Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 553 – Suppression of the Demon Emperor Cartman

Chapter 552 – Demon Emperor Cartman Appears Again

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Joana smiled slightly and replied: “Regrettably, Master said that you hellions are too infectious. If you dont surrender, you must be killed to a man.”

In addition to conventional procreation, hellions can use their blood and flesh to contaminate ordinary humans and turn them into hellions.

If it wasnt for the restriction of human Warlocks, and if sufficient food could be secured, then hellions could easily convert all the humans in the Turandot Subcontinent into hellions in only a month.

Hellions are like a vicious virus rooted in the human race. Naturally, Yang Feng will not allow such monsters to exist unchecked. He sent Joana to command the dark elves and a large number of battle robots to hunt the hellions.

“You forced us to do this! Go to hell!” There was a flash of despair in the eyes of the Pantheon Hellion Monarch, and he fished out a black plate-like secret treasure and put it on the ground.

Seals lit up on the black secret treasure, entered the void, and opened a gate.

A vast, almost endless demon qi burst out of the gate.

“Mwahaha! Turandot Subcontinent, the great Demon Emperor Cartman is back!” Accompanied by malevolent laughter, a huge black-furred hand extended from the gate, and tremendous Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power gushed out from the gate and permeated the space.

Joanas face fell: “Demon Emperor Cartman? Damn it, this is a terrifying being from the Demonest Plane comparable to a feeble divine force rank god. We must not let him in. Otherwise, the Turandot Subcontinent will be finished.”

Gunner robots fired their railguns, and beams of light hit the huge black-furred hand.

A large amount of blood splashed, and numerous small wounds appeared on the huge black-furred hand. But then demon qi rolled out, and the small wounds quickly healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Demons possesses tyrannical life force. Unless it is an injury that came from an attack containing laws, they can quickly heal. So long as the demon core is intact, some special demons can heal even if their head is chopped off and heart is scooped out.

A pair of black fury hands extended from the gate, and propped themselves up, and then the 10-meter-tall Demon Emperor Cartman with the head of an orangutan, a horn on the head, seals engraved on the body, and black fur covering the body came out of the gate.

Joana turned into a stream of light and fled. She could clearly feel that in front of the Demon Emperor Cartman, she was like an ant. He could kill her at any time if he wanted to.

“Dark elf, a top quality good. Stay, be my toy!” Enveloped in demonic qi, the eyes of the Demon Emperor Cartman fell on the fleeing Joana, and he sneered. He spread the fingers of his hand, and, as if it had a life of its own, a black beam of demonic qi shot towards Joana.

In a breath of time, the black beam of demonic qi hit Joana, sealed her power in a flash, and started eroding her body.

“Bastard!!” Joana clenched her white teeth and flicked her wrist, and a black magic cube appeared in her hand. Dazzling light shone, and the black magic cube changed into a black armor that covered her body.

After developing the Ruler Armor, Yang Feng developed prototype magic cube symbionts and gave them to Joana and the other women.

The symbiont Joana obtained is called Dark Walker, which is a special symbiont focused on underground world battle. It is inlaid with a precious Moonlight Core and equipped with many high-energy crystals.

After the Dark Walker magic cube symbiont covered Joanas body, Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuation of power erupted and eliminated the black demonic qi.

When the Cartman felt the fearsome aura, his face changed dramatically, and he exclaimed: “Moonlight Warlock!”

The reputation of the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks is fierce in many planes. When Cartman felt the fearsome aura, his scalp turned numb. He came to this world with his true body. As such, if his true body died here, he would really perish.

The 1,000 robots lunged dauntlessly at Cartman.

A vicious gleam streaked past Cartmans eyes, and he roared and turned into a black stream of light that shot towards the 1,000 battle robots.

After a moment of fierce battle, the 1,000 battle robots were smashed by Cartman.

Some wounds appeared on Cartmans body. But after demonic qi rolled out, the small wounds quickly healed.

