Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 516 – Beckoning Tower

Chapter 515 – Time Texts First Nine Volumes

Translator: Xaiomoge

In a secret chamber, an ordinary-looking young man wearing a mask suddenly trembled, opened his eyes, and roared like a beast, eyes filled with ire: “Fucking bastard, how dare you to take my Mysterious Gold God Iron! I will never forgive you!”

With An Gui as the core, quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread in all directions and set off violent waves in the secret room. After An Gui vented, he spread the fingers of his hand, and a black mirror appeared in front of him. He flicked his fingers, and a ray of black light entered the mirror.

Ripples rose in the mirror. After a while, a voice that sounded both male and female was transmitted from the mirror: “An Gui, whats the matter?”

“Windcatcher, what geniuses have recently emerged in the Battle Demon Sect? Im looking for a genius who cultivated the Battle Demon Secret Method to the Black Battle Demon realm and has formed a virtual world, and they must be below the Moonlight Warlock rank.”

“Theres only one person who meets all the criteria – Yang Feng, a personal disciple of the Great Elder Huang Yihe. With pinnacle Great Warlock rank cultivation base, he once defeated the Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang who has formed a virtual world in the Battle Demon Sect! If there ares no other hidden genius in the Battle Demon Sect, then it should be him.”

“An Gui, you should have suffered a big loss in the Brilliant Ancient Capital this time! If I didnt guess wrong, you should have been defeated by Yang Feng. You should have 12 Moonlight Warlock rank golems in your possession. To be defeated by him, Yang Fengs strength must be fearsome. What secret treasure does he have that he was able to surpass you?” Windcatchers neither male nor female voice sounded.

An Gui analyzed quickly: “He should be an expert who has formed a virtual world, is proficient in the law of space, fights like a Body-tempering Warlock, and has an armor secret treasure. The armor is extremely powerful, and should be a level-7 or level-8 secret treasure. It has super strong defensive power, and can provide the user with great strength.”

Although the fight between An Gui and Yang Feng was very short, but it was sufficient to infer a lot of information. This illustrated the combat awareness of a top genius combatant.

Many Warlocks wont easily reveal their cards because the fights between Warlocks are varied and unpredictable. Using specific spells to neutralize specific secret treasures, using targeting secret methods, those human Warlocks can overcome their opponent from a position of weakness.

Windcatchers voice echoed: “Can he join the True God Temple and become one of us?”

Killing intent flitted across An Guis eyes, and he said frigidly: “He is my enemy, my mortal enemy. I will kill him no matter what! No one is allowed to attack or recruit him!”

Windcatchers voice became gentle and touching, like a girls: “It seems that Yang Feng has obtained a rare treasure of the Brilliant Sage in the Brilliant Sage Capital, and even you are quite tempted by it. Now Im rather curious about the treasure he obtained. An Gui, can you tell me?”

An Guis eyes flickered, and he uttered indifferently: “It was a piece of first-rate material for forging golems. If I can obtain that material, I am sure to advance to a Bright World Warlock, and even might advance to an Infinity Warlock in the future.”

Mysterious Gold God Iron was an Empyrean rank secret treasure primary material. If this matter reached an infinity Warlock, then there would be nothing An Gui could do. No matter how heaven-defying his aptitude was, but a Starry Sky Warlock couldnt compete with an Infinity Warlock.

Windcatcher chuckled: “A mere piece of first-rate material wouldnt put you in such a bad mood!”

“Goodbye!” An Gui waved his hand, and the image in the mirror disappeared.

An Guis voice filled with killing intent resounded in the area: “Yang Feng of the Battle Demon Sect, the next time we meet will be when you die!”

Within a hall of the Brilliant Sage Tower, light shone, and Yang Feng appeared in the hall.

In a corner of the hall, there was a golden bookshelf located, on top of which lied neatly placed parchment scrolls. On a dais, there floated ten halos, four of which were already empty. Obviously, the secret treasures inside the four halos have been taken away. Now only six secret treasures exuding terrific fluctuations of power remained.

As soon as Yang Feng entered the hall, a string of data streaked across his mind, informing him that all the secret methods placed on the golden shelf as well as three of the secret treasures placed in the six halos can be taken away. The moment he takes out the third secret treasure, he will be teleported out of the Brilliant Ancient Capital.

Yang Feng stopped before the golden bookshelf and took the parchment scrolls.

