Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 517 – Adriana

Chapter 516 – Beckoning Tower

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There was a total of 12 volumes in the original version of the Time Text. After going trough the Eight Warlock Dynasties, after countless battles and scrambles, parts of the Time Text have fallen into the hands of different major forces. Within the Battle Demon Sect, there was a one-fourth of a volume of the Time Text.

The complete nine volumes of the Time Text were of great value. Even if you cant directly practice the secret methods recorded in the Time Text, but you can still gain great enlightenment from it and study various other secret methods.

Although there were only 12 volumes of the Time Text, but it possessed great depth and width. In addition to the secret methods created by the Time Lord, there were also many methods and skills cultivated by Orthodox Warlocks recorded.

Although there were only nine volumes of the Time Text here, but they were still far more valuable than the Thunder Emperor Nine Transformations and the Flame Emperor Secret Method. After all, the Time Text was a secret method that human Warlocks could cultivate, while the two other secret methods could only be cultivated by archgod Bloodline Warlocks with Thunder Emperor and Flame Emperor bloodlines.

After collecting all the parchment scrolls on the golden bookshelf, Yang Feng went to the six halos and looked carefully.

Inside the six halos, there were placed a bronze halberd, a green bow, a golden seal, a ring, a long black box, and a bronze shield.

“World Ring! Shoot the Heavens Bow! Mountain Shield! Come here!” When Yang Feng called the names of the three secret treasures, the respective halos shattered, and the three treasures inside turned into three golden rays that entered his hand.

As soon as the three treasures fell into Yang Fengs hands, a light shone, and he disappeared. He was teleported out of the Brilliant Ancient Capital.

A weird spatial force shrouded him. In the next moment, he appeared in a strange valley.

“Caught one!”

“Ha-ha, this Beckoning Tower is really powerful!”


Yang Feng looked around, and saw that there were 26 Warlocks, most of which were Starry Sky Warlocks, standing around. The group was led by a junior Moonlight Warlock and an intermediate Moonlight Warlock.

In the middle of the valley, there stood a 10-meter-tall tower covered in numerous mysterious runes. The small tower radiated green light that rose into the air and formed weird spatial passages.

The 26 Warlocks were short and of a dark yellow tone of skin, and they exuded violent, bloody, and murderous auras. They were clearly vicious people who murdered countless people.

The junior Moonlight Warlock in a yellow robe stared at Yang Feng with cold and insidious killing intent and said in a frigid voice: “Young fellow, hand over all the treasures you have, and youll leave! Otherwise, this place will the your tomb.”

Yang Feng frowned: “Who are you people?”

There was a chilly glint in the sole eye of a quasi-Moonlight Warlock, and he spoke frigidly: “We are from the Budaganha Blood Group. Little shit, hand over all the treasures you got from the Brilliant Ancient Capital! Or else, we will peel off your skin inch by inch, seal your cultivation base, and roast you.”

“Budaganha Blood Group? Never heard of it! With Moonlight Warlock rank experts, if you were from the Fuso Subcontinent, then I would definitely have heard of you. In other words, youre not from the Fuso Subcontinent. You should be scum who came to rob Warlocks who left the Brilliant Ancient Capital. However, since you provoked me, youre out of luck. Go and die!” There was a flash of killing intent in his eyes. Yang Feng pressed the dimensional badge on his chest, and a black light shone. The ark battlestar suddenly appeared. Floating in midair, numerous artilleries covering the ark battlestar flickered, and a dense rain of light beams barreled towards the 26 Warlocks.

Under the bombardment, the magic shields and life force fields around six Starry Sky Warlocks were smashed, and the Warlocks disappeared.

Countless starry sky rippers lunged towards the remaining Warlocks at Mach 10 speed.

“Youre courting death! When I catch you, Ill skin you, break your bones inch by inch, and dig out your eyes and heart!” Eyes shot with blood, the junior Moonlight Warlock screamed in rage and belched a stream of scarlet flame barreling towards Yang Feng.

The space in the surroundings of the scarlet flames distorted.

