Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 522 – Breaking Through the Heaven-man Boundary

Chapter 521 – Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint

Translator: Xaiomoge

Faced with the queer flames, the evil god issued painful howls.

The pain stemming from the flames burning the soul was 10 times more intense than the pain ordinary people feel when being burned by fire. Even with his firm will, it was still hard for the evil god to resist the pain from the soul being burned.

“My true name is Shahtoo Pold Atah…” A true name thousands of characters long escaped the Moonlight Warlock rank evil god. After he spoke the last word of his true name, he felt countless chains wrap around his soul and bind him firmly, unable to move.

When intelligent life forms advance to the Moonlight Warlock rank, they will get a true name. Each powerful existence has a different true name.

Once you grasp the true name of a powerful being, you can command or curse them.

Many people didnt know their true name after they promoted to the Moonlight Warlock rank. As such, interrogation was meaningless.

True names were the embodiment of the laws of the universe.

Trough pain and various mysterious laws, the unique secret method the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint could force the target to gaze into their soul and read out the true name inscribed in the deepest part of the soul.

Even powerful existences like the Time Lord would never tell their true name to other people. Otherwise, even a Holy Spirit Warlock could seriously wound them by means of their true name.

“From now on, I am your master, do you understand?” As soon as the eyes of the evil god regained clarity, a thought echoed in his sea of his knowledge.

The eyes of the Moonlight Warlock rank evil god widened, and he released an angry roar: “No! I will never yield!”

With his soul burned by the strange soul flame, the evil god emitted painful roars, and rolled on the ground.

In the hands of the Demonic Divine Lord, the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint has sealed 108 Holy Spirit Warlock rank beings. Those beings could not contend with the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint. Although Yang Feng only had a Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base, but the Moonlight Warlock rank evil god still couldnt contend against the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint.

Five minutes later, Dante rolling on the ground screeched miserably: “I surrender, I am willing to surrender to you! So Stop! Please stop!”

“That look of pain on your face is rather interesting! Burn for another 10 minutes. Lets see how tough you are. Hold on for another 10 minutes!” From Dantes soul came Yang Fengs ruthless voice.

Evil gods play with human souls and feed on suffering, despair, and other negative forces. Yang Feng naturally wont go soft on evil gods.

After 10 minutes of bitter struggle, Dante lying on the ground was sweating all over and panting heavily, his eyes filled with pain and fear.

“From now on, I am your master, do you understand?” Yang Fengs voice echoed again in the abyss of Dantes soul.

Dante responded respectfully: “Yes! I understand, Master! How do I address you, Master!”

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “Youll know who I am when you see me!”

As long as Yang Fengs Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint secret method wasnt broken, he could freely manipulate the Moonlight Warlock rank evil god Dante. When the two parties meet, Dante will “understand” that Yang Feng was his master.

Dante uttered deferentially: “Yes! Master!”

In the secret room, Yang Feng looked at the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint in his hand, and saw a black true name brand formed from countless seals swirling in the illusory imprint.

Yang Feng operated a secret method, and bright black light shone. Shortly after, he extracted the mysteries of the evil god Dantes cultivation secret methods.

An enigmatic gleam streaked past Yang Fengs eyes, and he exclaimed in praise: “So this is an Empyrean grade secret method created by the Demonic Divine Lord! Each demonic and divine creature that the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint seals, I can extract their cultivation secret methods and obtain numerous bodies of knowledge. Its no wonder that the Demonic Divine Lord was hell-bent on sealing them at that time.”

The Demonic Divine Lord was invincible in his time. However, after he ascended the throne, he still fought around and hunted demonic and divine creatures because of his thirst for knowledge and his desire to break through the Warlock Emperor boundary and become an eternal existence.

In the vast universe, there were countless races, many of which werent strong, yet had rather strange racial innate abilities. Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses were unparalleled. With a gesture, they could destroy a plane. They could pluck moons and stars like it was a piece of cake. But even they couldnt use magic to replicate the racial innate abilities of some races.

