Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 518 – Stupa City

Chapter 517 – Adriana

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If it was in the eras of the Eight Warlock Dynasties, subcontinents like the Fuso Subcontinent who practiced evil god secret methods would be directly suppressed and purged by a Warlock army led by an Infinity Warlocks. By then, the evil gods who seduced humans to degenerate would be captured and turned into research materials.

Although the four dynasties the Great Cloud Dynasty, the Brest Dynasty, the Bajur Dynasty, and the Kadred Dynasty have the power to crush low-level subcontinents like the Fuso Subcontinent, but since they were apprehensive of and restricted one another, they didnt step in rashly to deal with those subcontinent.

After all, there was an Infinity Warlock rank evil god backstage manipulator behind the Fuso Subcontinent, and the waters of the Indov Subcontinent were also murky. As they had to use their main forces to guard their territory, the four dynasties couldnt send too many experts to defend these subcontinents.

Yang Feng glanced at the Beckoning Tower, showed a smile, and beckoned with his hand, and the tower entered his hand directly: “To be able to intercept the Brilliant Ancient Capitals random teleportation, this Beckoning Tower is really something. Alchemists are really frightening.”

The Beckoning Tower was a level-7 secret treasure. Although it couldnt be used in combat, but it could be used for spatial interference. To be able to interfere with random teleportation and lead people to the secret treasure, it was a very unique secret treasure.

“Since Im here, then I might as well make a base here first! With a secret base here, I can travel freely to and from this subcontinent.” Yang Fengs thoughts revolved, and then he collected all the treasures and restrained his aura fully. Using Earth Escape and drawing support from earth force, he disappeared.

With a top grade warp gate, so long as he established a secret base in the Indov Subcontinent, the subcontinent will become his back garden to and from which he can travel freely. This was the advantage of top grade warp gates.

Warp gate technology was the core technology of the xizu. Every area ruled by the xizu had multiple warp gates, assuring that xizu fleets could quickly travel to any corner of the universe to suppress any opposition.

In the Cangzhi Plane, there were teleportation arrays, which not unlike warp gates, allow human Warlocks to quickly cross tens of thousands of kilometers.

However, teleportation arrays were very difficult to manufacture. They required first-rate Alchemists and countless materials to be produced. As for xizu warp gates, they could be manufactured in batches. This showcased the gap between the two civilizations.

By relying on the spell Energywatch, Yang Feng checked the flow of life magic energy in the heaven and earth, and then headed towards the direction where the concentration was the thinnest.

The denser the concentration of life magic energy was in a place, the more experts will gather there. Warlocks only built Warlock towers in places where the concentration of life magic energy was dense.

After crossing a forest, a heavily armed caravan several kilometers long appeared in front of Yang Feng.

When they saw Yang Feng, the atmosphere in the caravan turned tense.

Two guards stepped forward, pointed at Yang Feng with their bows, and barked: “Who are you?”

Yang Feng glanced at the caravan and immediately understood its circumstances.

The guards of the caravan were ordinary people with advanced Warrior rank strength at most. There was a total of 55 guards in the caravan. Additionally, there was also an Apprentice Warlock in the caravan. The Apprentice Warlock was sitting in a luxurious carriage in the caravan.

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “My name is Ian, an ordinary traveler who travels the world.”

After they heard Yang Fengs answer, the two guards unconsciously lowered their weapons.

A guard revealed a gentle smile and said: “In this case, please leave. The Taran Caravan doesnt welcome strangers. Tell me where you wanna go, and Ill show you the way.”

The complexion of the guard commander suddenly changed dramatically, a dignified look appeared in his eyes, and he quickly moved in the direction of the luxurious carriage in the caravan.

The guard commander uttered, a respectful expression on his face: “Miss, a stranger emerged from the Autumn Leaf Forest and came to our caravan. I suspect that hes a powerful official Warlock or an Apprentice Warlock.”

A soft voice came from a carriage: “Whats your reasoning?”

The guard commander whispered: “Taj and Doug are irritable and unruly by nature. They dont even submit to me. When the two of them met the stranger just now, they became docile. Only extraordinary strength can produce such a change!”

