Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 540 – Shaking the Audience

Chapter 539 – Defeating Supreme Geniuses in Succession

Translator: Xaiomoge

Extraordinary life forms with divinity like gods are immune to many spells and secret methods. The secret method Goddess of Love Fantasy can work on Yang Fengs true body, but not his god clone.

Listening to the voice that kept echoing in his sea of knowledge, the eyes of Yang Feng who has nearly succumbed to love finally surged with clarity. He willed and saw countless notifications from the optical computer that he has previously ignored.

“What a beautiful dreamland! However, everything ends now! I am Yang Feng, and this is a fantasy!” Countless seals appeared in Yang Fengs eyes, and Transcendent Pupils radiated dazzling light that shrouded the fantasy world.

30 seconds later, the seemingly seamless fantasy world began to slowly collapse.

“Collapsing! My Goddess of Love Fantasy is collapsing! How can this be?” Watching the Goddess of Love Fantasy collapse inch-by-inch, panic sprang up within Katrinas beautiful eyes, and she coughed up another mouthful of blood essence onto the magic mirror Goddess of Love Magic Mirror.

The secret method Goddess of Love Fantasy is extremely powerful and weird. Once the target was completely ensnared by it, in theory they will love the caster from the bottom of their heart even if they reach the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, forever unable of freeing themselves. However, once the Goddess of Love Fantasy is broken, the caster will suffer a backlash, and become the love slave of the target instead.

The Goddess of Love Magic Mirror radiated a strange light that enveloped the already collapsing fantasy world.

“Yang Feng, I love you, why, why do you treat me like this?” In the Goddess of Love Fantasy, Katrina collapsed on the ground and looked pitifully and accusingly at Yang Feng, blood trickling down from her cherry lips. It is a painful scene to look at.

When Yang Feng saw Katrinas pitiful and miserable figure, he felt an unbearable pain in his heart.

Without any sound or sign, a queer light poured out of the world and hit him, and a look of bewilderment appeared in his eyes. The pair of Transcendent Pupils slowly disappeared.

The Transcendent Pupils secret method can destroy countless illusions. But for that to be true, you have to cultivate it to the great completion realm. To achieve that, it requires the consumption of countless resources. Only by quelling numerous Transcendent and extracting their power can this secret method be cultivated to the point where it can break through countless illusions.

If Yang Feng has reached the great completion realm of the Transcendent Pupils, he would be able to break through all illusions as soon as he operated the secret method. He wouldnt have been trapped by the Goddess of Love Fantasy. However, without the great completion realm of the Transcendent Pupils, he will still fall into confusion when faced with various top illusions.

The Goddess of Love Fantasy is a pinnacle illusion. It has tremendous power, and even Holy Spirit Warlocks wont be able to extricate themselves once they were overwhelmed and enslaved by it. Although the Transcendent Pupils can restrain this illusion, but Yang Feng has spent too little time on it, and hasnt reached the great completion realm, which naturally makes it difficult for him to resist Katrina who is going all out and has the support of the Goddess of Love Magic Mirror.

“Wake up!” At this moment, Yang Fengs god clone in the Fuso Plane ignited divine force crystals and barked.

The voice of Yang Fengs clone echoed in the sea of knowledge of Yang Fengs true body and forcibly dragged out him who was about to be pulled into the Goddess of Love Fantasy.

“Transcendent Pupils!” As soon as Yang Feng woke up, he extracted a tremendous amount of world force from the small world in his body and poured it into the Transcendent Pupils.

The Transcendent Pupils burst out with dazzling light that enveloped the Goddess of Love Fantasy.

“No! Dont! I implore you, stop!” In the Goddess of Love Fantasy, Katrina released heart-wrenching screams, and then her charming and enticing body exploded into countless fragments of meat and drops of blood.

Faced with Katrinas plea, Yang Feng was unmoved, his gaze indifferent. Golden light surged and landed on the fantasy world, causing it to crumble.

After a dozen breaths of time, the Goddess of Love Fantasy world finally collapsed completely, and the arena was exposed.

On the other side of the arena, face was ashen, Katrina shivered, and her beautiful eyes shimmered with fright.

In the next moment, a bizarre, transparent and colorless rune flew out of the Goddess of Love Magic Mirror in her hands and landed on her forehead. Her petite body shook slightly and her beautiful eyes dimmed.

After he escaped from the Goddess of Love Fantasy, Yang Feng still operated the Transcendent Pupils, and rays of strange light shot in all directions.

