Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 55 – Inner Court

Chapter 54 – Soul Aptitude and Warlock Path Choices

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Any alchemy item related to Warlocks was unreasonably expensive. Despite not having any deffensive ability, nor looking particularly impressive, the Apprentice Warlock robe was worth 300 gold coins. Ordinary people simply couldnt afford it.

Anya suddenly said: “Yang Feng, if you really desire to tread further on the Warlock path, I recommend you look for the book {Soul Aptitude and Warlock Path Choices}.”

Yang Feng responded with a faint smile: “Then give me a copy of {Soul Aptitude and Warlock Path Choices} as well as a copy of all the spell books with level-0 spells.”

The Black Cottage also had a lot of spell books with level-0 spells. However, the Black Cottages spell books definitely couldnt compare to those of the Warlock College Antalya. Yang Feng who had now deep pockets didnt worry about magic stones.

A blush welled up on Innas pretty face, and her voice became a lot more gentle: “{Soul Aptitude and Warlock Path Choices} is 500 magic stones per copy, spell books with level-0 spells are 20 magic stones per copy. There are 752 different level-0 spell books here. That would be a total of 11,940 magic stones.”

Ordinary Apprentice Warlocks were generally very stingy, only buying one spell book at a time. Furthermore, they specially chose those spell books that were useful to them, and basically wouldnt buy any unnecessary spell books. While the Apprentice Warlocks who were supported by Warlock Families didnt care about level-0 spells.

Inna was here for so long, yet this was the first time that she encountered such a big deal. She could get a commission of one-thousandth of the deal. With this deal, she and Anya could get 12 magic stones. It naturally made her very excited.

Yang Feng fished out a crystal card, inserted it into a box engraved with odd runes, and entered the sum to pay, and 11,940 magic stones were deducted at once.

Innas voice became increasingly sweet as she spoke: “Do you want to pick the items now, or should we deliver them to you tonight?”

Yang Feng answered: “Deliver them to my dormitory tonight!”

Inna said softly: “Okay!”

Yang Feng turned around and left the appraisal room for Apprentice Warlocks.

Looking at Yang Fengs back with jealousy and envy, Inna gave a faint sigh: “To promote to an Apprentice Warlock in 100 days, in just a 100 days, the Steel Lord backing him is really wealthy! His life is so good.”

A gleam of defiance flickered past Anyas beautiful eyes, and she uttered in a low voice: “Indeed! If only I had one-hundredth of his resources, then the promotion to a level-3 Apprentice Warlock wouldnt be an issue.”

The most important factor restricting the progress of these Apprentice Warlocks was magic stones. The purchase of a magic stone required 135 gold coins, while 3 magic stones were worth 405 gold coins. This huge sum of money was equivalent to the accumulated wealth of several generations of a countryside lesser aristocrat like Zhao Jiang. Inna and Anya came from Warlock families, but their families support them with only 10 magic stones per year. One level-0 spell book cost 20 magic stone. A years worth of their hard work might allow them to redeem only two level-0 spell books. Moreover, once you promoted to an Apprentice Warlock, in order to buy a variety of bodies of knowledge from the teachers, you would have to pay a large sum of magic stones. It was extremely difficult to get by in the world of Warlocks without any magic stones.

For Inna and Anya who came from small Warlock Families, the level-0 spells they used came all from the spell book inheritances of their families, so they didnt have to purchase them from the Warlock College Antalya. But even if they carefully planned things out, the cost of buying a variety of bodies of knowledge was still overwhelming.

Every year, one-tenth of the student in the Warlock College Antalyas outer court would get eliminated. The principal cause behind this was that they short on money and were unable to study a variety of bodies of knowledge. In the inner court, in the same fashion, a large number of Apprentice Warlocks were eliminated due to a lack of magic stones.

There was a proverb in the world of Warlocks – although magic stones werent everything, but you cannot do without them.

Yang Feng has attracted countless gazes when he entered the Warlock College Antalyas outer court dressed in an Apprentice Warlock robe.

It was very rare for an Apprentice Warlock to appear in the outer court. As inner court elites, Apprentice Warlocks were fundamentally very busy. They were busy studying all kinds of bodies of knowledge and earning magic stones. As such, very rarely would they go to the outer court.

“Thats Steel Citys Yang Feng! He actually promoted to an Apprentice Warlock!!”

“How could that be? Wasnt his soul aptitude only at inferior level-1? How can he practice cultivation so quickly?”

“How could you practice cultivation with an inferior level-1 soul aptitude so quickly?”

“He joined the Warlock College Antalya less than four months ago. In order to promote to an Apprentice Warlock, how many precious elixirs did he had to consume? The Steel Lord must really care about him!”


Yang Feng has become somewhat of a celebrity. In the Warlock College Antalyas outer court, there was hardly anyone who didnt know of him. Now that they saw him having promoted to an Apprentice Warlock, the outer court students were brimming with jealousy and envy. As long as one wasnt a fool, they could easily realize that the reason why Yang Feng could promote to an Apprentice Warlock within such a short period of time with his inferior level-1 soul aptitude was because he consumed copious amounts of precious elixir.

In fact, a vial of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir was priced at around 5,000 magic stones. Moreover, there was demand but no supply. If he hadnt ingested large quantities of Blue Mirage Banshee Elixir, Yang Feng basically wouldnt be able to promote to a level-1 Apprentice Warlock in such a short time. While the other students were fighting for a few magic stones, Yang Feng has already consumed more than 250,000 magic stones worth of elixir. 250,000 magic stones were enough to allow an Apprentice Warlock with superior level-5 soul aptitude to easily promote all the way until a level-1 Warlock. As such, after consuming such large quantities of resources, it was normal for him to promote to an Apprentice Warlock.

Amid the gazes filled with envy and jealousy, Yang Feng returned to his dormitory.

After Gars, Bella, Iryna, and Luka got the information, they immediately hurried towards Yang Fengs dormitory.

Staring at Yang Feng with a complicated look in his eyes, feeling all kinds of mixed emotions in his heart, Gars congratulated: “Yang Feng, congratulations on promoting to an Apprentice Warlock and becoming an inner court elite!”

Bella and the others also stared at Yang Feng with complicated looks in their gazes. Inferior level-1 soul aptitude was more than 100 times worse than theirs. For the cultivation rate of such a waste to pull so far ahead of theirs, he must have ingested top-notch elixirs.

Yang Feng asked: “Wheres Leal?”

Gars spoke faintly: “Hes dead! He died to a freaks curse during a mission.”

The eyes of Bella and the others shimmered gloomily.

The Warlock College Antalyas tuition fee was high, and the various bodies of knowledge required large quantities of gold coins to be purchase. As a lot of lesser aristocrats simply couldnt afford such expenses, they could only accept some missions to earn gold coins. The high tuition fee was like a natural barrier that stopped a lot of ordinary people as well as a lot of lesser aristocrats from treading on the Warlock path. If Yang Feng had holed himself up in the Autumn Leaf Village, then he would never have been able to set foot on the Warlock path.

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