Yang Feng was surprised when he heard that, and he took a careful look at the guard commander.

Yang Feng was comparable to a god in terms of strength. He didnt need to cast any spells. As long as he willed, he could freely manipulate ordinary people with his tremendous spirit force. With a thought, he could make the guard commander view him and as his life-savior.

Yang Fengs small display altered the senses of the two guards. Feeling that he was very amiable, they became friendly to him. Without the release of fluctuations of magic, even Moonlight Warlocks wouldnt be able to tell that he has acted.

Although the guard commander wasnt strong, but his power of observation was surprisingly strong. He could tell that something was off at a glance, and went to report.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and mused, rueful: “Many ordinary people have their merits. Unfortunately, their strength is really too weak.”

Although the guard commander was very clever, and his response was appropriate, but their fate was still within the palm of Yang Fengs hand. No matter what they plotted, they couldnt do anything to Yang Feng.

A soft voice came out of the luxurious carriage: “To affect the thinking and nature of people, he must be stronger than an official Warlock. We must pay him our respects. Otherwise, if he gets angry, everyone in the caravan will die.”

Warlocks were far stronger that ordinary people. As a result, in many places, Warlocks didnt view ordinary people as their kind. Only in the four dynasties were there strict laws that prohibited Warlocks from slaughtering ordinary people. Of course, even in the Great Cloud Dynasty, there were still many evils hidden in the corners of the dynasty.

A beautiful girl with wheat-colored skin, a height of about 1.70 meters, short hair, youthful vigor, full lips, and a sexy and well developed body dressed in clothing made from the leather of extraordinary life forms alighted the luxurious carriage.

As soon as the short-haired girl stepped out of the carriage, the eyes of countless young men in the caravan were deeply attracted by her.

The short-haired girl had a level-3 Apprentice Warlock cultivation base. She looked deeply at Yang Feng, and a flash of surprise appeared in her beautiful eyes: “Why doesnt he have a life force field? Is he just an ordinary person? Or does his strength exceed the level of a formal Warlock by far?”

As a level-3 Apprentice Warlock, the short-haired girl has seen several level-1 Warlocks and even one level-2 Warlock. Each one of them emitted powerful life force fields, which intimidated an Apprentice Warlock like her at first sight. She was surprised that she couldnt see a life force field around Yang Feng.

As her thoughts revolved lightning fast, the short-haired girl walked up to Yang Feng and greeted him deferentially, a fragrance wafting out from her: “Level-3 Apprentice Warlock Adriana greets you, Sir. Sir, may I ask if you are a Warlock?”

When the guards saw Adriana saluting Yang Feng, surprise emerged in their eyes. They knew very well how proud thus girl was. She didnt give face even to many aristocrats. But after hearing her question, the guards showed looks of understanding.

A Warlock, an official Warlock was a bigwig in this area. Even those arrogant aristocrats would have to bow their proud head and show humility before an official Warlock.

Yang Feng answered indifferently: “Yes, I am a Warlock.”

Adriana uttered even more respectfully: “Our caravan is going to the Stupa City. Would you like to go with us, Sir?”

Ordinary Warlocks below the Starry Sky Warlock rank always exude a powerful life force field. Only after they evolved into Starry Sky Warlocks, can they channel all their power into the starry sky core, making them look ordinary. By then, it was difficult for others to see through their strength.

Although Adriana didnt know this, but she understood that a Warlock who could restrain their life force field was far stronger than she could imagine. She didnt dare to show the other party any disrespect.

With their inhuman strength, many official Warlocks didnt care about the lives of ordinary people. If they encountered a depraved Warlock who liked to hunt humans for wicked experiments, then everyone in this caravan will die.

Yang Feng replied: “Alright! I was also thinking of going to the Stupa City.”

“Please board the chariot, Sir!” Adriana had the luxurious carriage come out of the caravan, and then Yang Feng boarded the luxurious carriage without a trace of politeness.

After entering the luxurious carriage, Yang Feng said flatly: “1,000 meters ahead, theres a group of soldiers. They have 321 people, 136 horses, and three Knights. They set up an ambush at the hillside.”

Adrianas face flickered, and she uttered even more respectfully: “Thank you, Sir!”

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