Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 53 – Promotion to a Level-1 Apprentice Warlock

Chapter 52 – Mermaid Tears Elixir

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Yang Feng carefully sized Judy standing next to Felix, and his eyes flashed with appreciation.

Judy was young, had a seductive and fiery figure, had stunning looks, and was brimming with vigor, she was a rare beauty. In terms of appearance and temperament, she was of equal footing as the Fernandro Familys third successor Jessica. Apart from Shi Xue, class 10 didnt have a girl that could compete with her in terms of looks.

With a thought, Yang Fengs eyeglasses secretly scanned the attributes of Judy and Felix.

Yang Feng didnt dare to launch his eyeglasses scanning ability and scan official Warlocks. Otherwise, if the other party gets enraged and slaps him to death, he wont even have time to regret it.

The dignity of Warlocks must not be violated. An ordinary person such as Yang Feng, even if he was the Steel Citys only successor, if he crossed the line and encroached on a Warlocks interests, then the other party might squash him like a bug. Without having an assurance, Yang Feng didnt want to risk his life and scan a Warlock.

“This gift is pretty good.” Yang Feng took Judys slave contract, put it aside, and said with a light smile.

When Felix ??saw the slave contract being accepted, he finally loosened a breath in his heart, and then took out a box and opened it, revealing a vial of a transparent and colorless elixir and five mid grade magic stones: “These are a vial of Mermaid Tears Elixir and 500 magic stones. This is a small expression of our good will, please accept it.”

Yang Feng took the vial of Mermaid Tears Elixir and pulled open the cork. Once the cork was pulled open, a strange force full of sorrow gushed out from the vial.

Yang Feng seemed to see a beautiful and charming mermaid princess weep pitifully, deeply attracting his gaze, unable to extricate himself. Sorrow surged inside him and tears streamed down his face.

“Cough! At this point, Felix gave a soft cough, and a weak spirit fluctuation suddenly stabbed at Yang Feng, waking him from the hallucination.

“What a fearsome elixir!” Feeling alarmed, Yang Feng immediately conked the vial.

A lot of elixirs concocted by Warlocks possessed mysterious and formidable powers. Some peak Pharmacists could even use all kinds of elixirs to imitate the effects of formidable spells. However, Pharmacists that used elixirs in battle were very rare because any elixir capable of imitating a formidable spell would have a very high cost attached to it. Using elixirs to do battle was equivalent to burning large quantities of magic stones to do battle. Apart from the top wealthy Pharmacists, no one else would do that.

In many cases, if the conditions for intake of elixirs concocted by Warlocks wasnt met, then they would instead be no different from poison. Just like the Dragon Blood Elixir. With Yang Fengs constitution of an ordinary person, if he had a sip of the elixir, his blood would get burned, and he would die.

Yang Feng mused: “Regarding the Mermaid Tears Elixir, I would have to promote to a level-1 Apprentice Warlock to be able to consume it.”

Felix handed Yang Feng a palm-sized crystal box and said enthusiastically: “Yang Feng, Im currently a level-2 Apprentice Warlock. If theres anything you dont understand in you studies, you can come ask me. This is a communications box. Just select my name and press it, and youll be able to enter in contact with me. This communications box is powered by magic stones. With one magic stone, it can support 10,000 hours of communication. However, this is only a level-0 secret treasure, and its range is just 3,000 kilometers.”

“Isnt this a magical version of a cell phone? However, this only has the functions of communication!” Yang Feng took the communications box and fiddled with it for a while as he mused.

After passionately chatting with Yang Feng for a while, Felix left, satisfied.

As if a kitten, Shi Xue threw herself into Yang Fengs embrace. Embracing his neck with her lily-white arms, a flirtatious look in her eyes, she uttered: “Big Brother, I still lack a toy, no, a maid! Can I have her act as my maid for a while? Ill train her into a perfect maid for you.”

“Alright! Alright! Shell be your maid temporarily!” Faced with Shi Xues coquettish offensive, the ordinary person Yang Feng couldnt withstand her natural charm. He could only reluctantly push her away and agree to her request.

Yang Feng currently only wanted to upgrade his strength the level-1 Apprentice Warlock rank as soon as possible.

“Thank you, Big Brother!” Shi Xue uttered cheerfully, hugged Yang Feng, and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then puled the somewhat alarmed Judy into another room.

After he suppressed the strong craving evoked by Shi Xue, Yang Feng tossed the vial of Mermaid Tears Elixir to the robot standing next to him and said solemnly: “Analyze this elixir at once.”

That robot uncorked the vial and extended numerous mechanical tentacles inside.

3796 quickly sent back of a series of messages.

Yang Feng sighed in relief: “Thats good. With this, Ill have another elixir capable of improving my soul aptitude.”

The xizu evolutionary path was completely different from that of the Warlock evolutionary path. With its current ability, there were elixirs that 3796 couldnt analyze. Of course, with the improvement of its database, its ability to analyze was continuously enhanced.

Since the Mermaid Tears Elixir could be analyzed, it meant that Yang Fengs soul aptitude could be upgraded to level-3 or level-4 in the future. With this, he might promote to an official Warlock.

In the following days, Yang Feng was immersed in his studies, eagerly learning various bodies of knowledge each day. While consuming the Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir, he could clearly perceive his physical constitution being enhanced everyday. Simultaneously, his learning ability was enhanced and his spirit improved.

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