Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 555 – Ten Heroes and Seven Stars

Chapter 554 – Musings

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Dumbfounded, Joanas cherry lips parted slightly, and a look of disbelief overtook her face: “Suppressed, the Demon Emperor Cartman was suppressed just like that!”

“So strong!”

“How formidable!”


In the City of Dark Elves, the hearts of countless beautiful dark elves shook, their pretty eyes sparkled with anticipation, their lovely bodies trembled, their slender legs rubbed, and they revealed bewitching looks.

Following the law of the jungle, dark elves struggle to survive in the underground world. Only the strong can survive. If youre strong, the dark elves must obey you. In such an environment, the respect for the strong is ingrained in the bones of the dark elves.

Seeing Yang Feng defeat Cartman with their own eyes is more useful for those beautiful dark elves than aphrodisiacs.

“Go to hell!” Yang Feng glanced at the three hellion monarchs and flicked a finger, and Seven Color Skyfire suddenly appeared and turned into a violent fire dragon that shot towards the three hellions: the three hellions turned into three fireballs. After struggling for a while, they turned into ashes.

“Amazing, when did he become so amazing?” As Joana watched the three hellion monarchs that she has regarded as her enemies being slain by Yang Feng like ants, her heart shook, and then she looked at Yang Feng with allure in her eyes.

Eyes sparkling with anticipation, Joana revealed an indescribable charm and whispered in Yang Fengs ear: “Take me back! I want you!”

The valiant Joana who became gentle and lovely was even more beautiful. Smiling brightly, Yang Feng stepped into the void and disappeared.

Romulaj stepped out of a dark corner and looked in the direction Yang Feng disappeared, and a wave rippled through her beautiful eyes. She spoke softly: “Moonlight Warlock. The speed at which his strength progresseses is truly astounding.”

Turandot Subcontinent, in the Rose Garden.

Sitting in a garden, the mesmerizing and beautiful Carolina with a noble temperament silently watched a beautiful extraordinary plant enchanted with spells. After a long time, she sighed and said full of complex emotions: “Moonlight Warlock, he has promoted to a Moonlight Warlock!”

Carolina was originally the number one female genius in the Turandot Subcontinent. Within this subcontinent barren of resources, she stubbornly cultivated to the pinnacle Great Warlock realm.

Relying on the resources provided by Yang Feng, Carolina broke through in one fell swoop and became one of two Starry Sky Warlocks in the Turandot Subcontinent. She is extremely proud and arrogant. But Carolina is still a junior Starry Sky Warlock, while Yang Feng is already a Moonlight Warlock. The gap between the two is getting bigger and bigger, making her envious.

After a moment of thought, Carolina adjusted her frame of mind, and a smile appeared on her face: “Moonlight Warlock. Only a Moonlight Warlock is worthy of me.”

Carolina mused: “It seems I have to be a little more pro-active, or Ill be left it the dust by Cordelia.”

Unlike the proud, aloof, and noble Carolina, Cordelia has given herself to Yang Feng much like Shayenna. Regardless of her status, she serves Yang Feng with Eunice and Judy. She is brazen and is willing to do any position. Naturally, Yang Feng has doted on her very much.

With Yang Fengs support, Cordelias cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds. She may break through and become a Starry Sky Warlock at any time.

Ever since Cordelia betrayed Carolina, the three most beautiful flowers of the Rose Garden are no longer close.

Now Carolina can still rely on her Starry Sky Warlock cultivation base to suppress Cordelia. But once Cordelia breaks through to the Starry Sky Warlock rank, Carolina may be suppressed by Cordelia instead. After all, Yang Feng favors Cordelia much more than her.

If it wasnt for Clarissas support, Carolina would be in great distress by now. After all, a mere Starry Sky Warlock is nothing in Yang Fengs eyes.

Yang Feng spent a comfortable vacation in the Turandot Subcontinent. After his body and mind relaxed enough, he returned to the Battle Demon Sect.

This trip to the Turandot Subcontinent has further strengthened Yang Fengs determination to climb to the top.

Previously, the Demon Emperor Cartman was almost invincible in Yang Fengs eyes. If Yang Feng has remained in the Turandot Subcontinent at that time, he would have died at Cartmans hands by now.

At the time, when Yang Feng heard the information about the continent, he immediately left for the continent. He knew that without strength, disaster may befall him one day. The Turandot Subcontinent is indeed extremely barren in terms of cultivation resources. Here, a low grade magic crystal is already regarded as a treasure.

