Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 536 – Defeating Angélico

Chapter 535 – Secret Treasure Pillars of Truth

Translator: Xaiomoge

Yang Feng smiled and answered: “This is a secret method I created called Devour the Heavens.”

“Devour the Heavens, a good name! Let my Truth Empyrean Imprint break your Devour the Heavens!” Angélicos eyes constricted, and he silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger. The Truth Empyrean Imprint radiated dazzling light, and the Abyssal Demonic Dragon head belched another Abyssal Dragon Breath barreling toward Yang Feng. At the same time, an Evil Ogre Giant hand extended from the imprint and smashed the wolf tooth club in its hand towards Yang Feng with the law of power.

With a thought from Yang Feng, the Nine Revolutions Divine Wind spiraling around the Void Evil Ogre suddenly shot to welcome the wolf tooth club.

Just before the wolf tooth club hit the Void Evil Ogre, the Void Evil Ogre exploded and turned into dark rays of light that entered the Evil Ogre Giant hand.

After absorbing the power of the Void Evil Ogre, the Evil Ogre Giant hand emitted advanced Moonlight Warlock rank aura as it continued to crush towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with a peculiar gleam, and he praised: “It turns out that the Void Evil Ogre wasnt alive to begin with. Its some kind of existence similar to a golem. In other words, the freaks have already become a part of the Truth Empyrean Imprint. You can combine and separate them at will and can control the power of different freaks. Solely in this regard, the Truth Empyrean Imprint is a cut above the Freak Empyrean Imprint.”

The Freak Empyrean Imprint controls freaks through their true names, and can use the power of different freaks. However, unlike the freaks controlled by the Truth Empyrean Imprint, the freaks controlled by the Freak Empyrean Imprint are alive.

The advantage of the Freak Empyrean Imprint lies in the fact that the freaks it controls can practice cultivation and evolve. Whenever the freaks evolve, the Freak Empyrean Imprint will also evolve and become stronger. As for the Truth Empyrean Imprint Angélico created, it refines the freaks into a part of the secret method. Although the refined freaks are dead, and cannot improve their strength, but they also cannot be killed. You can combine and separate them at will, and use all kinds of incredible powers.

Yang Feng blurred into motion and tried to evade the world-shaking attack of the Evil Ogre Giant.

The Truth Empyrean Imprint shone brightly, and the Void Evil Ogre with a queer rune on its forehead suddenly emerged.

Colorless and transparent chains dropped down from the Truth Empyrean Imprint and shot in all direction, sealing the space with an are of hundred of meters in radius.

The Evil Ogre Giants wolf tooth club suddenly enlarged and covered the sealed space completely and crushed towards Yang Feng with the force of a mountain.

The Void Evil Ogre seals the space, the Abyssal Demonic Dragon erodes all foreign powers, and the Evil Ogre Giant takes the opportunity to suppress all enemies with the law of power. Combined together, the power of the three freaks can compensate for their respective shortcoming, forcing Yang Feng to block the Evil Ogre Giants all-out strike.

Zhang Hanshans face changed and her eyes flashed with worry: “Void Evil Ogre, Abyssal Demonic Dragon, Evil Ogre Giant, the innate abilities of the three freaks are used seamlessly! What a terrific secret treasure!”

There was a glimmer of complex emotions in the eyes of the Saint Demon Sects holy son, and he sighed slightly: “Evil Ogre Giants are a powerful race innately proficient in the law of power. In the same rank, even dragons can hardly match up to the great strength of Evil Ogre Giants. Their only weakness is that Evil Ogre Giants arent proficient in other laws, and spatial spells, speed spells, illusion spells, poison spells, and fire spells and other elemental spells can be used to deal with them. But with the Void Evil Ogre sealing the space and the Abyssal Demonic Dragons Abyssal Dragon Breath breaking all elemental spells, the Evil Ogre Giant can give full play to its strength. This Truth Empyrean Imprint secret method is really dreadful!”

The three freaks have their weaknesses. If a human Warlock fought them one at a time, they can use their weak points to suppress them one by one, or even kill them.

But with the combination brought by the Truth Empyrean Imprint, the three freaks can fully exert all their strength, and theres still Angélico controlling them. Even a slightly weaker advanced Moonlight Warlock will be suppressed directly.

With his evading space completely sealed, Yang Feng faced the huge wolf tooth club, eyes shining brightly. Powerful world force poured out from the small world inside the World Ring and entered all parts of his body. He patted the giant wolf tooth club with the palm of a hand.

A terrible loud noise sounded in the arena as everyone saw the giant wolf tooth mace cover Yang Feng completely.

