Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 528 – Achilles

Chapter 527 – Western World Geniuses

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“Yes, if were talking about Zhang Zhikui, then Bai Yilian shouldnt be his opponent. After all, hes an expert from the older generation who stayed in the quasi-Moonlight Warlock realm for 100 years.”

As the Time Sky Pillar in the Time Sky City may help you illuminate your way forward, many Starry Sky Warlocks purposely stopped at the quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank realm and honed their battle prowess and prepared to fight for the 108 keys of time, to fight for the opportunity to enter the Time Sky City.

“He-he, what does Zhang Zhikui count for? The strongest naturally is the Tai Yi Sects current holy son Yi Yuanyang. He is a freakish genius who formed a virtual world. Half a year ago, the intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank expert Gui Shan died at his hands. Thats an intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank old monster!”

“Yi Yuanyang indeed is really strong!”

“This is already the sixth Moon Warlock he killed.”


Hearing Yi Yuanyangs name, the surrounding people chimed in in approval. Moonlight Warlock rank old monsters are all cunning and grasp life-saving spells. Even if they arent a match for Moonlight Warlock rank true disciples of major sects, but they can usually escape from them.

To be able to slay six Moonlight Warlock rank old monsters, Yi Yuanyangs strength is shocking. The intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank Gui Shan, in particular, was two or three times as strong as a junior Moonlight Warlock. For such a powerhouse to die in his hands, even many people who didnt like Yi Yuanyang had to admit that he is really strong.

“Yi Yuanyang is nothing! The Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng has previously defeated him with Great Warlock rank cultivation base. Now Yang Feng has broken the heaven-man boundary, and his soul aptitude has reached superior level-8. Who in the Starry Sky realm is his opponent?” A voice sounded in the lobby, and the other Warlocks fell silent.

“Indeed, Yang Feng once defeated Yi Yuanyang. If theres nothing unexpected, he should be the strongest expert here!”

“No, although Yang Feng did defeat Yi Yuanyang. However, he may not necessarily be a match for those quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank experts. After all, he formed a virtual world, and so his cultivation speed must be much slower than that of others.”


The Warlocks continued to argue. But no matter how they argued, no one could deny that Yang Feng is already among the strongest in the Starry Sky Warlock realm.

The Warlock in green clothes tasting good liquor and fine food and listening to the discussions is Kong Fangao. Filled with complex emotions, he sighed: “I havent seen his for a few decades. I didnt expect that Yang Feng could come this far!”

When Kong Fangao has traveled to the Turandot Subcontinent, he made friends with Yang Feng and helped him a little just because the latter was fairly pleasing to the eye. However, as someone from a large family of the Great Cloud Dynasty, he was naturally somewhat prideful. He didnt expect that after Yang Feng entered the Battle Demon Sect, in just a few decades, he would become the strongest genius in the Battle Demon Sects younger generation, and even would be able to contend against the Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang.

“What Yi Yuanyang, Yang Feng, or Bai Yilian. In front of me, Achilles, they are all poultry. Unable to withstand a single blow!” An unruly voice rang in the lobby. Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and saw hundreds of Caucasians from the Western Worlds three dynasties slowly enter the lobby, looks of curiosity in their eyes.

The continent is divided into the Eastern World and the Western World. Seven of the eight Warlock Emperors came from the Eastern World. Therefore, the Warlock civilization of the Eastern World was extremely developed. If not for the fact that the Western World bore Holy Spirit Warlocks, who in turn followed the seven Warlock Emperors and made countless contributions, there would not be a unique Warlock civilization in the Western World.

Originally, the Eastern Worlds Warlock culture had a virtually overwhelming upper hand, and it proliferated to the various subcontinents and countless planes. The Eastern Worlds Warlocks have treated human Warlocks from the Western World and the subcontinents as barbarians.

But when the Dawn Lord appeared in the Western World, he defeated countless supreme talents, and then eventually climbed the throne and founded the 8th Warlock Dynasty. After that, the Western World has welcomed great development, and has gradually developed into a behemoth that can compete with the Eastern World.

