Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 546 – Complete Suppression

Chapter 545 – Lightning Awl

Translator: Xaiomoge

Yang Fengs figure flickered, and he appeared in front of Correia who has just cast a spell and punched out with the speed of a bolt of lightning.

“Ive been waiting for you! Elemental Fire Storm!” Smiling coldly, Correia silently recited an incantation, and a storm of fire capable of easily burning Moonlight Warlocks to cinders appeared around Yang Feng and engulfed him in an instant.

Another scene that Correia could not believe took place. The storm of fire that could easily burn Moonlight Warlocks to ashes was devoured by whirlpools shortly after it engaged Yang Feng.

“Elemental Warlocks are indeed very strong, but unfortunately for you, I can restrain your power completely!” His gaze cold as ice, Yang Feng mused secretly and punched Correia in the head.

A membrane suddenly appeared and enveloped Correia and conveyed him out.

Yang Feng pressed the Dimensional Badge on his chest once more, and thousands of Starry Sky Rippers flew out and shot towards the remaining six supreme geniuses like meteors.

Unless they number millions of units, Starry Sky Rippers wont be able to kill such geniuses. However, the thousands of Starry Sky Rippers have enough destructive power to destroy their life force field, forcing the supreme geniuses to destroy the Starry Sky Rippers in turn.

“Blazing Flower!” Bruzzone silently recited an incantation, and a 100-meter tall extraordinary plant Blazing Flower engraved with numerous seals, burning with white flames extended from the Extraordinary Courtyard.

The Blazing Flower shot a beam of fire that blasted a large tract of Starry Sky Rippers apart.

Taking advantage of the Warlocks engaging the Starry Sky Rippers, Yang Fengs body blurred, and he appeared before Enlin.

“Sea Guard!” Pale from fright, Enlin pointed the Sea God Trident at Yang Feng, and sea water poured out and formed a huge sea barrier with her as the center.

“Primal Chaos Finger!” Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and a beam containing the aura of primal chaos and annihilation suddenly shot towards Chippeco who has transformed into the Evil Ogre Monarch.

Distracted by the Starry Sky Rippers, Chippeco who has transformed into the Evil Ogre Monarch was hit by the Primal Chaos Finger, and a membrane enveloped him and teleported him out of the secret realm.

“What a terrifying fellow! His combat strength is heaven-defying! It seems I can only use that move!” When Brea saw this scene, his heart shook, and he silently recited an incantation and spread the fingers of a hand. A golden coin engraved with numerous mysterious seals suddenly flew out and shot out chains formed from seals.

When he saw this, Yang Fengs face changed dramatically, and his eyes shimmered with graveness: “Immortal Seals, the Hall of Immortalitys most powerful sealing spell!”

Sealing spells are queer. Once certain conditions are met, the caster may be able to defeat a stronger opponent.

Human Warlocks have used sealing spells to overcome many powerful existence more powerful than them. Using sealing spells, a dozen Glorious Sun Warlocks can even seal a Bright World rank freak.

Although sealing spells are extremely powerful, but theyre also subjected to severe restrictions. First, there arent too many human Warlocks who can master sealing spells. Second, to cast a sealing spell, the caster has to consume their soul origin force. Some first-rate sealing spells even require the caster to burn their own soul source to conjure them.

If Brea burned his soul source to cast a sealing spell, then despite how strong Yang Feng is, it would be very difficult for him to resist it.

Yang Feng flicked his wrist, and the level-7 secret treasure Lightning Awl appeared in his hand. A tremendous attractive force erupted from the Lightning Awl and extracted life force from his body.

In less than a breath of time, the life force inside Yang Feng was nearly drained by the level-7 secret treasure Lightning Awl.

“Sure enough, a level-7 secret treasure is not something I can use freely at present.” Clenching his teeth, Yang Feng frantically extracted world force from the small world and poured it into the level-7 secret treasure Lightning Awl.

The Lightning Awl suddenly radiated silver lightning that emitted crackling sounds, and then blurred and shot towards Brea.

“Wishful thinking! Magic Steel Thorns!” Bruzzone screamed, and numerous Magic Steel Thorns a dozen times harder than diamonds extended from the Extraordinary Courtyard and formed a wall of thorns blocking in front of Brea.

“Shield of Ice!” Enlin pointed with the Sea God Trident in her hand, and a huge ice shield suddenly appeared blocking in front of Brea.

