is really astounding!”

Esron was much stronger than many Moonlight Warlocks, and he was equipped with several god armaments. Yet such a powerhouse was killed by Yang Feng. Luo Mingyan was naturally very excited.

Mei Yiyis eyes fell on Yang Fengs Ruler series, and her beautiful eyes sparkled: “So fierce! That secret treasure is so strong!”

If Yang Feng hadnt equipped the Ruler armor, he may not be Esrons opponent. After all, Esron was not only a quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank expert, but also had countless divine force crystals as well as several powerful god armaments.

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