After the collapse of the 8th Warlock Dynasty, the continent was divided into four by the four dynasties. Because the distance between the dynasties is too great, experts below the Glorious Dawn Warlock rank rarely cross the borders and travel to other dynasties. For many, this is the first time they see Warlocks from the Western World.

The Warlocks from the Western World entered the lobby in high spirits, eyes shining, exuding extraordinary auras. More than half of them are quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank experts.

The hundreds of Warlock geniuses from the Western World are clearly divided into three groups, which obviously stand for the three dynasties.

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, numerous forces have both open rivalry and veiled strife. Although there are only 19 superpowers on the surface – the Ten Great Sects, the Eight Great Families, and the Great Cloud Dynastys court, but there are also numerous powerful families and sects in the underground. In order to compete for resources, they are locked in an unending struggle with each other.

The three dynasties of the Western World also fight each other for benefits. If the Great Cloud Dynasty didnt exist, looming over their heads, a war of annihilation may have broken out between them.

In this foreign land, the Warlocks from the Western World joined hands to counter the Warlocks from the Great Cloud Dynasty. However, there are still many contradictions between them, and they cannot trust each other, which is why they are divided into three groups.

Among the three groups, three small circles stand out clearly, as if bellwethers leading the Warlocks from the Western World.

Of the three small circles, one has four people – a tall and handsome young man exuding a holy aura; a gorgeous girl with a hot and sexy body and porcelain-white skin; a young man with a perpetual smile on his face; and a eagle-eyed and hook-nosed man exuding a gloomy aura. All four of them are blond.

Another circle has three people – a tall barbarian-looking man built like a bear with a beard; a tall man with naked upper body, and covered in strange seals; and a handsome man with blue hair and blue eyes and the temperament of a ruler.

The last small circle has four people – a handsome man with long red hair and an unruly expression; a rare black man of medium build, an unruly expression, and torrential fighting spirit in his eyes; a tall and mesmerizing girl with black hair and blue eyes who embodied the two polar opposite temperaments of purity and sensuality; and a handsome man with long silver hair and the temperament of a ruler.

When Kong Fangao saw the 11 people from the three small circles, his eyes narrowed slightly, and alarms sounded in his mind. He understood that they were fearsome existence that he could not overcome: “So strong! These 11 people arent simple!”

As soon as the Warlocks from the Western World stepped into the lobby, the more than 1,000 Warlocks from the Great Cloud Dynasty in the lobby became silent.

The Warlocks from the Eastern World looked at the 11 Warlocks from the Western World who did nothing to conceal their cultivation bases, and warnings went off in their hearts. Their eyes filled with vigilance and shock.

“I, Achilles, a King of Spades of the Bajur Dynastys Order of Bones, am challenging you poultry from the Eastern World! Who dares to fight me?!” A tall man with purple hair and an unruly and domineering expression came out of the crowd and issued a challenge to the more than 1,000 Warlocks from the Eastern World.


“What a reckless thing!”

“Barbarians are barbarians, they have no understanding of etiquette!”


Enraged, the eyes of the Warlocks from the Eastern World flashed with anger.

“True Cave Sects Zhou Quan! I will fight you!” A good-looking young man in black exuding a quasi Moonlight Warlock rank life force got up. Eyes shining brightly, he walked towards Achilles.

“There happens to be an arena here, so lets have a fight there!” Achilles swept the lobby with his gaze, and found an arena in the center of the lobby. He showed a fierce and excited smile. His figure blurred, and he turned into a stream of light that shot into the arena.

Zhou Quans eyes shimmered coldly, and he blurred into motion and flew into the arena.

Peerless geniuses from the continent gather in the Secret Dragon Temple. Those geniuses are extremely proud and confident. From time to time, fighting will break out due to quarrels. As such, there are many arenas in the Secret Dragon Temple to accommodate the Warlock geniuses who want to have a fight.

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