Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 518 – Stupa City

The ambush of more than 300 ordinary soldiers was almost a matter of life and death, rise and fall for this little caravan. But in front of an expert like Yang Feng, it was just a trifle.

Andreas countenance changed a number of times, and then her pretty eyes finally glimmered with resolve: “Sir, I have a big secret I want to tell you!”

Yang Fengs expression remained unchanged.

There was no way something that a trifling level-3 Apprentice Warlock would mention could pique Yang Fengs interest. In the caravan, Adriana was like a goddess, receiving the adoration of numerous guards. But compared with Eunice, her looks and temperament were not on the same level. She couldnt move Yang Feng at all.

“The lord of the Stupa City Molledo suddenly became perverse three years ago and killed ordinary people and Warlocks everywhere. The Stupa City has become a hell on earth. On the surface, were going to the Stupa City to do commerce, but in reality, our purpose is to collect evidence of Molledos evil deeds. After we gather evidence of Molledos perverse acts, the Sword of Light will send powerhouses to kill him.”

“Molledo was already a level-2 Warlock three years ago. After he changed to an evil secret method, his strength should have risen quickly. He might be a level-3 Warlock by now. Sir, it will be very dangerous if you go to the Stupa City. You may be captured and turned into a sacrificial offering to an evil art at any time.” Adriana spoke with a solemn look on her face.

There was a queer gleam in Yang Fengs eyes: “Level-3 Warlock?”

In the Fuso Subcontinent, the royal guards in his palace were composed of Great Warlock rank experts. A level-3 Warlock didnt even have the qualifications to join his royal guards.

Yang Feng closed his eyes and said lightly: “I got it!”

“He showed no fear after hearing the words level-3 Warlock. Could he be more powerful than a level-3 Warlock? In other words, hes a Great Warlock!” Adriana mused and took her leave respectfully.

Two days later, the Stupa City exuding an ancient, desolate, and declining aura appeared in front of the caravan.

On the road to the Stupa City, there was one cross after another inserted in the ground. There were corpses, many of which were covered with insect repellent, nailed to the crosses. The bodies were littered with lacerations, which were signs of torture. It was a gruesome sight.

Yang Feng swept the road filled with crosses and frowned: “What crimes did these people commit that they deserved to be killed?”

When it came to enemies, Yang Feng wasnt lenient, and killed them without mercy. But when it came to ordinary people, he judged them according to the law. He would only kill some of the most reprehensible criminals.

When Yang Feng was in the Feisuo Plane, he has set up several corpse forests in the Red Earth Wasteland, and there he hung the bodies of thieves, murderers, and slave hunters to scare away the scum.

Adriana looked at the crosses on both sides of the road with anger in her eyes: “Most of these people were innocent, yet they were tortured to death by Molledo. As for the scum and dregs, they have become his subordinates. The Stupa City is now a hell on earth. If it wasnt for the fact that the market in the Stupa City is highly profitable, no one would come here to do business.”

Yang Feng frowned: “They kill innocent people indiscriminately?”

Yang Feng didnt take Adrianas words at face value. Unless he used detection spells, he couldnt readily believe a person who has been with him for less than 10 days. In the world of Warlocks, people who readily believe others can die easily.

After the Taran Caravan paid the entrance toll, the guards at the gate watched the caravan enter the city with a peculiar gleam in their eyes.

Inside the Stupa City, Yang Feng saw very few pedestrians on the streets, and the doors of the houses were closed. Few people came out to do business. Even the few people that could be seen on the streets were rushing with numb faces, looking like walking dead.

A group of men on horseback clamoring in excitement rushed their way.

Yang Feng glanced at the people, and frigid killing intent flickered in his eyes.

They were roughly 18 or 19 years of old. With cruel and ruthless expressions on their faces, each of them dragged a naked woman behind their horses. Injured due to the friction, the women screamed repeatedly. But the men laughed in excitement.

His gaze ice-cold, Yang Feng mused: “Devil in human skin, that should refer to scum like them. It seems that this Stupa City has indeed decayed to the extreme.”

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