Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 541 – Key of Time

Chapter 540 – Shaking the Audience

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Silence pervaded, and shock flashed in the eyes of the Warlocks.

The Red-horned Evil God Ogre Ole has transformed into can suppress quasi-Glorious Sun Warlocks and even fight gods of the same rank. Such a powerful existence was one-shotted by Yang Feng. Even though Almas was also one-shotted by Yang Feng before, but the Warlock geniuses present were still filled with shock.

“So strong!”

“Hes too strong!”

“The Battle Demon Sects Feng Yang is really powerful. After today, he will definitely be famous!”

“How astonishing. Every time the Time Sky City Competition Assembly is held, there always appear several freakish experts who have formed a virtual world. But the gap between them isnt large. This time, the gap between Yang Feng and the other freakish powerhouses is just too big.”

“So strong! If he doesnt die prematurely, he may become a Holy Spirit Warlock in the future!”


After a while, sounds of discussion rose in the arena. No matter if they came from the Eastern World or the Western World, the Warlocks looked at Yang Feng standing in the center of the arena with awe in their eyes.

The Warlocks from the Western World focused their gazes on Cresno and other supreme geniuses. But the supreme geniuses from the Western World just stood there silently and watched Yang Feng in the arena.

Ole and Almas are both freakish geniuses who have formed a virtual world in the Starry Sky Warlock realm. With just quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base and the support of secret treasures, they can already contend against advanced Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses. But these two freakish Warlock geniuses were one-shotted by Yang Feng, which naturally left the other supreme geniuses from the Western World apprehensive.

“Why is nobody going up there? There are so many geniuses in the Brest Dynasty, the Bajur Dynasty, and the Kadred Dynasty, dont tell me that not one of you has the courage to fight with our Great Cloud Dynastys Yang Feng?”

“Just now, youve been running your tongues, thinking that youre hot shit. It turns out that youre just a bunch of losers who only know to bully the weak.”

“This is the strongest genius of our Great Cloud Dynasty. If you have the ability, then go defeat him!”

“Just now, who was it that said Yang Feng is a free-range chicken in their eyes? Now the free-range chicken is in the arena, so why is it that no one dares to go up there? It turns out that the geniuses from the three dynasties are only good at boasting.”


Taunts and jeers came from the Great Cloud Dynasty camp. Not long ago, after Angélico has easily defeated Yi Yuanyang, the Warlocks from the Western World have mocked the Warlocks from the Great Cloud Dynasty. Now that they have got this opportunity, the Warlocks from the Great Cloud Dynasty naturally wont miss it.

The figure of a blond, burly Warlock blurred, and he appeared in the middle of the arena.

The blond, burly Warlock shouted: “I am the Five Rings Red Towers Culford of the Brest Dynasty, I want to fight you!”

Five Rings Red Tower is a powerful Warlock group of the Brest Dynasty not the least bit inferior to the Battle Demon Sect, and Culford is the top genius in the Starry Sky Warlock realm of the Five Rings Red Tower.

Yang Feng said flatly: “Please!”

Culford silently chanted an incantation and pointed with a finger, and a cloth-like, level-6 secret treasure giant of leather inscribed with strange seals suddenly flew out and covered him. The giant of leather was made from the leather of some unknown extraordinary life form.

There was a strange light, and a 100-meter-tall giant inscribed with weird seals, enveloped in a gale, exuding junior Moonlight Warlock rank pressure appeared in the arena.

“Wind Giant! A being who can only manipulate the wind element!”

“The Wind Giant doesnt have the weakness of ordinary giants, which is a low agility. However, a mere junior Moonlight Warlock rank Wind Giant isnt Yang Fengs opponent at all.”

“What the hell is Culford thinking? A trifling Wind Giant is not an match for that monster!”


When the Warlocks around the arena saw Culford change into a Wind Giant, they commented animatedly.

The Wind Giant Culford has transformed into is a bit weaker than the Immemorial Gold Dragon Achilles has turned into.

As soon as the Wind Giant transformation was complete, gales entangled around it, and while exuding an overbearing aura, it pounced at Yang Feng.

“Too slow!” The Wind Giant had just moved, when Yang Feng strangely appeared in front of it and punched it.

An immense force instantly struck the Wind Giant in the abdomen, and the 100-meter-tall Wind Giant turned into a ray, crushed into a wall of the arena, sprayed a blood arrow, and collapsed on the ground, unable to move.