“Holy Shield!” Cresno chanted an incantation and pointed with a finger, and a shield formed from light blocked before Brea.

“Elemental Shield!” Katrina cast a magic shield to block in front of Brea.

With lightning coiling around it, the Lightning Awl crushed into the Magic Steel Thorn wall and shattered it. Following the Magic Steel Thorns, lightning force entered Bruzzones Extraordinary Courtyard, and the Extraordinary Courtyard fragmented, and countless extraordinary plants collapsed.

After the Lightning Awl broke through the Magic Steel Thorn wall, silver lightning smashed the three defensive spells Shield of Ice, Divine Shield, and Elemental Shield and swallowed Brea instantly.

A membrane suddenly appeared and teleported Brea out of the secret realm.

“What a dreadful fellow!”

“Is this his trump card? A level-7 secret treasure!”

“To be able to use the power of level-7 secret treasures, this guy is terrifying!”


Seeing Brea being swallowed by the silver lightning of the Lightning Awl, Cresno and the other three supreme geniuses felt palpitations. The power required to operate level-7 secret treasures is extremely frightening. As supreme geniuses of their respective major forces, Cresno and them have one or two level-7 secret treasures on them. But with their cultivation base, if they want to use a level-7 secret treasure, theyll have to drain their life force nearly dry and burn their soul origin.

But now they saw Yang Feng use the level-7 secret treasure Lightning Awl, which intimidated the four supreme geniuses. If Yang Feng can freely control the level-7 secret treasure Lightning Awl, then even though the four of them joined forces, they will be hunted down one by one.

Yang Feng pressed the Dimensional Badge on his chest, and thousands of Starry Sky Rippers were released again.

A Starry Sky Ripper grabbed Yang Feng, stimulated its engine to the limit, and flew away. The Lightning Awl drained the life force inside his body nearly dry. In a short period of time, his combat power fell drastically. It was even difficult to conjure a level-5 spell.

Cresno immediately caught the truth of the matter and shouted: “He exhausted his power. This is our only chance. We dont have much time. We must take care of him before he fully recovers.”

Although Yang Feng has consumed his life force almost entirely, but he can still draw on the world force to nourish his body and recover his power. After a while, he will be able to recover 70 to 80% of his combat power.

This is the strength of a powerhouse who formed a world. Usually, world force can be stored by cultivating the world. Once in battle, world force can be extracted to fight. Such experts can compete with gods who burn divine force crystals to maintain their peak state at nearly all times.

“You think that level-7 secret treasures can be operated so easily? Void Ancient Vines!” His gaze cold as ice, Bruzzone pointed at Yang Feng, and Void Ancient Vines pierced into the void and stabbed towards Yang Feng along the void.

Yang Feng pressed the Dimensional Badge on his chest, and Space Disruptors suddenly flew out and released space disruption fluctuations that turned the surrounding space chaotic.

Lost in the chaotic space, the Void Ancient Vines could not lock on Yang Feng.

“Absolute Freeze!” Enlin pointed at Yang Feng with the Sea God Trident, and a blue breath freezing everything in its surroundings extended towards Yang Feng..

“The same spell will have no effect on me twice!” Yang Feng sneered. A black mist blocking all probings emerged in his surroundings, and numerous Devourers flew out of the World Ring and covered his body.

The blue breath froze Yang Feng together with the Devourers. After just one breath of time, the blue breath was devoured by the Devourers.

“Eternal Holy Lance!” Cresno threw the Eternal Holy Lance with all his strength, and the lance turned into a beam that stabbed towards Yang Feng.

“Youre indeed a most formidable supreme genius from the Western World! There is no way to escape this Eternal Holy Lance.” Yang Feng glanced at the Eternal Holy Lance and frowned. With his left hand, he suddenly released a Primal Chaos Finger barreling towards the Eternal Holy Lance.

The Eternal Holy Spear ran through the beam of light formed from Primal Chaos Finger and landed on the fingers of Yang Fengs left hand. It pierced through the Ruler armor and the Battle Demon Armor, blasted apart two fingers, and sent Yang Feng tumbling away.

Pierced by the Eternal Holy Spear, Yang Fengs right fist and left hand fingers kept dripping blood. The wounds showed no trace of healing. Never Heal is a frightening spell attached to the Eternal Holy Lance.

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