Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 524 – Myriad Bones Shield and Imperial Space Sword

Chapter 523 – Another Breakthrough

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Shortly after the black pillar of light dissipated, a red pillar of light rose from Yang Fengs residence, shot into the clouds, and attracted a tremendous amount of life magic energy. Due to the laws of heaven and earth, countless seals appeared.

Seeing this scene, He Liannus eyes flashed with disbelief, and he blurted out: “His, his soul aptitude broke through again?”

Yu Jingangs eyes flashed with envy and jealousy, and he sighed faintly: “Once the soul aptitude breaks through to level-8, each consecutive rise will provoke an illusion of heaven and earth. Yang Fengs soul aptitude has broken through again!”

There was a flash of joy in Huang Yihes eyes, and he chuckled loudly: “Ha-ha, that young fellow seems to have gained a lot in the Brilliant Ancient Capital!”

Dumbfounded, Yue Wuxian quietly watched the red beam of light with a complicated look in her eyes. Originally, Shi Xue has begged her to take Yang Feng as a personal disciple, but since she couldnt stand the sight of him, she ignored her. She didnt expect that Yang Feng of whom she was originally dismissive would turn out to be a freakish genius who gradually upgraded his soul aptitude to intermediate level-8, which was only slightly inferior to Shi Xue.

As Yue Wuxian watched the red pillar of light, a gleam of regret streaked past her beautiful eyes. If she had accepted Yang Feng together with Shi Xue at that time, the Battle Demon Sect would be under her control in the future.

“Another breakthrough! How astounding!”

“Amazing, he still isnt done breaking through his soul aptitude!”


When the Warlocks saw the red beam of light, their expressions became exaggerated, and they commented spiritedly. Their eyes were filled with envy and jealousy.

After a while, the red pillar of light slowly disappeared.

No one left this time. Everyone looked at Yang Fengs dwelling with expectation in their eyes. They guessed that Yang Feng must have obtained a heaven-defying treasure capable of transforming his soul aptitude continuously.

It didnt take long for a white beam of light to rise from Yang Fengs residence.

He Liannu sighed, a complex look in his eyes: “Superior level-8! Hes now equally matched with Shi Xue in terms of soul aptitude!”

Eyes beaming, Yu Jingang uttered: “Maybe theres hope for Yang Feng to become a Holy Spirit Warlock!”

“Holy Spirit Warlock!”

Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian quivered, and their eyes flickered with an enigmatic light.”

Holy Spirit Warlocks are most powerful experts in heaven and earth. For a Holy Spirit Warlock, killing an Infinity Warlock with a strike and plucking heavenly bodies is a piece of cake.

Even mighty divine force rank experts with the support of a divine country and countless divine weapons cannot withstand a single blow of a Holy Spirit Warlock.

“Superior level-8! His soul aptitude has evolved to superior level-8!”

“How awesome!”

“Superior level-8 soul aptitude together with a virtual world, if he doesnt die prematurely, he will promote to a Bright World Warlock without suspense! A Bright World Warlock that can contend against Infinity Warlocks!”


The Warlocks around the Immortal Huang Palace watched the white beam with envy in their eyes. Superior level-8 soul aptitude can be described as heaven-defying. In the Great Cloud Dynasty, at least on the surface, only Yang Feng and Shi Xue have superior level-8 soul aptitude.

Of course, soul aptitude isnt everything. In history, there were many freakish geniuses with level-8 soul aptitude who die before they matured. But a higher soul aptitude meant that a Warlocks potential was greater.

After the white pillar of light slowly disappeared, the leaders of the various branches dispersed, complicated emotions in their hearts.

Yue Wuxian and the other two Bright World Warlocks hesitated for a while before finally leaving the Immortal Huang Palace.

Seven days later, Yang Feng opened his eyes slowly, and bright light radiated from his eyes.

In the dwelling, there is dust scattered everywhere. The dust came from from high grade magic crystals that were drained of life magic energy.

After his soul aptitude evolved into superior level-8, Yang Fengs cultivation base naturally broke through to the advanced Starry Sky Warlock rank from the intermediate Starry Sky Warlock rank and his strength increased by a notch.

Yang Feng grabbed a high grade magic crystal and quickly extracted the life magic energy inside. He clearly felt that 80% of the life magic energy was transformed into his life force.

In one breath, the high grade magic crystal was drained dry, and turned into dust.

