Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 521 – Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint

Chapter 520 – Left Hand of the Brilliant Sage

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The female Warlock with long blue hair took out a vial of elixir and downed it. As if an old witch who has performed evil experiments, her face that was covered with pockmarks and even some burnt traces squirmed and quickly turned beautiful.

When Adriana saw the beautiful face, she immediately took a step forward and performed a salute, saying: “Lady Ellie!”

Ellie glanced at Adriana with a dignified look in her eyes: “And you are?”

In Ellies eyes, Adriana who was a mere Apprentice Warlock was just a small character. Ellie didnt remember having met this person.

Adriana replied respectfully: “I am Adriana, a level-3 Warlock Apprentice of the Sword of Light.”

As a powerful level-3 Warlock, Ellie had a very high status in the Sword of Light. She was Adrianas idol.

“Its you!” There was a flash of sudden understanding in Ellie eyes, and she nodded towards Adriana. Next, she strode to in front of Yang Feng and saluted respectfully: “Well met, Sir! How do I address you?”

Yang Feng responded flatly: “My name is Ian!”

With that, he strode towards Molledos villa. He could vaguely feel that there was something in the villa calling him.

When she saw Yang Feng leave, Ellie hesitated, and then gritted her teeth, ready to follow him. But then she heard a voice ringing in her ears: “Since you are a spy, you should have an understanding of the Stupa City. Tidy up the city! Kill anyone who committed unforgivable crimes.”

Ellie uttered respectfully: “Yes! Sir!”

Now that all the Warlocks in the Stupa City have been wiped out, the level-3 Warlock Ellie coupled with the level-3 Apprentice Warlock Adriana as well as the caravan guards could take complete control of the city.

Yang Feng came to Molledos villa. After passing through several corridors, he came into a secret room.

When he pushed open the door to the secret room, he saw a bloody altar with a strange black sculpture of a handsome man with three vertical eyes placed in the middle.

Next to the bloody altar, there was a pool of blood. The blood in the pool churned and emitted a disgusting smell. In the center of the blood pool, there was a black tray with what looked like the left hand of an ordinary human placed on top.

“This is the left hand of the Brilliant Sage! That despicable beast wanted to use the negative force of humans to erode and transform this left hand into an evil secret treasure!”

As soon as Yang Feng saw the left hand in the middle of the pool of blood, he suddenly “understood” that it was the left hand of the Brilliant Sage.

Not unlike the bodies of extraordinary life forms, the bodies of human Warlocks at the Moonlight Warlock rank and above were top forging materials.

Holy Spirit Warlocks were pinnacle existences at the summit of human Warlocks. Since ancient times, no matter the era, they were the most powerful group of people.

Reportedly, of the 12 Holy Spirit Warlocks who followed the Time Lord, quite a few of them were only slightly weaker than the Time Lord himself. The Brilliant Sage was one of the most powerful Holy Spirit Warlocks. At the time, he even opposed the Time Lord at one point. He was eventually defeated by the Time Lord, and became a follower.

In the 1st Warlock Dynasty era, the 12 Holy Spirit Warlocks who followed the Time Lord were most powerful experts, and they even defeated many Holy Spirit Warlock rank experts from other races.

Even after hundreds of thousands of years, the left hand of the Brilliant Sage still shows no signs of decay. His fleshly body already had a trace of immortality, which was a characteristic that only Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses possessed.

At the time, the Brilliant Sage was only a step away from advancing to the Warlock Emperor rank. But it the end, he was born in the wrong era. He was no match to the Time Lord. Otherwise, he was likely to establish hos own human Warlock Dynasty.

Every Warlock Emperor has cultivated their fleshly body to the point of immortality. Without being refined or destroyed by others, their fleshly body will never decay.

It was easy to cultivate the fleshly body, but not the soul. No matter how powerful you are, the soul will eventually decay and extinguish. Once the soul extinguishes, even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses wont escape death.

The reason why the gods possessed such long longevity was because the gods use the faith of countless people to open up a world with special rules. By absorbing the faith force of intelligent life forms that contained a trace of soul force, they could stay in their divine country and have a lifespan of millions of years.

