Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 543 – Siege

Chapter 542 – Assemble

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“Fuck, its him!”

“Its Yang Feng!”


The faces of the dozen Warlocks locked in combat changed greatly, and they looked at Yang Feng flying from afar with apprehension in their eyes.

Without hesitation, three Warlocks disengaged the battle and fled towards the distance.

A Warlock proposed: “Lets join forces to break the barrier around the Key of Time first, and then compete for the Key of Time. Otherwise, with Yang Feng here, we wont stand a chance.”

The Key of Light is enveloped by a barrier, which is comparable to a level-6 defensive spell. However, without a Moonlight Warlock rank continuously supplying life force to support it, even Starry Sky Warlocks can wear down the barrier and eventually break it.


“Lets run with it!”


The other Warlocks nodded in agreement. They are all very bright people. After a brief moment of thought, they realized that they could not compete with Yang Feng by themselves. Only when they join hands will there be a chance of success.

“The plan is good. Unfortunately, youre too weak!” Spatial ripples surged next to the Warlocks, and Spatial Mirrors suddenly appeared and easily pulled the Warlocks inside.

Ripples rose in the space beside Yang Feng, and the Warlocks flew out of the Spatial Mirrors that emerged beside him.

Violent wind blades formed from Nine Revolutions Divine Wind slashed towards the Warlocks. After the wind blades shredded their life force field, the Warlocks were teleported out of the secret realm.

“What a terrifying guy!”

“Only by meeting him in person, will you be able to understand his terror!”

“Hes a monster!”


Feeling a chill in their heart, the Warlocks hiding in the surroundings inhaled a mouthful of cold air and fled in different directions. There are 108 Keys of Time, so they didnt want to be kicked out of the secret realm just now.

“It feels great to be powerful!” The corners of Yang Fengs mouth lifted slightly. If it werent for his tyrannical strength, hed have to cope with numerous sneak attacks. Now, as long as he shows up, those Warlocks will retreat posthaste, not daring to fight him.

Yang Feng looked up at the Key of Time that was shrouded in a barrier of light, and then slammed a fist into the barrier.

The barrier was torn apart at once, and Yang Feng extended his hand and grabbed the Key of Time.

“This is a Key of Time? It contains the mysteries of the law of time!” As soon as Yang Feng seized the Key of Time, he felt a trace of the law of time flowing inside. If he hadnt studied the Time Text for a period of time, he fundamentally wouldnt have detected that the Key of Time contains the mysteries of the law of time.

Yang Fengs eyes radiated scorching light: “If I get some more Keys of Time, itll be beneficial towards my comprehension of the Time Text.”

The law of time is the most profound and difficult to understand law in the world, even far above the law of space. In the Cangzhi Plane, human Warlocks have researched the Time Secret Method for countless years, but only the Time Lord has mastered this strongest secret method.

In the 1st Warlock Dynasty, there were countless Warlock supreme geniuses, and the 12 Holy step Holly Spirit Warlocks were extremely powerful. Even the 8th Warlock Dynastys Dawn Lord may not be a match for the 12 Holy step Holy Spirit Warlocks.

Before the Time Lord became a Warlock Emperor, he had no advantages over the 12 Holy step Holy Spirit Warlocks in terms of physique, attainment in alchemy, spirit force, and life force, and he was even at a disadvantage in some cases. But the law of light if very mysterious and extraordinary. By virtue of the Time Text, the Time Lord overwhelmed everyone else and became the first human Warlock Emperor in the Cangzhi Plane.

After the fall of the Time Lord, there were several human supreme geniuses in the Cangzhi Plane who came to understand the Time Text and comprehend the law of time. They became powerful existences almost invincible in the same rank.

With his enlightenment of the Time Text, Yang Feng hasnt grasped this secret method fully. But he hopes to master a way to counter this secret method by studying it. If he is ignorant of the Time Secret Method, then Yang Feng will be in a great disadvantage if ever meets a user of this secret method in the future.

Despite being much weaker than him, Katrina still nearly defeated Yang Feng because of the power and strangeness of her secret method.

With the Key of Time in his grasp, Yang Feng flew high into the sky, conjured the Transcendent Pupils, and started looking for signs of Keys of Time again.