But with its population of more than 10 billion people, the Turandot Subcontinent is a big piece of meat in the eyes of wicked Warlocks, fiends, hellions, devils, and other evil life forms. Without enough strength, his position as the lord of the Turandot Subcontinent wont be stable.

A few months later, the invitation letters sent by the Battle Demon Sect have spread throughout the Great Cloud Dynasty, and then the representatives sent by forces of different sizes converged towards the Battle Demon Sect from all over.

After the Time Sky City Competition Assembly, Yang Fengs name has spread to many prefectures and provinces of the Great Cloud Dynasty by Starry Sky Warlock geniuses.

Prior to the Time Sky City Competition Assembly, Yang Fengs name was only known to some large families and major forces that valued intelligence gathering. But now Warlocks in many places of the Great Cloud Dynasty knew about Yang Fengs existence and achievements. The fame of the Battle Demon Sect has also expanded with the spread of Yang Fengs reputation.

Compared to Shi Xues Moonlight Ceremony, the various forces who received an invitation prepared much more luxurious gifts this time.

On the day of the Moonlight Ceremony, bells rang in the Battle Demon Sect and announced the official start of the Moonlight Ceremony. In the Battle Demon Hall, Lu Wuchen sat in the seat of honor and watched the many experts in the hall with bright eyes.

For Shi Xues Moonlight Ceremony, the majority of forces have sent Moonlight Warlock rank representatives. But this time six Glorious Sun Warlock rank experts have come. Whether it is the quantity or quality, this times Moonlight Ceremony is far grander than Shi Xues.

When Yang Feng and the other three stepped into the Battle Demon Hall, countless eyes focused on them.

“Hes here! Yang Feng is here!”

“Its Yang Feng!”

“He is Yang Feng?”


Zhang Hanshan and the other two are personal disciples of three Great Elders, they are peerless geniuses who can battle junior Moonlight Warlocks while in the quasi-Moonlight Warlock realm.

In the Battle Demon Hall, gazes full of apprehension and jealousy of countless people are gathered on Yang Feng. Few people pay any attention to Zhang Hanshans trio.

The representatives who came from all over the Great Cloud Dynasty possesses a Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base or higher. They dont care about ordinary Moonlight Warlocks. But Yang Feng who has defeated 10 freakish experts who formed a virtual world is another story.

There was a streak of frustration in Zhang Hanshans beautiful eyes: “These people dont care about us. They only have eyes for Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng. Walking together with a monstrous genius is really stressful”

Frustration also streaked past the eyes of Zhuo Yifan and Zhou Feng.

The Moonlight Ceremony is the most glorious moment of Warlocks. Once they step into the Moonlight Warlock rank, they are comparable to gods.

It is extremely difficult for Warlocks to promote to the Moonlight Warlock rank. Within 100 years, even a great sect like the Battle Demon Sect may not bear a Moonlight Warlock.

If it wasnt for the trip to the Time Sky City, where Zhang Hanshan and the other two obtained tremendous benefits, it would take them at least 200 or 300 years to promote to the Moonlight Warlock realm for them to be fully prepared and successfully promote to the Moonlight Warlock rank. Of course, they could also force the advancement. However, that would involve the danger of failure and death.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Yang Fengs group of four came to beside Lu Wuchen, sat down, and overlooked the representatives of the major Warlock forces.

The Battle Demon Sects inner court disciples and true disciples looked at Yang Feng and them with envy.

Moonlight Warlocks are the backbone of a sect. Any Moonlight Warlock is qualified to open their own branch in the Battle Demon Sect and gain tremendous privileges.

A bewitching woman in a purple dress followed by four disciples dressed in Bright Moon School robes strode into the hall. She is the Bright Moon Schools Elder Meng Yunhan. Meng Yunhan smiled sweetly and said: “Bright Moon Schools Meng Yunhan. Well met, Senior Disciple Brother Lu. I want to congratulate you and your esteemed sect on acquiring four Moonlight Warlocks. In less than 10 years, your esteemed sect has obtained five Moonlight Warlocks. This is a sign of great prosperity.”

Lu Wuchen responded with a smile: “Junior Disciple Sister Meng, please take a seat.”

Meng Yunhan took the four disciples to their seats. Her gaze filled with mixed emotions fell on Yang Feng, and she sighed inwardly: “In less than three years, he has advance to a Moonlight Warlock from a Great Warlock. In this world, there are indeed monsters that can cause others despair.”

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