Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 514 – An Gui

Chapter 513 – Mysterious Gold God Iron

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Yang Feng parted ways with the two girls, and then went towards the Brilliant Sage Tower alone.

“Its so big!” When he arrived in front of the Brilliant Sage Tower, Yang Feng saw a 100-meter-tall bronze gate inscribed with countless profound seal barring the entrance to the Warlock tower.

In front of the bronze gate, there stood four people, each of whom possessed extraordinary temperaments. None of the Starry Sky Warlocks who could break through the Desert of Wind, the Mountain of Fire, the Sea of Ice, and the Land of Gravity were weak.

Both Luo Mingyan and Mei Yiyi were quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank geniuses. Although they could not compare to freakish geniuses like Yang Feng, Esron, and Yi Yuanyang, but they were also very powerful. Some weaker junior Moonlight Warlocks may not be their match.

A young man with long red hair and a dissolute temperament glanced at Yang Feng and revealed a smile: “Another one!”

A handsome young man dressed in white with a scholarly temperament came to Yang Feng, a gentle smile on his face: “I am Lei Sheng, a true disciple of the Tian Hua Sect! Hello, Brother. This is the Unwieldy Gate, the first hurdle set up by the Brilliant Sage. Its enchanted with countless gravity seals. Although the Unwieldy Gate is only 100 meters tall, yet it weighs tens of millions of tons. Near the Unwieldy Gate, there are spells set up to disperse the energy of heaven and earth. You can only use the power of the fleshly body to push the gate. Together, the five of us can certainly push open the Unwieldy Gate and enter inside.”

Yang Feng responded with a smiled: “I am Yang Feng, a true disciple of the Battle Demon Sect. I want to try it alone.”

Visibly moved, Lei Sheng said: “Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng, you are the Yang Feng who defeated the Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang! Sorry, I didnt recognize you!”

The Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang wasnt known in the subcontinents, but he was famous in the Great Cloud Dynasty. After all, he was the holy son of the Ten Great Sect the Tai Yi Sect. Since his debut, he has never been defeated by experts of the same rank. He was viewed as a future Infinity Warlock of the Tai Yi Sect. Yet this monstrous genius was defeated by Yang Feng. This incident caused a huge sensation among the major forces of the Great Cloud Dynasty.

“Battle Demon Sects Feng Yang!”

“Its him! He who defeated Yi Yuanyang!”

“So its him!”

The other three Warlocks near the Unwieldy Gate became serious and looked at Yang Feng with dread and dignity in their eyes.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped on a jade step, he felt a change in the surrounding energy of heaven and earth, and the elemental particles of heaven and earth were repelled at once.

If it was Elemental Warlocks, they wouldnt be able to display half of their fighting strength in this environment. Only Bloodline Warlocks using the power of their bloodline and Body-tempering Warlocks using the power of their fleshly body could display their strength.

“This should be a Magic Ban Domain embryo!”

The Magic Ban Domain was a formation that could alter the distribution of energy of heaven and earth developed by human Warlocks to deal with elemental life forms as well as human Warlocks.

Elemental Warlocks once relied on their powerful elemental control to dominate the world. However, when the Magic Ban Domain appeared, Elemental Warlock could no longer behave as tyrannical as they used to.

In a Magic Ban Domain, pure Elemental Warlocks couldnt withstand a blow. In a Magic Ban Domain, a body-tempering advanced Starry Sky Warlock could kill an elemental advanced Bright World Warlock.

Magic Ban Domain could either be set up in a special place with the help of the energy of heaven and earth, set up with the help of Warlock towers, or set up using precious secret treasures and countless resources.

In the 1st Warlock Dynasty era, some of the Holy Spirit Warlocks who were at the apex of the world comprehended the Magic Ban Domain, and the Brilliant Sage was one of them.

Of course, Magic Ban Domain had limitations, that is, it had limited effect on experts who have transplanted a semi-plane seed or established a virtual world.

Most of the 12 Holy Spirit Warlocks that have followed the Time Lord in those days were freakish experts who have formed a world inside them. As it had little effect on them, no one bothered with studying Magic Ban Domain.

When he arrived before the Unwieldy Gate, Yang Feng pushed it hard, but the gate didnt budge. He frowned.

Lei Sheng said: “Brother Yang Feng, dont force it! This Unwieldy Gate isnt so easy to open! If we join forces, we should be able to push it open!”