The Wind Giant transformation lifted, and Culford human form was exposed. He coughed for a while, and then spat out a blood arrow and spoke with an expression of pain: “I admit defeat.”

“Sure enough! He was one-shotted!”

“Theres no way, Yang Feng is just too strong.”

“One-on-one, except for Almas and them, no one can withstand his full strength punch while using his secret treasure.”


The expression in the eyes of the Warlocks outside the arena stated “as expected”, and then they gazed in the direction of the supreme geniuses from the Western World.

Against an expert who formed a virtual world like Yang Feng, the tactic of taking turns to exhaust him is meaningless. Unless experts on par with Yang Feng fight him and give their all to injure him, and expend his power, after each battle Yang Feng will draw a wisp of world force from the virtual world in his body and fully recover all his expenditure.

Cresno took a deep look at Yang Feng, then turned around and walked deeper into the Secret Dragon Inn.

Most of the Warlocks from the Brest Dynasty followed behind Cresno. No matter what the Warlocks from the Great Cloud Dynasty said, they didnt respond.

Angélico took a profound look at Yang Feng, and then took the Warlocks from the Bajur Dynasty and went deeper into the Secret Dragon Inn, silent.

The Warlocks from the Kadred Dynasty also silently followed the four supreme geniuses of the Kadred Dynasty deeper into the Secret Dragon Inn.

After he saw that the supreme geniuses of the three dynasties left, Yang Fengs figure blurred, and he left the arena.

Except for the top Warlock geniuses of the Western World, the ordinary Warlock geniuses are not Yang Fengs opponents at all. Defeating them has no meaning.

“Yang Feng, do you still remember me?” Yang Feng was just going back to the Battle Demon Sects camp, when a voice rang.

Yang Feng turned around and immediately smiled and greeted the other party enthusiastically: “Kong Fangao, its you. Long time no see.”

In those days when Yang Feng was playing the role of the ruler of the Turandot Subcontinent, Kong Fangao guided him to the Great Cloud Dynasty and gave him a lot of help. If Yang Feng had stayed in the Turandot Subcontinent at that time, he definitely wouldnt be this strong right now.

Kong Fangao heaved a slight sigh of relief secretly, and followed Yang Feng to the side of the Battle Demon Sect and the Bright Moon School, where he was introduced to the disciples of both sects by Yang Feng.

After Yang Feng left, a lot of Warlocks from the Western World and the Eastern World fought in the arena. Just now, both sides have taunted and provoked each other. The Warlocks are extremely proud. Their anger flared up, and they entered the arena to swap pointers.

Without Yang Feng, Yi Yuanyang, Almas, and other supreme geniuses taking part in the fights, the fights of the other Warlocks didnt attract much attention.

In the lobby, everyone returned to their seats.

The Warlocks from the Ten Great Sects and the Eight Great Families separated into groups and sat in different places.

Yang Feng, Zhang Hanshan, Zhuo Yifan, Zhou Feng, Kong Fangao, Wang Shulan, Zhang Zhiqiao, and Zhang Tiantian also sat around a large table.

Wang Shulan, Zhang Zhiqiao, and Zhang Tiantian are personal disciples of the Bright Moon Schools thee Great Elders and have the same status as Yang Feng and the others. As for Kong Fangao who originally was not eligible to sit here, he is a friend of Yang Feng and thus became qualified to sit with them.

A handsome young man in white scholar attire, with a bun on his head and an unearthly temperament walked over with a gentle smile on his face and said courteously: “I am Song Zixi, and this is my close friend Jiang Xin. I wonder if we can have the honor to make acquaintance with senior disciple brothers and senior disciple sisters of the Battle Demon Sect and the Bright Moon School?”

With long, waterfall-like black hair, a fiery figure that doesnt lose out to western female Warlocks, an exquisite appearance, and the temperament of an ice queen, standing beside Song Zixi is the stunningly beautiful Jiang Xin, the noble daughter of one of the Eight Great Families the Jiang Family.

Wang Shulan smiled and responded cordially: “Song Familys Song Zixi and the Jiang Familys Jiang Xin, I am very pleased to make your acquaintance. Please join us.”

As disciples of famous sects, Wang Shulan and others will make friends. Song Zixi and Jiang Xin are peerless genius of the Eight Great Families, and are naturally qualified to make friends with them.

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