With its trace of immortality, the left hand of the Brilliant Sage was a first-rate material for crafting secret treasures. The statue of an evil existence has manipulated Molledo to make all kinds of cruel and brutal. Using the despair, jealousy, cruelty, and other negative forces to erode the left hand of the Brilliant Sage, that evil existence wanted to refine the left hand into an evil secret treasure.

Yang Feng flicked a finger, and Seven Color Skyfire suddenly emerged, and then turned into a flame dragon and pounced on the statue.

The evil statue absorbed the surrounding negative force, and a Starry Sky Warlock rank evil aura suddenly spread out from it as if it has come to live. It threatened in a neither male nor female voice: “Petty human, you dare to profane a true god? I will curse you, curse your offsprings. The men will be slaves and the women will be prostitutes!”

Black light shot out from the statues three vertical eyes.

Seven Color Skyfire surged and immediately engulfed the black light along with the evil statue.

The face of the evil statue twisted, and it screamed in panic: “Impossible! You are a Starry Sky Warlock? No, a Moonlight Warlock? How could it be, how could there be a Moonlight Warlock here?”

In a place like the Sputa City where life magic energy was thin, a Great Warlock was enough to proclaim hegemony. As for Moonlight Warlocks, without a special reason, they would never stay in a small place like this.

“This is a clone! You idiot, you actually sent a clone here! Thats just perfect. Now I can test the secret methods recorded in the Demonic Divine Text!” Yang Fengs eyes lit up, and he showed a smile. He pointed with his finger, and an imprint engraved with countless seals, exuding a profound and overbearing aura suddenly appeared and shot towards the evil statue.

Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint was an Empyrean grade secret treasure made by the Demonic Divine Lord of the 3rd Warlock Dynasty. In the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint, there were 108 Holy Spirit Warlock, 1,865 Warlock Monarch, and 108,000 Infinity Warlock rank demonic and divine life forms.

When the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint appears, it will extract the power of the sealed demonic and divine life forms. In its wake, any powerful existences will be easily killed or absorbed into the imprint to serve as food for the creatures inside.

Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint was also a powerful secret method recorded in the Demonic Divine Text. You could use it to seal many powerful demonic and divine life forms. Once sealed by the imprint, the demonic and divine life forms will never be able to free themselves.

In the 3rd Warlock Dynasty era, demonic and divine life forms made sure to steer clear from the Demonic Divine Lord. Wherever the Demonic Divine Lord appeared, gods, demons, devils, and other powerful life forms hid or fled. They didnt dare to show their faces for fear of being caught by the Demonic Divine Lord and sealed in the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint.

Because the Demonic Divine Lord was too overbearing and tyrannical, that after his death, countless powerful beings spared no cost and went to the Cangzhi Plane and madly fought with the human Warlocks, which eventually led to the collapse of the 3rd Warlock Dynasty. At the same time, the Demonic Divine Text was scattered in all directions during the war.

If it werent for the fact that the Fuso God Tree hasnt participated in any battles of the Cangzhi Plane, it would be impossible for it to preserve the full version of the Demonic Divine Text to this day.

When the evil statue saw the imprint, its face distorted, its heart shook, and it shrieked: “Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint! Its the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint! Why do you have this secret method?”

A chaotic aura spread from the evil statue. This Starry Sky Warlock rank clone was about to detonate.

The Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint landed on the evil statue, and countless chains formed from seals shot out from the imprint and tied the evil statue. At the same time, the chains extended into the void and followed the connection between the clone soul and the true body soul.

The Evil God Plane, within a palace, the space twisted, and black chains shot out and barreled towards an evil god embracing beautiful women. The evil god had three vertical eyes.

“Dammit, break!” The evil god felt a chill in his heart. Going all out, his three eyes released three beams of black light that barreled towards the black chains.

When the three beams of black light slammed into the black chains, they easily passed through them.

The chains formed from weird seals stabbed into the evil god, passed through his fleshly body, and tangled around his soul.

“True name! Say your real name! True name!” Strange thoughts shook the evil god clone souls and the true body soul as scorching flames rose from the black chains and burned the soul frantically.

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