Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 548 – Time Sky Pillar

Chapter 547 – Promotion to a Moonlight Warlock

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In the Floating Palace, life force fields churned and vibrated violently. If a Great Warlock rank expert was here, they would be seriously injured or even killed.

Barbosa smiled coldly: “One against ten, and he still won! He-he, the Battle Demon Sect has such a brilliant genius! Amazing!”

The auras of the other five Infinity Warlocks from the Western World churned and roiled. Obviously, they are rather unsettled.

Every Warlock who formed a virtual world is a supreme genius in the world of Warlocks who can challenge existences higher by a rank than them.

Warlocks who didnt form a virtual world will be left in the dust by gods, evil gods, dragons and other extraordinary life forms from other planes.

Warlocks who formed a virtual world can not only contend against gods and challenge beings higher by a rank than them, but they can also operate secret treasures far beyond their current realm and display fearsome power.

The 10 Warlocks from the Western World were defeated by Yang Feng, which shocked even the Infinity Warlocks.

The life force fields of the four Infinity Warlocks from the Great Cloud Dynasty vibrated violently, their minds clearly unsettled.

Zhang Yuelei sighed secretly, and then looked at Ye Xunlong with worry in his eyes: “Remarkable! This Yang Feng is really remarkable. Unfortunately, hes from the Battle Demon Sect.”

Ye Xunlong is an Infinity Warlock from the Tai Yi Sect. Although the relationship between the Tai Yi Sect and the Battle Demon Sect isnt as incompatible as fire and water, but it is very bad.

Several Battle Demon Sects Infinity Warlocks died mysteriously shortly after their advancement. Reportedly, the Tai Yi Sect has something to do with it.

If the Battle Demon Sect hasnt produced the two quasi-Infinity Warlock experts Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian who formed a virtual world, then it might have already been annexed by the Tai Yi Sect.

Even so, Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian are forced to be confined to the Battle Demon Sect, and cannot go out lightly.

Zhang Yuelei glanced at the other two Infinity Warlocks from the Great Cloud Dynasty and frowned: “In addition to Ye Xunlong, these two may also harbor malicious intentions towards Yang Feng.”

Yang Feng is too powerful. Even the Western Worlds 10 strongest geniuses are not his opponents. For the other Infinity Warlocks of the Great Cloud Dynasty, such a genius is a thorn in their side.

If Yang Feng can mature smoothly, then the future era will be his. His prestige will overshadow all the forces of the Great Cloud Dynasty. The Battle Demon Sect will naturally do its utmost to cultivate and protect such a peerless genius, while all other forces will harbor evil designs towards him.

In the secret realm.

“He really defeated them! The miracle that had 21.3% chance to take place didnt occur.” Cornell dispelled the Star World, and sighed lightly. There was a flash of wisdom in his eyes: “It seems that I have to change the way I get along with him and make the necessary investments.”

To have cultivated the Bajur Astrology to this degree, Cornell is absolutely amazing. He foresaw that the probability of failure was too great, so he didnt participate in the siege of Yang Feng.

Following flashes of starlight, weird seals appeared on Cornells body, and his aura vanished, looking like he has become an ordinary person. He landed on the ground.

The Time Sky City Competition Assembly is held for 15 days.

Withing this period of time, Yang Feng operated the Transcendent Pupils to unscrupulously seized Keys of Time in the Time Sky City.

Reckless Warlocks who fought with him for the Keys of Time were defeated and teleported out of the secret realm one after another.

Just like Cornell, many Warlocks cast spells and secret methods to conceal their aura after they got hold of a Key of Time and hid.

Despite how strong as Yang Feng is, he couldnt find the Warlocks who used various secret methods to hide.

Within these 15 days, Yang Feng gathered a total of 63 Keys of Time. Additionally, he found friends such as Zhuo Yifan, Zhou Feng, Kong Fangao, Wang Shulan, Zhang Zhiqiao, Zhang Tiantian, and gave them a few Keys of Time.

On the 15th day, the sky in the secret realm suddenly burst open, and white beams of light descended from the sky and shot towards the Warlocks with Keys of Time.

Yang Feng was enveloped by 58 white beams of light, and tremendous life magic energy poured into his body and frantically promoted his cultivation base.