The Goddess of Love Fantasy is too queer, making Yang Feng quite apprehensive. This strange power once again let Yang Feng realize how dangerous and frightening the world of Warlocks with its strange and powerful spells is.

“I concede!” Katrinas eyes were listless and empty, as if her soul has been sucked away. Her body shook slightly, and she moved inside the arena, heading for the exit.

Cresno frowned slightly and made a gesture, and a beautiful Warlock from the Temple of Eternity flickered into motion and appeared beside Katrina, and then lifted Katrina and left the arena and the lobby.

After he saw Katrina leave, Yang Feng released a dozen or so detection spells on his body, operated the Transcendent Pupils and carefully scanned his status, and then looked at the information sent back by the optical computer. After making sure that he was in the real world, he took a deep breath of air and took out several precious elixirs and downed them.

In terms of strength, Katrina was far from being Almass match. However, the Goddess of Love Fantasy was just too strange. To break it, Yang Feng consumed dozens of times more life force than to defeat Almas.

After he drank the elixirs and recovered a little, Yang Fengs eyes flashed brightly, and he looked towards the Warlocks from the West World and said, serene: “Who else wants to fight me?”

The Warlocks from the Western World locked their eyes on the supreme geniuses who still havent fought Yang Feng.

Cresno frowned slightly, but remained silent and unmoving like a statue. Despite the gazes the gathered on him, he had no intention to step in.

“Humph! A bunch of cowards! Without even the courage to fight, what a bunch of trash!” Among the four supreme geniuses from the Kadred Dynasty, the black man with an unruly expression sneered. He blurred into motion, turned into a ray of light, and shot into the arena.

The black man showed Yang Feng an untamed smile and uttered: “I am the Dark Trials Ole of the Kadred Dynasty, I want to fight you!”

The Dark Trial is one of the most powerful forces in the Kadred Dynasty. In the past years, the Dark Trials prestige has already begun to show signs of slowly surpassing that of the Hall of Immortality.

The Hall of Immortality once gave birth to the Warlock Emperor the Dawn Lord. When the Dawn Lord still dominated the world, the Hall of Immortality was one of the most powerful Warlock groups in the world.

But when the Dawn Lord died, the Hall of Immortality began to decline gradually. After several major storms, the Hall of Immortality has declined to the point that it gradually lost control of the Kadred Dynasty.

In the Kadred Dynasty, many Warlock groups such as the Dark Trial have always been controlled by the Hall of Immortality, and could only develop their strength in secret. But once the Hall of Immortality declined, they began to grow and develop until they became a huge Warlock group on the same level as the Hall of Immortality in the modern age.

After he finished speaking, Ole silently recited incantations and pointed with a finger, and a level-6 secret treasure Ghost Face Armor engraved with numerous seals suddenly appeared and enveloped him.

As soon as Ole put one the Ghost Face Armor, sharp spurs ejected out of the armor and pierced into his body and began extracting his blood and life force.

Oles figure distorted, and he turned into a three-meter-tall ogre covered in the Ghost Face Armor. The ogre had a pair of horns on the head and a red horn on the forehead, and exuded advanced Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

“Thats a Red-horned Evil God Ogre, one of the strongest ogres!”

“Amazing. To be able to transform into such an ogre, no wonder hes a super genius of the Dark Trial!”


The Warlocks around the arena recognized at a glance how powerful the Red-horned Evil God Ogre Ole transformed into was. The Red-horned Evil God Ogre with advanced Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base can even suppress many feeble divine force rank gods.

After Ole turned into the Red-horned Evil God Ogre, he issued a heaven-shaking howl, and tremendous sound waves condensed into a sound wave artillery blasting towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he charged into a sound wave artillery like a meteor. With his tyrannical body, he pushed the sound wave artillery back and appeared before Ole, and then punched the Red-horned Evil God Ogre Ole has transformed into in the abdomen.

The Red-horned Evil God Ogre suddenly spat out a blood arrow, and then knocked into a wall of the arena like a meteor and crumpled on the ground.

“I surrender!” After he spewed a large mouthful of blood, Ole dispelled the Red-horned Evil God Ogre transformation, stared at Yang Feng with a look of incredulity on his face, and uttered through gritted teeth.

Yang Fengs punch has broken most of the bones in the Red-horned Evil God Ogres body. Even with its astonishing healing ability, the ogre couldnt heal its injuries and fight Yang Feng at the same time.

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