Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 526 – Time Sky City

Chapter 525 – True God Empyrean Imprint and Devourers

Translator: Xaiomoge

“The Freak Lord is really a dangerous guy. As long as the Empyrean grade Freak Empyrean Imprint hasnt been destroyed, once someone refines a Freak Empyrean Imprint, the imprint will become a child imprint of the Empyrean grade Freak Empyrean Imprint. No wonder no one practices this secret method after the 3rd Warlock Dynasty.” After he carefully studied the Freak Text, Yang Feng went into the Battle Demon Sects data storage facility, where he soon found records on the Freak Text, the Time Text, and the Taboo Text.

The Freak Text is vast, profound, and mysterious. Besides the first Freak Empyrean Imprint, other people also cultivated the Freak Empyrean Imprint, but they only managed to cultivate a child imprint that was subjected to the control of the first Freak Empyrean Imprint. Therefore, after the 3rd Warlock Dynasty, very few people practice secret methods recorded in the Freak Text.

Many supreme human Warlock geniuses have researched the Freak Text. Drawing on the essence of the Freak Text, they developed countless secret methods.

The Golem Lord of 6th Warlock Dynasty is said to have created the Golem Text with the Freak Text as the basis.

After he obtained the Freak Text, Yang Feng naturally didnt want to painstakingly cultivate the Freak Empyrean Imprint for it then to become a child imprint of the first Freak Empyrean Imprint. He began to search for information, to look for a solution.

The Freak Lord was indeed the supreme genius of a generation. In his time, he was unparalleled, and the Freak Text he created is one of the most formidable secret methods.

However, after hundreds of thousands of years, and countless human Warlocks studying the Freak Text, the Freak Text has been cracked almost completely. As the core secret method of the Freak Text, the Freak Empyrean Imprint has also been studied countless times.

After a short search, Yang Feng found dozens of secret methods to crack the Freak Empyrean Imprint.

If the Freak Imprint has been already refined into an Empyrean grade secret treasure, then even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses wouldnt be able to reverse the process. But since Yang Feng has just sealed one evil god, its easy to separate the true name of the evil god from the imprint.

“Now that I know the principle of the Freak Empyrean Imprint, I can use xizu technology and modern Warlock secret methods to create a True God Empyrean Imprint, my True God Empyrean Imprint.” Yang Feng entered a laboratory. Using high grade soul stones obtained from the Fuso Subcontinent and a large number of precious minerals as the core, and using the alchemy information from the Freak Text and the Battle Demon Sect, he began to research and develop the True God Empyrean Imprint.

The Battle Demon Sects alchemy information is very precious. Originally, even though Yang Feng is a personal disciple of Huang Yihe, but he could not peruse it at will. He would have to pay contribution points. However, now that Yang Feng has offered Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian the extremely precious and important Scarlet Immortal Black Mist Lotus seeds, all information in the Battle Demon Sect has become accessible to him. Taking advantage of the vast heritage of the Battle Demon Sect, and coupled with the wisdom provided by the apple of wisdom, Yang Fengs research has advanced by leaps and bounds.

In the Feisuo Plane, Yang Fengs god clone also used the power of godhead to deduce various transformations and mysteries.

The godheads of gods are comparable to super optical computers that can perform countless calculations and assign faith force to divine spells.

If a god lost their godhead, they will no longer have a way to connect with their believers, to respond to their believers prayers with divine spells, nor absorb faith force of their believers to sustain their existence. Therefore, even if a god doesnt die the moment when they lose their godhead, but they will weaken with the passage of time and eventually die.

After three whole months, Yang Feng finally developed the True God Empyrean Imprint.

“Its finally completed! This True God Empyrean Imprint is the crystallization of Warlock alchemy and xizu technology.” In a research laboratory in the Turandot Subcontinent, Yang Feng showed a smile, a golden imprint in his hand. The golden imprint is the True God Empyrean Imprint. It has all the power of the Freak Empyrean Imprint, yet wont be subjected to the control of the first Freak Empyrean Imprint.

There was a flash of regret in Yang Fengs eyes: “Unfortunately, the materials used to refine this True God Empyrean Imprint are subpar, and my refining methods are limited. It is only a level-7 secret treasure, and can seal Bright World Warlock rank gods and demons at most. But for now, its already enough.”