While Cartman was entangled with the battle robots, Joana has quietly disappeared with the help of the Dark Walker.

Greed flitted across Cartmans eyes: “Shes not a true Moonlight Warlock. By drawing support from a secret treasure, she can somewhat simulate the power of a Moonlight Warlock. What a nice treasure. It enables a trifling Great Warlock to somewhat simulate the power of a Moonlight Warlock. Its definitely a god armament grade secret treasure.”

“Greetings, Your Majesty Demon Emperor Cartman!” The three Great Warlock rank hellions came to Cartman and saluted respectfully.

“I need to replenish some blood!” Cartmans eyes constricted, and he opened his maw and breached in. A frightening attractive force enveloped the whole forest, and hellion experts flew into his mouth one after another.

The three hellion monarchs could only watch as their kin were sucked into Cartmans maw one after another.

Although the three felt sad for their kin, but they didnt dare to show anything on their face.

Demons revere the strong and fight constantly. To be able to stand out and become a demon emperor rank powerhouse, he must be a ruthless character. If their faces register any changes, the three hellion monarchs will be killed.

After devouring almost half of the hellion experts in the forest, Cartman closed his maw and exposed a look of satisfaction, and his aura increased.

The three hellion monarchs used a secret treasure to bring the Demon Emperor Cartman from the Demonest Plane. However, the secret treasure didnt have enough power to bring him, so he had to consume a tremendous amount of his power to force his way over from the Demonest Plane.

Cartman took a deep breath and revealed a look of intoxication in his eyes: “The Cangzhi Plane, it is indeed one of the most powerful planes. Here, I do not feel any plane suppression. How great. This is a most suitable plane for us demons to live in!”

Different planes can hold experts of different ranks. Take a grade 9 plane as an example, it can accommodate Legend rank (Great Warlock) experts at most.

Any powerful existence, even Infinity Warlocks, will be suppressed to the Legend rank. If an Infinity Warlock wants to enter a grade 9 plane with their true body, they must destroy the plane original will of the grade 9 plane. But once the origin plane will of a plane is destroyed, the plane will “die”. The land will desertify, the different elements will dissipate, and the plane will eventually become an inhospitable wasteland.

Apart from the 36 primary material planes and the Cangzhi Plane, many planes cannot accommodate powerful races. This is why so many powerful races covet the Cangzhi Plane and compete for it.

Cartman glanced at the three hellion monarchs and sneered: “From now on, I am your master. You must assist me in opening a planar passageway to the Demonest Plane, understood?”

The three hellion monarchs smiled bitterly and said helplessly: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

There was a savage and cruel gleam in Cartmans eyes, and he uttered frigidly: “Turandot Subcontinent! Im back. Yang Feng, you damn little cricket, how dare you to kill my avatar! I will crush you!”

The City of Dark Elves, inside a large temple.

The dark elven Great Matriarch Shayenna is kneeling on the ground. Behind her, there are numerous beautiful young dark elves prostrating themselves on the ground and chanting prayers.

There is an idol in the center of the temple, and it looks somewhat similar to Yang Feng. This is an idol of Yang Fengs god clone in the Feisuo Plane.

With top grade warp gates, Yang Fengs women can travel freely to different places. After Shayenna finished with her assignment in the Fuso Subcontinent, she returned to preside over the affairs of the dark elves.

Thump! With a loud noise, the gate of the temple was pushed open, and Joana stepped inside, her face ashen.

Shayenna frowned, then waved her hand and said: “Everyone take your leave!”

The young dark elven priestesses stood up and left.

Shayenna spoke lightly: “Joana, what happened? Arent you supposed to be hunting hellions? With 1,000 golems, you cant even take down some mere Great Warlock rank hellions? If this is the case, then youre too incompetent.”

Joana has betrayed Shayenna at the time. Although both are now Yang Fengs women, but the relationship between the two is still rather bad.

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