Those weird racial innate abilities may have a great connection with the law of eternal. Therefore, when creating a Warlock Dynasty, every human Warlock Emperor will choose to expand and explore other plane and look for ways to achieve eternal existence.

After he input all the knowledge he got from Dante into the database, Yang Feng tossed the Demonic Divine Empyrean Imprint into the semi-plane, and then his gaze fell on the left hand of the Brilliant Holy, a complicated look in his eyes.

He frowned: “I have just promised to help the Brilliant Holy to resurrect, and now his left hand appears before my eyes. These old monsters that die but dont topple over are really dreadful.”

The timing of the left hands appearance was too opportune. Despite as strong as he was, Yang Feng couldnt help but have a feeling that someone has manipulated fate, that it was out of his control.

Yang Feng silently chanted an incantation and cast detection spells on the left hand of the Brilliant Holy, but there was no response.

The left hand of the Brilliant Holy looked no different from the left hand of an ordinary person. As the holy force inside it was hidden, there was no reaction from the detection spells. If it wasnt for Yang Fengs “understanding”, it would be difficult to detect that this was the left hand of the awe inspiring Brilliant Holy.

Without sealing it with secret methods, the body of an ordinary Holy Spirit Warlock will radiate holy force at all times. Eventually, the holy force will dissipate and the body will decay.

Only Holy Spirit Warlocks like the Brilliant Holy who comprehended a trace of immortality could fully restrain the holy force inside their body, to the point that it wont decay even after 1 million years.

When he saw that there was no reaction from the detection spells, Yang Feng frowned: “It seems that with my current strength and knowledge, even if the Brilliant Holy does something, its not something that I can understand.”

Yang Fengs thoughts revolved lightning fast, and he made a decision: “How should I handle the left hand of the Brilliant Holy? I cant carry this thing on me. But since I promised to help him to resurrect, I cant discard it either. Ill seal it temporarily in this base!”

If the left hand of the Brilliant Holy along with other Holy grade materials were delivered to a Holy Spirit Warlock rank Alchemists, they may craft a Holy grade secret treasure that could seal the fate of forces on the level of the Ten Great Sects.

If Yang Feng had come across the left hand before he has promised the Brilliant Holy to help him resurrect, he would certainly find a way to make it into a secret treasure.

But since he has made the promise, then he could no longer use the other partys remains, or else, it may lead to disaster. The preparations made by a Holy Spirit Warlock were enough to annihilate the current Yang Feng, not to mention that the Brilliant Holy was a pinnacle existence among Holy Spirit Warlocks and only slightly inferior to Warlock Emperors.

Yang Feng grabbed the left hand of the Brilliant Holy and put it into a jade box, and then silently recited an incantation and pointed with his finger, and a black light shone. Strange seals appeared on the surface of the jade box and formed a weird pattern, which sealed the jade box.

Just when Yang Feng was about to seal the jade box in this secret room, he suddenly had a thought, and threw it into his storage ring: “Without being refined, the left hand of the Brilliant Holy is still a mighty treasure. It might save my life in a time of need. Its best to have it on me.”

Yang Feng quickly made arrangements in the secret room, and then took out a high grade warp gate, placed it in the secret room, and activated it.

Soon after, Yang Feng appeared in the secret chamber of a castle that he has bought in the Battle Demon Province.

After leaving the secret chamber, Yang Feng changed his identity, passed through a number of teleportation arrays, and finally returned to the Battle Demon Sect.

Warp gate technology was heaven defying, and in particular top grade warp gates which could enable a person to shuttle freely across two planes. Top grade warp gates were even better than planar passageways. Yang Feng didnt want to expose this treasure.

As soon as he returned to the Battle Demon Sect, Yang Feng went directly to his residence, where he drank tea made from the Mist Hollow God Tree leaves and promoted his soul aptitude.

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