Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 538 – Goddess of Love Fantasy

Chapter 537 – One-shot

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One of the four supreme geniuses from the Brest Dynasty, a young man with short blond hair and a gentle smile on his face blurred into motion and shot into the arena.

The eyes of the young man flickered brightly, and the gentle smile on his face gave way to confidence and haughtiness: “I am the Eye of Dragons Almas of the Brest Dynasty, I am here to fight you!”

One of the four supreme geniuses of the Brest Dynasty, the beautiful and sensual Katrina raised her slender eyebrows, and then turned to the handsome young man called Cresno exuding a holy and formidable aura and asked: “Does Almas stand a chance of winning?”

Cresno is the strongest Starry Sky Warlock genius from the Hall of Eternity as well as publicly acknowledged as the number one Starry Sky Warlock genius in the Brest Dynasty, his strength deep and unmeasurable.

Cresno answered lightly: “He doesnt! Yang Feng is just too strong. However, as long as he can force Yang Feng to play a few more cards, then my odds against Yang Feng will increase.”

In a fight between Warlocks, information is key. Many spells that used to be virtually unsolvable in the past are now nothing after hundreds of thousands of years of research.

Before the 3rd Warlock Dynasty, if they encountered extraordinary life forms proficient in spatial force, human Warlocks in the same realm were fundamentally not their opponents. However, ever since space disturbance spells were developed, the extraordinary life forms proficient in spatial force are no longer the opponents of human Warlocks in the same realm.

There was a time when Elemental Warlocks relying on elemental spells ran amuck in the world, and were virtually invincible. However, once magic ban spells and arrays were developed, the Elemental Warlock were restrained, and eventually became ordinary.

“Lets go!” Yang Feng showed a smile and operated the Battle Demon Secret Method, and a white Battle Demon Armor covered his whole body in an instant. At the same time, he pressed the Ruler Magic Cube and equipped the Ruler armor.

There was a touch of dignity in Almass eyes, and he fished out a level-6 secret treasure Thunder Dragon Bead and swallowed it.

Brilliant arcs of lightning flickered, and Almass body twisted and grew countless green scales, a pair of horns, a pair of wings, and a tail, and increased in size.

After the transformation, advanced Moonlight Warlock rank life force field spread out of the Thunder Dragonborn Almas has transformed into, and its eyes flashed with the light of wisdom.

“Thunder Dragonborn grasp the law of lightning. They are the fiercest and strongest kind of dragonborn. Although they are a bit weaker than dragons of the same rank, but they are inherently able to control lightning. They possess Primordial Thunder Dragon bloodline. Even among dragons, they are most dreadful existences.”

“Thunder Dragonborn! A monster with Primordial Thunder Dragon bloodline. No wonder hes the strongest genius in the Eye of Dragons younger generation.”


After seeing Almas transform into a Thunder Dragonborn, the Warlocks present inhaled a breath of cold air. Whether they were from the Easter World or the Western World, the supreme geniuses stared at Almas with dignity in their eyes.

Primordial dragons are frightening existences who can contend against Warlock Emperors. Extraordinary life forms with primordial dragon bloodline are shockingly strong existences.

Thunder Dragonborn are powerful, hair-raising monsters. No one expected that Almas would transform into such a terrifying existence.

If Achilles in his Immemorial Gold Dragon form faced off against Almas in his Thunder Dragonborn form, he would be defeated in an instant.

Yang Feng glanced at Almas and felt a trace of world force, and then said immediately: “Virtual world. Almas, you have formed a virtual world!”

“Thats right. To maintain the form of a freak like a Thunder Dragonborn, it consumes a tremendous amount of life force every second. Without a virtual world, I wouldnt be able to handle the consumption. Yang Feng, Im going to attack. Be careful, dont die.” Almass eyes flickered with lightning, and countless bolts of lightning coiled around him and emitted crackling sounds, making him look like a god of thunder.

Accompanied by lightning and afterimages, Almas instantly appeared before Yang Feng and sent a fist covered in lightning flying towards the latter.