High in the sky, Cornell surrounded by a Star World formed from shining stars exuded Moonlight Warlock rank might.

Countless abstruse runes flashed in Cornells eyes, and traces of wisdom radiated from his eyes, making him look like an omnipotent Transcendent full of wisdom. He pointed with a finger, and starlight spread in all directions.

With a flash of light, Angélico flying from the distance followed the starlight to Cornells side. Gazing at the Star World, he praised: “To be of use in such a secret realm, Bajur Astrology is indeed one of the most wonderful and mystical secret methods.”

Before long, the Bajur Dynasty Warlock with a bare upper body, and covered in runes flew over from afar and stopped at Cornells side.

After another period of time, Cresno and the other three Warlock supreme geniuses from the Brest Dynasty as well as Ole and the other three supreme geniuses from the Kadred Dynasty following the starlight appeared.

Almas, Ole, Angélico, and Katrina were seriously injured by Yang Feng at that time. But within two days, they have already recovered to about 80% of their strength. After all, the matches in the arena werent battles to the death. Or else, even if the four of them escaped by chance, their soul source would have been damaged, and they wouldnt be able to recover within two days.

Brea, an expert from the Kadred Dynastys Hall of Immortality with long silver hair and the temperament of a ruler took a deep look at Cornell and said unhurriedly: “Bajur Astrology is truly extraordinary!”

There was a flash of enigmatic light in the eyes of the other supreme genius, and they took a deep look at Cornell.

In fact, astrology is a branch of divination. Warlocks following this path possess powerful fighting prowess. But the most terrifying thing about them is that they can peek into the past and use countless information to predict the future. The past has been determined and cannot be changed. The future, on the other hand, has countless branches, and some future branches can be changed. However, the main stream of the future is hard to shake. Divination Warlocks like Astrologers can peek into the future changes. Based on the future development, they can avoid calamities. They are extremely difficult to kill. At the same time, they can gain huge benefits.

Warlocks who practice astrology have two weaknesses. The first is that theyre a bit weaker than other peerless geniuses of the same rank. The second weakness is that whether you look into the past or the future, you need to consume huge amounts of materials as well as the casters life span. Therefore, the Warlocks who practice astrology basically all die prematurely.

The 4th Warlock Dynastys Star Lord also didnt break through the fate of Divination Warlocks, and his reign only lasted for several thousands of years before he died. Among human Warlock Emperors, he had the shortest lifespan.

Even so, having a Divination Warlock as an enemy is a headache. Because they will sense danger prematurely, its very difficult to force them into a certain death situation.

Cresno spoke solemnly: “Did you find traces of Yang Feng?”

Proud and arrogant as they are, these supreme geniuses of the Western World wouldnt have acted together originally. But in order to defeat Yang Feng, they finally put their pride aside and banded up.

Runes formed from starlight flickered in Cornells eyes, and his indifferent voice sounded: “I already found Yang Feng. Hes 9,000 kilometers away in that direction. I will stay here and guide you with starlight.

Breas eyes shimmered gloomily, and he uttered slowly: “With the 10 of us besieging Yang Feng, even if we win, it will be a disgrace!”

These 11 experts are peerless geniuses of the Western World who have formed a virtual world in the Starry Sky realm. With their pride, each of them disdains to besiege other people.

However, Yang Feng is simply too strong. Brea and the others have no choice but give up their pride and gather together to besiege Yang Feng.

The Time Sky City is a place that the Time Lord built to cultivate talents of the young generation. Every Warlock who enters the Time Sky City will gain tremendous benefits. Yang Feng is already so strong that hes almost invincible in the same rank. Brea and them cant allow him to continue to grow. Otherwise, the gap will only widen.

Cresnos eyes flashed with unswerving determination: “There is a saying in the Eastern World – the winner is king, the loser is bandit. As long as we win and enter Time Sky City, then the gap between us and him will only narrow. Besides, were doing it for the entire Western World! A monster like Yang Feng cannot be left unchecked. Otherwise, the Western World will once again be shrouded in the shadow of the Eastern World. Under the leadership of the Dawn Lord, the Western World finally managed to escape from the shadow of the Eastern World. We absolutely cannot return to the age where the Eastern World controls everything.”

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