Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 544 – Fierce Battle

Chapter 543 – Siege

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Prior to the rise of the Dawn Lord, the Warlocks from the Eastern World were the masters of the Cangzhi Plane. If the Western World hadnt produced several Holy Spirit Warlock rank experts, and if they hadnt followed the seven Warlock Emperors and contributed greatly to their cause, then the Western World would have been annexed a long time ago.

Even so, in the seven Warlock Dynasties era, the Warlocks from the Eastern World were very proud and arrogant, and many of them called the Warlocks from the Western World barbarians. This contempt made the Warlocks from the Western World quite resentful.

However, in the seven Warlock Dynasties era, the Warlocks from the Eastern World were extremely brilliant, occupying countless planes, mastering countless secret methods, and plundering endless resources. Warlocks from the Western World could only endure.

But when the Dawn Lord came into being, it brought rapid development to the Western World, who then suppressed the Eastern World.

After the collapse of the Dawn Dynasty, the three dynasties that divided the Western World into three parts added together are still far stronger than the Great Cloud Dynasty, which is all thanks to the contributions of the Dawn Lord.

Although the Warlocks of the Western World and the Warlocks of the Eastern World will work together to resist the offensive of experts from other planes, but they dont wish to see the Eastern World give birth to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

After listening to Cresnos words, the Warlocks from the Western World nodded their heads after a moment of silence. If Yang Feng were only a little stronger than any of them, they wouldnt make such a decision. They would rely on their own strength and efforts to find ways to surpass him.

However, because Yang Fengs display has surpassed them by far, they made the decision to contain Yang Feng.

“Hes in this direction!” Starlight turned into an arrow that flew in Yang Fengs direction.

The 10 Warlocks flickered into motion and turned into streams of light flying into the distance.

“Good luck to you!” Cornell looked into the distance, and seals formed from starlight flickered in his eyes. He frowned, a look of anxiety flashed on his face, and he sighed slowly: “I hope you can defeat that monster who is beyond imagination!”

Yang Feng who has easily captured the fifth Key of Time suddenly turned his head and looked into the distance with excitement in his eyes: “Oh, theyre coming? 10 supreme geniuses from the Western Worlds are coming! Interesting, truly interesting!”

In the Time Sky City Competition Assembly, only geniuses like Yi Yuanyang, Cresno, and others who have formed a virtual world have the qualifications to fight Yang Feng. The rest of the Warlocks are just small fries, and can be beaten easily.

In the Floating Palace, there are several seats, which are occupied by Infinity Warlocks, each of which can easily control a plane and compete with strong divine force rank gods.

In the Floating Palace, there sit a total of 10 Infinity Warlocks, four of which come from the Great Cloud Dynasty, and the other six come from the Western World.

Although the 10 Infinity Warlocks didnt fought directly, but their life force fields constantly interwove and clashed, forming various weird phenomena. Were it not for the powerful purification force field opened in the Floating Palace, then once the life force spilled to the outside world, it could kill all life forms below the level-1 Warlock rank within a radius of 1,000 kilometers.

If they wanted, the infinity Warlocks could easily blast apart a grade 9 plane and kill countless life forms that inhabit the plane. They are such terrifying existences.

By releasing their life force field, Infinity Warlocks can probe the other Infinity Warlocks. Some newly promoted Infinity Warlocks cannot accurately control their life force field, and their life force field will be suppressed by that of other Infinity Warlocks. Suppressed Infinity Warlocks are pushovers who will be taken advantage of.

The life force fields of the 10 Infinity Warlocks engaged in battles unthinkable for ordinary people, but the outcome is a tie. Clearly, the 10 Infinity Warlocks arent pushovers. Without coming to blows for real, they cannot decide the winner and the loser.

A man in a scarlet robe looked at a huge crystal ball and snorted coldly: “Humph, 10 people went to besiege one person. Is this how the Brest Dynasty, the Bajur Dynasty, and the Kadred Dynasty do things? How disgraceful.”

Via the huge crystal ball, the Infinity Warlocks can clearly see whats going on in the assembly.

The scene of 10 supreme geniuses from the Western World going to besiege Yang Feng naturally entered their eyes.

Although the Infinity Warlocks werent present in the lobby of the Secret Dragon Inn, but the fights between Yang Feng and Angélico and them didnt escape them.

