Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 554 – Musings

Chapter 553 – Suppression of the Demon Emperor Cartman

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Joana responded with a dignified look on her face: “The Demon Emperor Cartman was summoned from the Demonest Plane by the hellions.”

As if she heard something trivial, Shayenna uttered calmly: “Oh, so thats how it is.”

Joana was surprised. Anger flared up in her beautiful eyes, and she snapped: “Shayenna, arent you going to gather everyone and have them escape separately? Cartman is a Moonlight Warlock rank expert, and even human Moonlight Warlocks arent his match. As for us dark elves, even if all of us united, we still wont be his opponent.”

Shayenna glanced at Joana with a playful look and said lightly: “This really isnt something that we cant handle. We should tell Master and let him handle it.”

Joanas slim eyebrows creased: “Master? He is nothing more than a Starry Sky Warlock. This time, the Demon Emperor Cartman didnt come as an avatar, but with his true body. He is a Moonlight Warlock rank Transcendent. No matter how strong Masters mechanical golems are, theyre still not his opponent.”

After being caught by Yang Feng, Joana was forcibly subdued. Although she didnt dare to resist Yang Feng, but she was very unwilling. She leads soldiers to hunt the hellion in the underground world and rarely serves Yang Feng with the other beautiful women.

Without explaining, Shayenna smiled, took out a palm-sized communicator, and pressed it. After a while, Yang Fengs voice came from the communicator: “Shayenna, whats the matter?”

Shayenna spoke in a coquettish voice: “Master, the hellions on the 3rd floor of the Turandot Subcontinents underground world have used their ultimate heritage to summon the Demon Emperor Cartman from the Demonest Plane. Reportedly, the Cartman came with his true body, and his strength is intact.”

Yang Feng responded: “I got it. Ill go deal with this matter.”

Suddenly, a vast demonic might swept from the outside and covered the City of Dark Elves.!!! Under the pressure from the vast demonic might, the faces of dark elves below the level-1 Warlock rank turned pale, and they were forced to kneel or lie on the ground, unable to move. The dark elves from the level-1 Warlock to level-3 Warlock rank felt like there was a stone pressing on them, and fear flashed in their eyes.

“So this is the City of Dark Elves! Yang Fengs harem. Good, good! After I conquer this city, Ill kill all the dark elves inside using most cruel methods, all to let that bug Yang Feng know the end of those who offend me!” A black cloud floated over from the distance, and Cartmans unruly and cruel voice sounded.

When they heard the wicked voice, the dark elves in the city trembled, and even the faces of level-3 Warlock rank dark elves turned ashen. At the moment, they could display less than 30% of their power.

Transcendent rank experts possess innate might. Gods have divine might, dragons have dragon might, demons have demonic might. Enveloped by might, existences below the Legend rank will be able to display less than 30% of their power.

It is due to their innate might that Transcendents are aloof, and dont fear being besieged by experts below the Great Warlock rank.

In the Eight Warlock Dynasties era, Great Warlock rank experts were eligible as ordinary soldier. With enough Great Warlock rank experts, various magic arrays and secret methods can be used to threaten Moonlight Warlock rank Transcendents.

When Joana felt the frightening demonic might, her countenance suddenly changed greatly, and she shouted, “Yang Feng, dont come here to throw your life away! Wait until you have reached the Moonlight Warlock rank, and then come back and take revenge for us! The Demon Monarch Cartman is here!”

“Its really surprising. I didnt expect you to worry about me.”

Suddenly, Yang Fengs voice sounded inside the hall. The space twisted, and he walked out, looked at Joana with a smile, and drew her into his embrace.

Among the three Legend rank dark elves, Shayenna submitted to Yang Feng early on and offered herself fully.

Both Joana and Romulaj are very proud. Joana chose to lead troops and hunt other darkness races in the underground world. Romulaj, as an assassin walking in the darkness, went to assassinate other darkness race experts. The two beautiful women are unwilling to wag the tail in front Yang Feng and beg him for his favor to get resources.

Yang Feng originally thought that they didnt care about him. But apparently, Joana was a little concerned about his safety.