As first-rate geniuses, the other three Starry Sky Warlocks have also tried to open the Unwieldy Gate by themselves, but they all returned without success. They naturally knew how difficult it was to open the Unwieldy Gate.

Although the three Starry Star Warlocks were unwilling to offend Yang Feng, but their eyes showed looks of contempt, like they were watching a fool too full of himself.

Taking a deep breath, eyes surging with cold rays, Yang Feng extracted world force containing immense power from the semi-plane, mysterious Primal Chaos Imperishable Body seals appeared on is body, and he pushed with all his strength.

The sound of tremendous vibrations reverberated, and the Unwieldy Gate was slowly opened.

“He did it! He pushed the Unwieldy Gate open by himself!”

“What a monster!”


When the four Starry Sky Warlocks witnessed this scene, their countenances changed, and a listless gleam surged in their eyes. They were Warlock geniuses from different backgrounds. They thought that even if they werent as strong as monsters like Yi Yuanyang and Yang Feng, but they shouldnt be too far off. Yang Fengs performance was a great blow to their confidence. After all, the four of them together, with two of them being Bloodline Warlocks, couldnt even shake the Unwieldy Gate.

Resplendent light shot out from behind the gate, illuminated Yang Feng, and teleported him away.

Accompanied by a clicking sound, the Unwieldy Gate closed shut.

“It closed! Whats going on?”

“Damn it! So this is what will happen after a person opens the gate!”


The four Starry Sky Warlocks were stunned and shocked when they saw the Unwieldy Gate close shut. It was the first time that they saw someone push the gate open, yet they didnt expect that such a thing would occur.

After being swept by the irresistible light, Yang Feng appeared in the middle of a vast square.

In the middle of the vast square, there was a jade stele erected. The square was surrounded by empty space.

“You who pushed open the Unwieldy Gate, as long as you promise me one thing, you can get a gift from me!” Yang Feng looked at the jade stele and saw a series of words written by the Brilliant Sage appear on the monument.

After he finished reading the ancient words written on the jade stele, a dazzling light shot out from it and fell into the void.

The void twisted, and a pond-sized jade basin projection appeared in the void. There was a faintly discernible giant stone in the jade basin.

Yang Feng looked at the huge stone that was black like ink, and his eyes brightened and flashed with excitement: “Mysterious Gold God Iron, a first-rate material for forging Empyrean grade secret treasures! Theres such a treasure here! If I use the Mysterious Gold God Iron here to make machinery, my strength will skyrocket.”

After going through the Eight Warlock Dynasties, Mysterious Gold God Iron was a treasure hard to come by.

Although there was only a lump of Mysterious Gold God Iron the size of a pond, but if it was put on sale, no one would have enough magic crystals to buy it. Even Infinity Warlocks would go crazy for this lump of Mysterious Gold God Iron.

There was a flash of light, and a line of golden characters immediately flew out of the jade stele and suspended in the their.

“I got this Mysterious Gold God Iron while adventuring. There is enough to craft 10 Empyrean grade secret treasures. As long as you promise to help me resurrect to the best of your ability, then this Mysterious Gold God Iron belongs to you!”

Yang Fengs heart shook and his eyes shimmered with shock: “Resurrection! Can such a thing really be done?”

After ordinary people die, if they dont believe in any gods, their souls will enter the Netherworld and fall into Styx, where they will be cleansed, and their memories will be erased.

After the people who believe in gods die, if their souls werent stolen, they will be drawn into the divine countries of their gods, where theyll get a second life. Over time, their souls will weaken and eventually die. Only soul stones can prolong their lives. However, upon entering a divine country, it takes roughly 10,000 years for a soul to die. Compared to the lifespan of ordinary people in the secular world, it was equivalent to an eternity.

As for the powerful existences like Holy Spirit Warlocks and Warlock Emperors, with the cleansing of time, their souls will decay and eventually die. This was the first time Yang Feng heard that a Holy Spirit Warlock wanted to be resurrected.

Yang Feng contemplated for a while, and then his eyes flickered with determination: “Okay! If its within my power and doesnt violate my path, then I can promise to help you resurrect!”

Yang Feng has vaguely guessed that the resurrection of the Brilliant Sage wont be so simple, but for the Mysterious Gold God Iron, a primary material for forging Empyrean grade secret treasures, he was still willing to take the risk.

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