Each of the parchment contained a very precious secret method that could be cultivated until the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. But unfortunately, you had to possess archgod bloodline to be able to practice them.

The human Warlocks who have followed the Time Lord were mostly hybrids born from the union of humans and archgods, and the Time Lord was also such a hybrid.

With his supreme wisdom, the Time Lord created Orthodox Warlock secret methods during the 1st Warlock Dynasty era so that pure human Warlocks could also practice cultivation. But in the 1st Warlock Dynasty era, hybrids with archgod bloodline were still the strongest powerhouses, and secret methods that focused on purifying archgod bloodline of hybrids and making them evolve into archgods were the top secret methods.

“Thunder Emperor Nine Transformations, this is an Empyrean rank secret method!” Yang Feng took a look at one of the three most precious and important gray parchments placed on the golden bookshelf, and astonishment flashed in his eyes.

Thunder Emperor was a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse of the archgod era. According to legend, after the Time Lord advanced to a Warlock Emperor, he took his sweet time before he went to challenge the Thunder Emperor because he wasnt sure that he could win.

For some unknown reason, the two archgods the Thunder Emperor and the Flame Emperor fought and wounded each others sources. Eventually the Time Lord and his 12 Holly Spirit Warlocks and 108 Warlock Monarchs surrounded the Thunder Emperor. Following a fierce fighting that took three days and three nights, the Thunder Emperor was killed.

When the Thunder Emperor died and the Flame Emperor disappeared, no one in the Cangzhi Plane was the opponent of the Time Lord. After he killed the Thunder Emperor, the Time Lord only grew stronger and stronger, not suffering any defeat.

Reportedly, the Time Lord has injured his source in the battle with the Thunder Emperor. Triggered by this old wound, he died prematurely, which led to the collapse of the 1st Warlock Dynasty.

The number of Empyrean grade secret methods was very low. Humans only had seven publicly known Empyrean grade secret methods, while the Dawn Text created by the Dawn Lord was considered to only be a pinnacle Sage grade secret method. In addition to the seven human Empyrean grade secret methods, there were also quite a few Empyrean secret methods created by archgods, dragons, and other races.

In the 2nd Warlock Dynasty era, the Taboo Lord researched the Empyrean secret methods he plundered from other races before he finally created the Taboo Text.

Each complete Empyrean grade secret method contained the blood and sweat of a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse as well as research on the path they walked.

There was no Empyrean grade secret method that would become outdated. The various secret methods created by modern human Warlocks were all developed with the seven human Empyrean grade secret methods as the core combined with the countless secret methods created by experts from other planes.

Although the Empyrean grade secret method Thunder Emperor Nine Transformations could only be cultivated by archgod Warlocks with Thunder Emperor bloodline, but other people could also learn a lot from it and create new secret methods.

“Flame Emperor Secret Method!” Yang Feng grasped the second parchment scroll, and excitement glimmered in his eyes.

The Flame Emperor was an expert of the same rank as the Thunder Emperor. Before the Time Lord has promoted to a Warlock Emperor, he has been chased by the Flame Emperor repeatedly. But after the Time Lord was promoted to a Warlock Emperor, the two people fought no longer. They were apprehensive of each other.

After the Thunder Emperor died, the Flame Emperor disappeared. According to legend, because the injuries he suffered in the battle with the Thunder Emperor were too grievous, the Flame Emperor ultimately died.

“Time Texts first nine volumes!” When he opened the third parchment scroll, a scorching ray flashed in his eyes: “Time Text, its actually the Time Text. Im so lucky. My harvest this time is really great!”

The Empyrean grade secret methods the Time Text created by the Time Lord contained the law of time, and was extremely powerful.

In his prime, the Time Lord wielded the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Wheel of Time. The light released by the Wheel of Time could reverse or accelerate time, which in turn could even make Holy Spirit Warlocks age or rejuvenate.

Numerous experts from other races have once besieged and injured the Time Lord of Time. Among these experts, there was no lack of Holy Spirit Warlocks. Unable to receive a single strike from the Wheel of Time, these experts died in the aftermath.

The Time Text contained the crystallization of the Time Lords comprehension of the law of time. Since the 1st Warlock Dynasty, fewer than 100 people have cultivated the original version of the Time Text. But the people who did cultivate it were all peerless geniuses of an era. They were almost invincible in the same rank.

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