Seeing the 10 Warlocks join forces to besiege Yang Feng, a flash of embarrassment streaked past the eyes of the Infinity Warlocks from the Western World.

A white-haired and white-bearded Infinity Warlock from the Brest Dynasty responded flatly: “Zhang Yuelei, this is just a competition between young people. Fighting people with numbers is a war tactic. They know how to gather their own strength and join forces against the enemy. I can only praise them for being smart. When we human Warlocks fight against powerful enemies from other planes, dont we often join forces to defeat them?”

The Cangzhi Planes Warlocks are most expert at fighting together. Several first-rate pinnacle Bright World Warlocks using secret treasures can even contend against a weak junior Infinity Warlock rank freak.

In the history of the Cangzhi Plane, human Warlocks have often united and used secret treasures to defeat and seal many powerful beings.

Zhang Yueleis eyes shimmered angrily, and he uttered coldly: “Barbosa, youre spouting sophistry. This competition is a test the Time Lord created to select young geniuses, not a war with other race experts. In a war, any method can be used, but in a trial, using numbers is despicable!”

Among the four Infinity Warlocks from the Great Cloud Dynasty, a handsome man dressed in a green Warlock robe, with two strokes of mustache on his face said indifferently: “Zhang Yuelei, Barbosa is right. There is nothing preventing them from working together in this competition. Working together is the basis for us human Warlocks to defeat the powerful existences of other planes.”

Zhang Yueleis face fell, and he spoke frigidly: “Ye Xunlong, why are you speaking up for them?”

Ye Xunlong glanced at the crystal ball, a cold ray streaked past his eyes, and he said flatly: “Im just telling it as it is.”

Within the secret realm, Yang Feng operated the Battle Demon Secret Method, and a set of white Battle Demon Armor quickly covered his whole body. Next, he pressed the Ruler Magic Cube, and the Ruler armor enveloped him as well.

As quasi-Moonlight Warlocks with a virtual world, the combat power of the 10 Warlocks is amazing. Without drawing support from secret treasures, Yang Feng may be defeated in a moment of carelessness.

After equipping Ruler armor, Yang Feng operated the law of space, and stepped into a Spatial Gate.

A spatial ripple surged beside Ole, and Yang Feng flew out of a Spatial Gate and punched Ole.

The strange membrane enveloping Ole teleported him out of the secret realm in an instant.

“Primal Chaos Finger!” Yang Feng pointed with a finger at Almas, and a beam containing the aura of primal chaos and annihilation burst out of the finger and stabbed into Almass head in a flash.

A weird membrane instantly swallowed Almas and teleported him out of the secret realm.

The two experts Ole and Almas were heavily wounded by Yang Feng not long ago, and they havent recovered to their full strength yet, so Yang Feng took care of them first.

“Nine Revolutions Divine Wind!” Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and violent wind blades containing the law of wind formed from Nine Revolutions Divine Wind and slashed towards the remaining eight Warlocks.

“Eternal Holy Shield!” Cresno silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and a dazzling light shrouded his body and formed the Eternal Holy Armor!

Eternal Sacred Armor is one of the strongest defensive secret methods of the Hall of Eternity. In terms of defensive power alone, it is above the Battle Demon Secret Method. Additionally, the Eternal Holy Armor can protect the soul of the caster and resist various illusions and attacks on the soul. In this respect, it exceeds the Battle Demon Secret Method by far. However, the Eternal Holy Armor does not have the heaven defying effect of progressing along with the caster.

Nine Revolutions Divine Wind slashed onto Cresnos Eternal Holy Armor and collapsed, unable to hurt him.

There was a flicker of strange light in Katrinas beautiful eyes, and her body fluttered, and then directly collapsed and disappeared, as if she disappeared from this space.

“Extraordinary Courtyard!” The eyes of Bruzzone, a Warlock from the Brest Dynastys Green Sea Forest, flashed coldly, and he silently recited an incantation and fished out a wood carving secret treasure inscribed with numerous mysterious seals and pressed it against his chest.

Bright green lights suddenly shone and formed a courtyard filled with countless strange extraordinary plants in the void.

An extraordinary plant Wind Order Chrysanthemum opened, and its petals fluttered and swept the Nine Revolutions Divine Wind. The Nine Revolutions Divine Wind collapsed strangely, and the wind elemental particles inside it were absorbed by the Wind Order Chrysanthemum.

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