After the level-2 stronghold was built, various munitions factories and research laboratories sprouted in the Turandot Subcontinent. However, with the technology unlocked by the level-2 stronghold, he could craft level-7 secret treasures at most.

Yang Feng smiled and willed, and black mechanical insects reminiscing of black beetles flew into his hand: “But these three months of research were not in vain! I created simplified version Devourers capable of evolution!”

The mechanical insects that looked like black beetles are a simplified version insect-type mechanical Devourer made from the Empyrean grade material Mysterious Gold God Iron.

Devourer is the highest crystallization of xizu knowledge as well as one of the most powerful types of battle robots. Devourers can devour energy and propagate in battle. They can devour every type of energy and virtually all kinds of shields.

Even a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse may die if they stay idle and let Devourers devour all the energy.

Of course, Devourer represents the pinnacle of xizu battle robots. Even though he obtained the Empyrean grade Mysterious Gold God Iron, but he can only craft simplified version Devourers.

However, the simplified version Devourers are mighty nonetheless, and can devour energy of various natures. Originally, Yang Feng had no way of restraining the left hand of the Brilliant Sage. After all, he was one of the 12 Sages among the 36 Holy Spirit Warlocks who followed the Time Lord. He was an existence closest to the Warlock Emperor rank. But when he created the simplified version Devourers, Yang Feng could let the Devourers directly devour the left hand of the Brilliant Sage.

With a thought from Yang Feng, the 1,800 simplified version Devourers flew directly into his small world.

With the 1800 simplified version Devourers, Yang Feng can absorb energy of different types unrestrainedly and let the Devourers devour it. With this trump card, the fighting strength of Yang Fengs true body has increased by a number of times.

After developing the True God Empyrean Imprint and crafting simplified version Devourers, Yang Feng proceeded to enter closed door cultivation to advance his cultivation base.

With the support of the large number of resources from the Fuso Subcontinent, Yang Feng has no shortage of cultivation resources short term, so he entered closed door cultivation to upgrade his strength.

After who knows how long, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes radiated brilliant light and released powerful self-confidence. With a flicker of light, Yang Feng disappeared from the secret chamber.

In the Battle Demon Sect, in the port, there are huge flying vessels inscribed with numerous mysterious runes anchored. Each of the huge flying boats can easily fly more than 100,000 kilometers in a day.

On a huge flying boat, there stand dozens of young Warlocks, each of whom exudes Starry Sky Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

Among the dozens of Warlocks, three Warlocks who stand out from the crowd formed a small circle and exuded an aura of exclusion.

The three Warlocks are the personal disciples of three Great Elders Zhang Hanshan, Zhuo Yifan, and Zhou Feng. They are all talented. Each of them has practiced cultivation until the quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank realm, and wields astonishing methods. They are fully capable of defeating some weak rogue Moonlight Warlocks.

The other Warlocks are led by Zhong Sunan, among which there is Wang Zhilan, Wu Ziming, and other outstanding geniuses.

Zhang Hanshan frowned and uttered: “Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng isnt here yet?”

Zhuo Yifans eyes flashed with envy, and the words he spoke were filled with complicated emotions: “He should be here soon! After not seeing him for a few years, who knew that Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng would become so outstanding. Superior level-8 soul aptitude, Im looking forward to his accomplishments.”

With the power of the Scarlet Immortal Black Mist Lotus, Yang Feng has smashed the heaven-man boundary and reached superior level-8 soul aptitude in one go. This news is hardly a secret in the Battle Demon Sect.

When Yang Feng defeated the Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang, it already caused a sensation in the Battle Demon Sect. And now, his soul aptitude has reached superior level-8. In one fell swoop, he has become a freakish genius on Shi Xues level. The Battle Demon Sect is looking forward to his future accomplishments. At the same time, many people are filled with envy in their aimed at Yang Feng, and Zhuo Yifan is no exception.

With a look of perseverance in his eyes, Zhou Feng said solemnly: “The Time Sky City is a great secret realm left by the Time Lord. In there, there is the original Time Text. If we can obtain the treasures in the Time Sky City, we may be able to surpass Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng in the future.”

Three years ago, Yang Feng was only an upstart in the eyes of Zhou Feng and them. Although they were optimistic about hiss future, but they didnt think that the Great Warlock Yang Feng could surpass them in a short time.

Three years later, Yang Feng has become the target they had to catch up to. When they thought of this, complicated emotions welled up inside them.

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