Joana embraced Yang Feng. Her beautiful eyes misted over, and tenderness surged in her heart: “Fool, what are you doing here? A Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse isnt an existence you can compete with. Even human Moonlight Warlock arent the opponent of the Demon Emperor Cartman. Idiot!”

Cartman is a first-rate demon expert. In the same realm, only human Warlocks who formed a virtual world or cultivated powerful secret methods, have a deep foundation, and have formidable secret treasures can contend against him. Otherwise, at least three human Warlocks of the same realm are needed to defeat him.

Shayenna looked at Joana in Yang Fengs arms, and a streak of jealousy flickered in her pretty eyes.

“Be at is, and take a look at my power!” Yang Feng smiled and took a step forward with Joana in his arms. Ripples appeared in space, and swallowed him.

In the air above the City of Dark Elves, ripples emerged in space, and Yang Feng with Joana in his embrace walked out, looking like a pair of immortals.

“Its him! The mighty God Ian!”!!! “Its Yang Feng, our ruler!”

“Dammit, Im so envious of Joana.”


The beautiful dark elven soldiers on the ground looked up at Yang Feng and Joana, and their eyes flickered with envy.

Under Shayennas management, the dark elves of the Turandot Subcontinent began to worship God Ian. They abandoned the Goddess Lolth completely.

Of course, the dark elves are just pseudo believers of Yang Feng. But this doesnt prevent them from admiring Yang Feng. After all, dark elves admire the strong by nature.

“Thats Yang Feng? How did he comprehend the law of space?”!!! “Isnt he a level-2 Warlock? How is it possible for him to comprehend the law of space?”


The Undying Hellion Monarch and the other two hellion monarchs were stunned when they saw Yang Feng, unable to believe their eyes.

The information of the Undying Hellion Monarch is several years out of date. Since they have been pursued by Joana, information has become increasingly difficult to obtain. They didnt even know that Yang Feng has previously broken through and become a Starry Sky Warlock.

The dark cloud tumbled and roiled, and Cartman slowly walked out and stared at Yang Feng with a flash of dignity in his eyes.

Cartman uttered solemnly with an imposing look on his face: “Yang Feng, you have advanced to a Moonlight Warlock!”

Shock flickered in the eyes of the Undying Hellion Monarch and them, and they trembled and revealed looks filled with fear: “Moonlight Warlock!”

Joana stared at Yang Feng with anticipation and indescribable joy sparkling in her beautiful eyes: “Moonlight Warlock, you have promoted to a Moonlight Warlock!”

Dark elves revere and admire the strong. At the beginning, Joana was forced to surrender to Yang Feng. But deep down, she looked down on him who was just a trifling level-2 Warlock who defeated them with mechanical golems. It wasnt until Yang Feng has promoted to a Starry Sky Warlock that her opinion of Yang Feng has changed.

Now that she heard that Yang Feng has advanced to the Moonlight Warlock rank, Joanas heart trembled and her eyes sparkled with anticipation and indescribable joy. She felt that Yang Feng was ten times more handsome than before.

Yang Feng smiled, and intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank might spread from him as the center.

Although Moonlight Warlock rank might isnt as impressive as demonic might, but it pressured the Undying Hellion Monarch and the other two hellion monarchs, and their eyes shimmered with fear. They didnt expect that a mere level-2 Warlock would grow to this point in just a over a dozen years.

“Intermediate Moonlight Warlock! Your speed of cultivation is fearsome. But now I cant leave you be even more so. Yang Feng, today you die!” Eyes radiating frenzied light, Cartman smiled ferociously, and advanced Moonlight Warlock rank demonic qi surged inside him, and sharp blades ejected from his joints.

With a thought from Yang Feng, a white, transparent Battle Demon Armor covered him. He silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and the True God Empyrean Imprint suddenly flew out and shot towards Cartman.

A grave look in his eyes, Cartman slammed a fist containing berserk demonic qi into the True God Empyrean Imprint.

Numerous chains suddenly shot out from the True God Empyrean Imprint and pierced into Cartman, and then pulled him into the imprint.

After the True God Empyrean Imprint suppressed the Demon Emperor Cartman, it shook for a while, and then a strange seal that vaguely showed Cartmans likeness appeared on the imprints surface.

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