“The higher the soul aptitude, the greater the results are when practicing cultivation.” Yang Feng showed a smile.

Before the evolution of his soul aptitude, it would take him five minutes to fully absorb the life magic energy from a high grade magic crystal and change it into life force. But now it only took one breath of time.

With a flick of his wrist, the Sage grade secret treasure World Ring appeared in his hand.

Yang Feng looked at the World Ring with a peculiar glint in his eyes: “It seems that the arrangements made by the Brilliant Sage have profound meaning!”

The four origin crystals hidden in the Desert of Wind, the Mountain of Fire, the Sea of Ice, and the Land of Gravity respectively can help a Warlock to evolve their semi-plane into a small world.

While the Sage grade secret treasure World Ring could stabilize a small world, making the small world stronger and harder to destroy.

The current semi-plane inside Yang Feng can be directly crushed by a powerful spell of a Glorious Dawn Warlock. But once it transformed into a small world, and was put into the World Ring. By then, even a Bright World Warlock wont be able to destroy the small world with a strike.

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and the four origin crystals entered the semi-plane in his sea of knowledge. At the same time, he quickly operated a secret method recorded in the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body.

As soon as the four origin crystals fell into Yang Fengs semi-plane, a wisp of primal chaos force rolled out, and the four origin crystals exploded and transformed into wind, fire, water, and earth elemental particles.

Violent winds rose, blazing flames spread, floods formed, and the land shook. Under the effect of the four origin crystals, the semi-plane shook, cracked, broke down, and recombined, and evolved in the direction of a small world.

Yang Feng operated a secret method, and mysterious seals welled up in his eyes- His pupils turned into Primal Chaos Magic Pupils, and he looked at the crumbling semi-plane.

In his view, at the same time as the semi-plane evolved towards a small world, countless mysterious natural seals appeared and formed a scene straight from some creation myth.

The apocalyptic-like scene in the semi-plane lasted for seven days.

Seven days later, the semi-plane has completely transformed into a small world. There was small sun made of pure fire elemental particles in the sky. In the small world, majestic winds blew, the land extended without end. The land was littered with mountains, hills, plains, and other terrains. There was also a sea that extended without end in the small world.

After this transformation, the semi-plane inside Yang Feng has become a small world more than 3,000 kilometers in radius. The small world was full of vitality, and could already host intelligent life.

Yang Feng willed, and the World Ring appeared in the small world.

As soon as the World Ring appeared, countless seals flew out of the ring and merged into the wold origin of the small world.

After he assimilated the Sage grade secret treasure the World Ring, no matter what powerhouse Yang Feng comes across, he can extract world force through the World Ring. Even if he is hit by a Glorious Dawn Warlock, it wont damage the small world inside.

The World Ring isnt an offensive secret treasure, but a precious secret treasure that can maintain and guard a small world inside. This secret treasure is very rare and extremely precious. Even if it is an Infinity Warlock, if they have formed a virtual world inside them, they would fight desperately for this secret treasure.

After the semi-plane evolved into a small world, his cultivation base also progressed from the advanced Starry Sky Warlock to the pinnacle Starry Sky Warlock realm.

After the small world stabilized, Yang Feng took out the Shoot the Heavens Bow and the Mountain Shield secret treasures. He hasnt ascertained the might of the two secret treasures. Although he has refined them somewhat, but he couldnt control them yet.

The higher the grade of a secret treasure, the more life force you need to consume. With his current strength, Yang Feng could control level-7 secret treasures at most. He cant use secret treasures above level-7.

Yang Feng placed the Shoot the Heavens Bow and the Mountain Shield in the small world, and then started refining the Lightning Awl secret treasure.

It took a full ten days for Yang Feng to completely refine the Lightning Awl according to a secret method recorded in the Time Text.

The Immortal Huang Palace, outside a hall.

Yang Feng spoke: “I seek an audience, Teacher!”

Huang Yihes voice cam from inside the hall: “Come in!”

When Yang Feng entered the hall, he saw Huang Yihe sitting on a soft sofa with an ancient book in his hands.

Yang Feng fished out a jade box with a Scarlet Immortal Black Mist Lotus seed inside and handed it to Huang Yihe: “Teacher, I got a Scarlet Immortal Black Mist Lotus in the Brilliant Ancient Capital. Thanks to it, I broke the heaven-man boundary and advanced my soul aptitude to superior level-8. Teacher, please accept this Scarlet Immortal Black Mist Lotus seed.”

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