Due to all the lightning, the air around Yang Feng was distorted. Even if an advanced Moonlight Warlock was hit by the fist containing the law of lightning, their body would be broken and their soul shaken.

In the face of the terrific strike, Yang Fengs figure shook slightly, and he punched out, and his fist whistled through the air. Containing the law of power, his fist crushed the earth-shaking lightning and smashed into Almas.

Boom! Along with a world-shaking blare, Almas was sent back flying like a broken rag doll. He crushed into a wall of the arena, spat out a blood arrow containing viscera, and crumpled on the ground.

Silence! The Warlocks outside the arena were all stunned, almost unable to believe their eyes.

“I admit… defeat! Cough, cough!” There was a blue light, and Almas turned back into his human form and spat out the dragon bead, his face pale-white. There was a look of pain on his face. Every time he coughed, he would cough up a large amount of blood.

“He, he lost just like that?”

“Impossible? How can Almas lose like that?”

“One-shot? That was Almas, the pinnacle Starry Sky Warlock genius from the Eye of Dragon! Hes the hope of the Eye of Dragon, an expert who formed a virtual world, how could he be defeated with one punch?”


As if they came to life, the Warlocks from the Western World started commenting, their words filled with incredulity.

Almas is the top Starry Sky Warlock genius from the Brest Dynastys Eye of Dragon, a Warlock group a few notches stronger than the Battle Demon Sect. In the Western World, his fame is tremendous. He has beaten numerous peerless geniuses. The only person in the young generation of the Brest Dynasty who has defeated him was Cresno. Yet such a peerless genius was defeated by Yang Feng with a single punch. Naturally, the Warlocks from the West World could not believe this fact.

Yi Yuanyang stared at Yang Feng, his fists clenched, and a hint of despair poured into his heart: “So strong! Saying that he is much stronger than before doesnt do his strength justice. Ive been improving these years, but his progress is much greater than mine!

Since losing to Yang Feng, Yi Yuanyang has put all his thoughts into cultivation. With his identity as the Tai Yi Sects holy son, he can get a tremendous amount of resources. Coupled with his freakish talent, his cultivation these years has been amazingly fast.

Originally, Yi Yuanyang planned to defeat Yang Feng with a strike in the Time Sky City Competition Assembly and regain his glory. However, he was defeated by Angélico first, and then Almas who is his equal in terms of strength was defeated with a single punch from Yang Feng. This huge gap almost made him despair.

Almas took a deep look at the Ruler series Yang Feng has equipped, coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood, and squeezed out a smile, saying: “Thats a great secret method!”

With that, Almas took out a vial of elixir and drank it up, and some color welled up on his deathly pale face. He walked out of the arena and returned to the side of the Warlocks from the Brest Dynasty.

“Who else wants to fight me?” In the arena, Yang Feng looked at the Warlocks from the Western World and revealed a scorching fighting spirit.

The 11 supreme geniuses from the Western Wold frowned, but didnt say anything.

The Warlocks from the Western World focused their gazes on the 11 peerless geniuses, looking forward to them displaying their might and defeating Yang Feng.

Faintly, what was a dispute of wills has devolved into an argument of strength between the Warlocks from the Western World and the Eastern World. The Warlock geniuses of the Western World have been competing with each other endlessly in the dark, with no one yielding to the others. But under the strong pressure brought by Yang Feng, there was a faint rapport between them.

Katrinas figure flickered, and she appeared in the arena at once. Not inferior to a man in any way, she spoke in a heroic and awe-inspiring tone: “I am Hall of Eternitys holy daughter Katrina of the Brest Dynasty, I will fight you.”

“Katrina, give him hell!”

“Katrina, I love you!”


The Warlocks from the Western World broke out into cheers at once. The glamorous and bewitching, but also heroic Katrina is the goddess in the hearts of many Warlocks from the Western World. Even many female Warlocks whose hearts are filled with jealousy towards Katrina also cheered her on sincerely.

As soon as Katrina entered the arena, she waved her lily white hand, and a magic mirror engraved with countless mysterious runes appeared in her hands. Wind, Fire, Water, and earth elemental particles surged around her, and a wisp of world force poured into the magic mirror in her hands.

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