“Is it over?”

“Its really disappointing! And I thought that he would use some secret method to evade this attack, but he was taken out just like that.”

“Unfortunately, the Evil Ogre Giant is an existence much stronger than even dragons. Even among human advanced Moonlight Warlocks, not many can withstand an all-out attack of an intermediate Evil Ogre Giant.”

“Is Yang Feng just too weak? Or is Angélico just too strong?”


One after another, voices of regret rose in the lobby, and many Warlocks who werent optimistic about Yang Fengs prospects thought that only death awaited him.

Wind blades formed from Nine Revolutions Divine Wind suddenly shot out and chopped the Evil Ogre Giant hand and cut it off.

The hand collapsed and turned into a ray of light that entered the Truth Empyrean Imprint. The huge wolf tooth club was tossed aside, exposing Yang Feng.

At this point, the part of the Battle Demon Armor covering Yang Fengs right hand has shattered, and drops of blood slowly dripped down from his hand.

Yi Yuanyang took in a breath of cold air, a look of incredulity in his eyes: “He withstood! How is this possible? He actually withstood a full strength strike of the Evil Ogre Giant! How did he become so fearsome?”

“Blocked? How can that be?”

“Whats going on? How could a human Starry Sky Warlock receive a blow from the Evil Ogre Giant with his body?”


All the Warlocks present were dumbstruck. Whether they came from the Eastern World or the Western World, they couldnt believe their eyes.

With just their body, even a Glorious Dawn Warlock would be seriously wounded when hit by the Evil Ogre Giants full strength strike. Yet the trifling Starry Sky Warlock Yang Feng, even though he has used the Battle Demon Secret Method as well as his life force field, but to actually receive the blow with his body was simply too shocking.

If Yang Feng used defensive secret methods and secret treasures to resist the blow, then that wouldnt have been a big deal, but he resisted it with his body, which shocked all the Warlocks. Even the minds of the supreme geniuses from both worlds shook.

There was a flash of astonishment in Kong Fangaos eyes: “Strong! Hes so strong! Is this the power of a freakish genius? Yang Feng, has he grown so much?”

Kong Fangao has already mentally prepared for Yang Fengs strength, but he was still overwhelmed.

Angélicos eyes glimmered with excitement, and he uttered: “Great! Yang Feng, your body is really powerful! To defeat an opponent like you has meaning!”

Accompanied by dazzling light, the Truth Empyrean Imprint crossed the void and suddenly appeared in front of Yang Feng and pressed down on him.

“Primal Chaos Finger!” Yang Fengs eyes flickered with a peculiar glint, and turbulent world force emerged from the World Ring, entangled, and formed a finger ray containing primal chaos force that blasted into the True Empyrean Imprint.

Ka boom! Stabbed by the Primal Chaos Finger, the Truth Empyrean Imprint in the sky split open, and the three runes that made up the imprint collapsed into three golden rays and flew towards Angélico.

Yang Fengs figure flickered, and he disappeared from his spot in an instant.

“Truth Empyrean Imprint, world truth!” Angélicos countenance changed, and he silently recited an incantation and frantically extracted world force from the virtual world inside him. Six golden runes flew out of his body and intertwined with the three golden runes that flew back to him.

The nine runes quickly formed an Immemorial Gold Dragon, a fenghuang, an Abyssal Demonic Dragon, an abyssal fiend, a Void Evil Ogre, an Evil Ogre Giant, a high elf, a pureblood kindred, and a royal hellion respectively. The nine Moonlight Warlock rank extraordinary life forms interwove and formed a Truth Empyrean Imprint emitting boundless might.

Controlling nine Moonlight Warlock rank extraordinary life forms is Angélicos limit. The Truth Empyrean Imprint formed by the nine extraordinary life forms can even suppress a quasi-Glorious Dawn Warlock rank powerhouse.

As soon as the imprint formed, it immediately extracted Angélicos life force. Even though he has the support of the virtual worlds world force, but it still is very difficult to maintain this Truth Empyrean Imprint.

“Pillars of Truth, eternal existence!” Angélico spread the fingers of a hand, and nine golden pillars flew out and arranged themselves around him. Each Pillar of Truth is inlaid with a glorious dawn core.

The nine Pillars of Truth spewed out a copious amount of powerful force that entered Angélico and converted into a tremendous amount of life force, which in turn poured into the Truth Empyrean Imprint.

The Truth Empyrean Imprint that looked like it could collapse at any time became clearer and stabler. Radiating brilliant light, it pressed down on Yang Feng with the power of a mountain.

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