His gaze ice-cold, Yang Feng extended his hand and a whirlpool suddenly emerged, swallowed the scarlet flames, and pulled it into the semi-plane. Next, he operated the Battle Demon Secret Treasure, and a black Battle Demon Armor covered his whole body.

“Die!” Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed with his finger, and Nine Revolutions Divine Wind suddenly appeared and turned into a violent storm that swept towards the junior Moonlight Warlock.

The face of the junior Moonlight Warlock fell, and he silently recited an incantation. Green seals appeared abruptly and formed a wind elemental hexagram barrier. The junior Moonlight Warlock was an Elemental Warlock.

Without being restrained, the Elemental Warlock was definitely the most powerful in the opposing group.

“Elemental Warlock! Unfortunately, you dont have a corresponding elemental secret treasure, Or else, you could barely fight me!” Yang Feng smiled coldly, and the Nine Revolutions Divine Wind instantly shrouded the wind hexagram barrier, and then shredded the barrier along with the junior Moonlight Warlock in an instant.

“You killed Batag! I will eat you alive!”

When Yang Feng instakilled the junior Moonlight Warlock, the eyes of the intermediate Moonlight Warlock flickered fiercely, and he stimulated the power of bloodline inside him. His figure blurred, and he turned into a 100-meter-tall magma giant shrouded in flames. He roared.

Magma giants were giants who lived in magma, and they could innately manipulate fire force. They were powerful existences that could fight with dragons and ogres.

“Unfortunately, I want to kill you, not exchange pointers with you!” Yang Feng snapped his fingers, and the primary artillery of the ark battlestar suspended in the air flashed, and a brilliant pillar of light crushed into the magma giant and directly vaporized its upper body.

“So strong! This guy is so strong!”

“Hes a monster!”


When the Starry Sky Warlocks saw this, glints of horror streaked past their eyes, and they blurred into motion and turned into streams of light fleeing in different directions.

With the two Moonlight Warlocks dead, even though the remaining Starry Sky Warlocks added together had the power to fight a Moonlight Warlock, but they still werent willing to fight to the death.

“You want to run? Fat chance!” Yang Feng smiled coldly. Looking like an invincible demon god, he spread the fingers of his hand, the law of space surged, and spatial mirrors appeared in front of the fleeing Starry Sky Warlocks and swallowed them.

The spatial mirrors suddenly appeared in another location. The Starry Sky Warlocks have just left the spatial mirrors, when a rain of beams shooting from the ark battlestar killed them in less than a second.

Engineering robots flew out from the ark battlestar and searched for the remains of the Starry Sky Warlocks.

“These guys were really cruel. So many people died tragically at their hands.” Yang Feng scanned the gathered storage treasures with his spirit force and frowned.

In the storage treasures, he found many corpses of Warlocks, many of which showed signs of abuse. Any normal person would feel nauseated by this, and have a great desire to kill those scum.

“So Im in the Indov Subcontinent now. People here practice rather queer secret methods. Similar to the sacrifices to evil gods, they draw strength from human suffering. In this subcontinent, theres a hidden force with a Glorious Dawn Warlock. Thats not someone whom I can provoke for the moment!” From the heads of the Warlocks Yang Feng has killed, he quickly gained a lot of information. He frowned after reviewing the information.

Not unlike archdevils [1] and fiends, the evil secret methods human Warlocks practiced in the Indov Subcontinent were focused on extracting power from the suffering and despair of intelligent life forms.

Just like gods drew strength from the faith of intelligent life forms, so did evil gods, archdevils, fiends, and darkness gods drew strength from the suffering, fear, despair, and other negative emotions of intelligent life forms.

Yang Feng mused: “The Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks have declined after all. If it was in the eras of the Eight Warlock Dynasties, unless there was a tacit consent from the Warlock Dynasties, no one would dare to cultivate such secret methods. Just an Infinity Warlock could level places like the Fuso Subcontinent and the Indov Subcontinent.


[1] – ancient devil was changed to archdevil

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