If it was an ordinary quasi-Moonlight Warlock, they fundamentally wouldnt be able to bear life magic energy from 58 beams of light. But Yang Feng is a powerhouse who established a small world inside him. The portion of life magic energy that he couldnt absorb was sent into his small world.

The world origin of the small world eagerly absorbed huge amounts of life magic energy, and the small world expanded rapidly.

Each complete plane has a plane origin, which is also called a world will. The stronger the plane origin is, the stronger the world will be, and the more powerful experts it will accommodate and the more formidable treasures it will give birth to.

For world origins, life magic energy is equivalent to food. A complete plane will automatically absorb various types of energy drifting in the universe and transform them into life magic energy to sustain itself. Plain origins that cannot absorb life magic energy will slowly wither and die.

The same is true for the Cangzhi Plane. Via the power of queer laws, the Cangzhi Planes plane origin extracts various types of force from the vast universe and transforms them into life magic energy, which in turn gives birth to precious treasures as well as magic stones and magic crystals.

The world origin of Yang Fengs small world has not yet fully matured, and cannot absorb the various types of force from the universe. He can only “feed” the world origin by using a huge amount of magic crystals.

Once the small world has transformed into a complete true world, it will devour various types of energy in the universe at all times, transform them into life magic energy, and nourish his body and soul. It will no longer need Yang Feng to “feed” it.

Enveloped by the 58 beams of white light, Yang Fengs cultivation base quickly advanced to the great circle Starry Sky Warlock rank, and then the quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank from pinnacle Starry Sky Warlock rank.

After he reached the quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank, Yang Feng no longer absorbed the life magic energy, and instead transmitted the tremendous amount of life magic energy into the small world.

Just like the evolution of a demigod into a true god in the Feisuo Plane, the evolution of a Starry Sky Warlock into a Moonlight Warlock in the Cangzhi Planes is also the most important link.

Based on Yang Fengs current cultivation base, he can already transform his starry sky core into a moonlight core. However, in order to achieve the perfect transformation and lay the most powerful foundation, he still needs to make some preparations.

Bathed in the light of the 58 white beams, Yang Feng disappeared.

There was a flash of light, and Yang Feng opened his eyes and found himself in a vast space. A quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank Rock Wolf appeared in front of him.

“Do I have to get rid of it?” A thought echoed in Yang Fengs sea of knowledge. He smiled and flicked his hand casually, and wind blades formed from Nine Revolutions Divine Wind suddenly slashed the Rock Wolf into pieces.

As soon as the Rock Wolf was chopped into pieces, white light flew out of the Rock Wolfs body and entered Yang Feng.

After a moment, Yang Fengs eyes showed a touch of joy: “My soul force has improved a little bit. Sure enough, the Time Sky City is a great opportunity not to be missed!

Compared to the body, its much more difficult to strengthen the soul. To improve their soul force, Warlocks can only upgrade their cultivation base. Each time they advance by a realm, the soul of Warlocks will be strengthened by a fraction.

Except for Soul Warlocks who exist as soul forms, the rest of the Warlocks can hardly find secret methods to cultivate the soul. Although Soul Warlocks who have abandoned their flesh have grasped various soul secret methods, but none has ever reached the Warlock Monarch rank. In the end, the soul of Soul Warlocks will decay, and they will eventually die. Thus, not many people follow this path.

To get a trace of soul force by disposing of the Rock Wolf, Yang Feng was naturally ecstatic.

Before long, six quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank Rock Wolves appeared in the vast space.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose.

In this space, you killed monsters, and then other monsters appeared. Rinse and repeat. After killing 36 Rock Wolves, junior Moonlight Warlock rank Rock Wolves emerged.

When six junior Moonlight Warlock rank Rock Wolves died, an intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank Rock Wolf appeared. After the first quasi-Glorious Sun Warlock rank Rock Wolf was killed by Yang Feng, the soul force he absorbed made his starry sky core finally reach full circle, and it started to transformation into a moonlight core unwittingly.

After an unknown amount of time, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes, and tremendous intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank aura slowly spread from him. The remains of countless high grade magic crystals littered his small world.

Yang Fengs accumulation was very robust. Taking advantage of his soul reaching full circle, he broke through the bottleneck and advanced to the intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank in one fell swoop.

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